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Postby Bubble_Yum » Sun Jan 02, 2005 8:17 am

:hug: :yay: :hug: :yay: :hug: :yay: :hug: :yay: :hug: :yay: :hug: :yay:

I got the video! :kiss:
I was so excited to get it... I think I've got through about 2 hours so far!
I keep having to take breaks cos you're right it is quite boring but at the same sad sorry time I don't want to fast forward it in case I miss something legendary!

So yay to you for giving me something to do with my time!

Thank you thank you thank you!
Oh and Ha ha@how many topics are named after you!

:hug: :yay: :hug: :yay: :hug: :yay: :hug:
Edit: Grrr it made me delete some emoticons!

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Postby BabyBlue2578 » Sun Jan 02, 2005 8:32 pm

<span style='color:ff0099'>:yay: I'm so glad you finally got it! I was beginning to get a little worried. :lol: :unsure: But :party: I hope you enjoy it. It is boring, but some parts are kinda classic. ^_^

And yay for another Ash topic! :lol:</span>

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Postby justins bubbles » Mon Jan 03, 2005 2:52 am

<span style='color:blue'>You ain't nothin' but a message board ho! :lol:</span>

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