Heidi Klum on ET - 2/15 transcript

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Postby admin » Thu Feb 15, 2001 11:37 pm

>> Will heidi klum land her second cover? We're in greece for all the secrets of the bikini-filled issue.

>>> Every year, it is 'sports illustrated's' best-seller -- the swimsuit edition. Tonight, we have the world premiere of the models you'll see quite a lot of in this upcoming special issue, for another 'e.T. First.'

>> Hello, 'e.T.' I'm heidi klum in greece in beautiful santorini, and it's gorgeous.

>> Reporter: The theme of the 37th annual swimsuit edition is 'greek goddess.' And what better placevine beauties aurelie and heidi klum than the mystical greek isles? You want to see? Check it out. I've been going like 100 miles an hour.As particularly pumped up for the chance to land her second cover, while aurelie, who was posing for the first time, was just happy to soak up some sun and get a taste of santorini.

>> That's beautiful.

>> It's very good, the food here. If you come to greece, you got to eat -- it's like this is one of the best things to be doing here.

>> Reporter: Next tuesday, 'mtv uncensored' will take a behiat the making of this issue and the magazine is now seen by more than 55 million people.

>> It really, really changes a model's career completely. It's a bounszing ball. It's up in the sky.

>> So who should be selected? We want to know your choice for 's.I.'S' next cover girl, so go to our website and cast your vote. And then we'll show you which model made it on the cover on tuesday.

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