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EXCLUSIVE: Pearl confesses to News of the World Yes we did swap..
it was disaster

By Jane Atkinson

SINGER Pearl Lowe has sensationally confessed to her wife-swapping sex shame with Jude Law.

Speaking for the first time about the story that has stunned showbusiness, the 34-year-old beauty admitted: "It is all true —it was a mad, bad time."

Pretty Pearl also revealed how bedding Law almost destroyed her long-time relationship with Supergrass drummer Danny Goffey.

The singer broke her silence as Hollywood star Law denied he and ex-wife Sadie Frost had romped with Pearl and Danny, 31, on a Greek holiday in 2001.

Pearl insisted: "The story's correct—even though I wish it wasn't. I'd much rather be remembered as Pearl the Singer than Pearl the Swinger.

"It was a time in mine and Danny's lives that I would rather forget.

"We thought it would be fun but in fact in turned out to have some unpleasant repercussions. Danny and I had real problems in our relationship as a result."


Law's solicitors have threatened the News of the World over our revelations about his marriage-wrecking romps, claiming they were "completely untrue".

But when we put our allegations to Pearl—once a singer with Britpop band Powder—at London's posh restaurant, The Ivy, on Friday she confessed: "Sadie, Jude, Danny and I DID swap. But all it does for me and Danny is bring back painful memories.

"Danny and I are not the sort of people who have regrets about things they've done. But we don't look back at this and feel proud of ourselves.

"We had to work through our problems and actually we are stronger now than ever. We have three fantastic kids who are the most important thing in our lives."

Pearl revealed how life for both couples—close friends who shared a villa on the holiday—descended into hell as the passion got out of control.

In our front-page exclusive two weeks ago we told how actress Sadie kicked it all off as the two couples sat in the villa together after an evening out. Drunken Sadie got things going by sitting naked on a stunned Danny's knee, purring: "Hey, why don't we swap?"

The sessions went on all through the holiday—with the foursome making no attempt to hide what was going on from other friends who were also on the trip.

A source said: "Everybody was gossiping about it.

"There were so many people on that holiday and everybody wanted to know what had gone on."

The swapping continued when they all returned to Britain—even after Closer star Law, 32, had grown jealous of Danny because he couldn't handle the idea of the rocker having sex with his wife.

Pearl confirmed: "Things got very difficult and tense between the four of us immediately after it all happened.


"I still talk to Sadie—she's a friend of mine. But Danny and I haven't spoken properly to Jude for ages."

The couples' swapping erupted into a nightmare when Law became obsessed with Pearl, pursuing her after they had all returned home to London.

Today we can reveal that Sadie ALSO became infatuated with Danny as her marriage began to disintegrate.

She was contacting him behind Law's back at the same time as her star husband was sending hot e-mails to Pearl telling her how much he adored her.

"Sadie was pursuing Danny too," a source close to both couples told us. "They were obviously looking for something else outside of their marriage."

Sadie, 36, hit the roof after discovering Jude's e-mails to Pearl and smashed up their home, said our source. "Then she phoned Pearl and had a fit.

"Sadie was furious that Pearl hadn't told her what Jude was up to. But Pearl had responded to his e-mails and told him not to be ridiculous," said the source.

Meanwhile Law had already become intensely jealous over Sadie's romps with Danny.

His feelings boiled to the surface when a bitter feud erupted on the holiday.

A source told us: "One of Jude's friends punched Danny to the ground near the pool in a row—and Jude just stood over him and laughed, even though Danny had a black eye. It was obvious that Jude hated him— and something had triggered that."

For more than a year, until Jude and Sadie split in 2003, Danny and Pearl didn't socialise with their old friends.

Our source said: "They were all at fault in the end. There was no way they could all remain friends. Jude wanted Pearl, Sadie wanted Danny.

"It seemed that Jude and Sadie wanted something more but weren't honest with each other.

"In the end it destroyed their marriage and nearly ruined Pearl and Danny's relationship. They had to take a good long look at things—at the end of the day they had all been unfaithful however you look at it.

"People noticed the difference in Pearl after that. She was a real drinker, a really wild person when this happened.

"But she went on the wagon and cleaned up her act. She even went to counselling because her head was so messed up."

The four had been friends since the mid-Nineties, and Pearl and Danny were guests at Jude and Sadie's wedding in 1997.

They mixed with a group of friends in the jetset Primrose Hill area of London that included Kate Moss and actor Rhys Ifans.


"Pearl and Sadie were the original friends so they have patched things up, but it has taken a long time and a big fall-out to get to where they are now," said our source.

"There was a long time when they didn't mix but after Jude and Sadie split I suppose she didn't want any enemies. She and Pearl had been mates since they were teenagers and I think she realised that perhaps Jude had been at fault more than she had wanted to realise at first.

"And maybe she realised that she hadn't been an angel herself."

Jude is now engaged to his 23-year-old Alfie co-star Sienna Miller and they are expected to marry this summer.

Sadie lives with her new boyfriend, guitarist Jackson Scott, 23.

The source added: "They all seem much happier and settled. Those wild days are now over.

"Things may have been very different for all of them if that holiday had never happened. But it is too late to find out now."

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