Heres A Steamy Lil Fanfic Short For You All

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"That bastard!" Lisa cried out in her large corner office, surrounded only by her desk and bookshelves around her. She threw the papers she held in her hand down on her obsessive compulsively clean desk, only to pick it up and reread it once more for the fifth time. Her intern, Justin Timberlake, a 20-year-old college sophomore on a basketball scholarship at North Carolina, a business major, had graced Lisa Margino's life only a short time ago. Yet in that short time Justin had managed to make the co-vice president of a major corporation to resort to losing her temper and act like a child.

Lisa called her secretary on the intercom and instructed her to inform Justin that she wished to see him. Moments later she heard an obnoxious knock on her office door. "God, even his knock is irritating," she said quietly to herself. "Come in!"

Justin opened the office door and walked confidently over to Lisa's desk, the very sight of her causing a slight commotion in his boxers. "You wanted to see me Boss?"

"Don't call me that!" she said firmly, her glare enough to burn a hole right through him. "Have a seat Justin."

Justin did as he was instructed, never taking his gaze off of her. He began undressing her with his eyes. The very first moment he'd met her, he had an instant hard-on, one that seemed to never go away while she was around.

She was so conservative; her shoulder length brown hair always pulled back, out of her face, in a stylish fashion. Always in a business pants suit, though occasionally she'd show some leg wear a mid-thigh length skirt, such as the one she had on.

Justin desperately tried to shake his thoughts of undressing her, have hot animal sex with her on the floor of the office, or better yet, on her desk. But it seemed impossible for him to stop his mind from drifting. Those full red lips he wished he could just seize with his own. Chocolate eyes that gave him that come-hither stare, or at least he wished that was what they were telling him. His eyes made their way down her body, first stopping at her breasts. Oh how he would enjoy taking them into his mouth, sucking endlessly on the hard nipple. Moving on from there his eyes moved to the next spot worth noticing. Her wet center. But that he'd have to come back to. Legs. His favorite part. Well, almost. There was nothing about her legs that he found flawed. Always seeming to be silky smooth, it wouldn't matter if they were wrapped around his hips or his neck. Lastly he thought of her center. He could spend hours thinking about it all while stroking his hard co** and often that was how he spent his nights. What he would give for one night with her, though he'd settle for five minutes and be satisfied for a lifetime. To have her scream out his name in pleasure… "Justin! Justin! Oh Justin!"

"Justin!" A sudden clap snapped him out of his trance and his eyes came into focus on Lisa, now no longer behind her desk but standing in front of him. "Have you heard a word I've been saying?" Justin slowly nodded his head, but Lisa didn't buy it for a second seeing his eyes glaze over in that dreamy state once more. Justin, I would appreciate your full attention."

"Sorry Ms. Margino."

Lisa sat on the corner of her desk and reached behind her for the report she'd set there, her legs rising slightly giving Justin a view of her black thong, only causing him to grow more turned on. "Justin, what is the meaning of the report. I remember telling you specifically not to invest in this stock and what did you do? You invested."

"But the stock made you money. What's the problem?"

"You are just an intern Justin. You don't have authorization to invest any of this companies money, especially if I told you no."

Justin rose to his full height, which even while she was standing he towered over her. "This isn't about me investing the money Ms. Margino, is it?"

"What do you mean of course it is," Lisa said offended by his talking back to her.

"This is about you making a bad decision and since my investment made the company a quarter of a million, it made you look bad."

"Now let me tell you something." Lisa stood up and realized now how much taller he was than her 5'4". She looked up into his blue eyes realizing for the first time just how attractive he was. Quickly shaking the thought from her head, she continued. "The reason I'm telling you this is because you are just an intern and you need to learn to do as you're told. Right now you're just a cocky sophomore that thinks he's God's gift to woman and if you don't kiss me right now, I'm going to explode."

Justin stared at Lisa in disbelief. Had she really said those words, or was his mind playing tricks on him again. "What did you say?"

Lisa took a step closer to him, her lips hovering over his as she placed her hands on his chest. "I want you," she whispered, ripping open his shirt. She began kissing his muscular chest, Justin's eyes falling closed with pleasure. Justin lifted her to her full height and looked into her eyes a moment searching for some form of explanation. He placed his lips on hers like he'd so desperately wanted to do, and his dreams were nothing compared to her touch.

Lisa pulled away from him and pushed him back until he was forced to sit on desk. She began to unbutton her white blouse to expose her lacey black bra and heaving bosom. Justin began to reach out to touch them but Lisa hit his hand away. "Look, don't touch. Yet." She smiled evilly at him.

She reached behind her to the zipper in the back of her skirt. The skirt slid down her body and Justin felt his manhood move once again, desperately trying to break through its barrier. Lisa noticed the more than slight bulge in his pants and decided it was time to end his torture. She reached down to his buckle and quickly undid it, her own lust for him making her want him more.

Justin stood just enough to make the pants fall to the ground. His hard co** had made its way through the opening in his boxers and Lisa's face immediately came over with a seeing how turned on she'd made him. Lisa removed her panties and watched Justin as he made his way out of his boxers. She pushed him back further on the desk and climbed over him, positioning herself right over his co** that was completely standing at attention. She lowered herself onto it and heard a small grunt come from Justin's mouth. Her eyes watched him as she road him expertly making sure that she was giving him all the pleasure that she could.

She continued her rock and felt Justin's hips thrust upward sending waves of pleasure through her body. Her height was near and judging by the look of concentration and ecstasy on Justin's face she knew his would be coming soon as well. Lisa felt him release inside of her causing her to call out his name. "Oh Justin."


Justin looked up at Lisa again and saw she was still sitting on the corner of her desk and he was still sitting on the chair she'd instructed him to sit in. His heart sank when he realized that he had just been day dreaming again.

"Justin, what is the meaning of the report. I remember telling you specifically not to invest in this stock and what did you do? You invested."

"I'm sorry Ms. Margino, won't happen again." Justin lowered his head and walked toward the door, realizing all that had just happened only happened in his head.

"Oh and Justin." He stopped and turned to look at her. "Before you go home tonight, I want to see you in my office again. There's something else we have to…discuss." Lisa licked her lips seductively at him, giving him chills.

A smile spread over his face. "Yes Ma'am."

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Mon Sep 06, 2004 11:17 am

:notworthy: That was awesome. Damn! Thanks for turning me onto such great stories.

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