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Postby mtvjunkie » Mon Apr 04, 2005 3:47 pm

Can I beg you all to ask the mods at JJB to let me post? I've now got three different screen names and not one of them has been apporved <_<

Tell them how lovely I am and that my screen name is LiberationOfLove

Thank you! :kiss2:

Oh, and hey :wave: How is everyone by the way?

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Postby Angelpopstar7 » Mon Apr 04, 2005 10:07 pm

the last i knew they weren't approving any more members :( I heard that a couple months ago so i don't know if thats true or not...i guess the best way of being approved is to keep on contacting them so they know that you're really interested :nod:

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Postby JTnTN » Wed Apr 06, 2005 5:44 pm

Yeah, they turned off MBA a couple of weeks ago, but I think that's the last time they were letting in new members. :( So sorry, babe. :hug:

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