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Dolly Parton is in about 1/3 of this so it may be hard to figure out who's who:

>> jay: My next guest is a supermodel and an actress who's starring in the new movie 'blow dry,' which opens march 7th. Please welcome heidi klum.

[ Cheers and applause ] very nice.

>> Hello.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> jay: Those are great -- great pants.

>> I put on my nice pants for you.

>> Jay: You look very nice. You look great.Olly before?

>> Yes, we met earlier.

>> Yeah, we met behind the stage, jay.

>> Jay: There you go. There you go. Now, i know you're from germany, of course. Now, you had a little song, you said? You wanted to --

>> i had a little song. Yeah, you asked me if I can sing a little song. I have a little song, because the german songs, you know, they can get a little long, and so i did a little one.

>> Jay: Is it a children's song?

>> It's a children's song. It's a little duck song.

>> Jay: A duck song?

>> Yeah.

[ Light laughter ] without the quack-quack.

[ Laughter ] it's --

[ heidi sings in german ]at is a lovely tune. Yeah, what does that mean?

[ Applause ]

>> well, you know, it is about ducks, ducks that are swimming on the ocean. And they put their heads in the water and their tail up in the air.

[ Laughter ]

>> jay: I'm sorry. How does it -- something got lost in the translation.

>> I know I've got my tail up in the air about something.

>> Because that's what they do, you know. So you teach them, like, little songs, and that' do when they go dipping down. The tail goes up in the air.

>> Jay: I never saw a duck in the ocean, but maybe in germany.

>> Jay: Oh, on the lake. Okay.

>> On the lake.

>> So she's a singer, too.

>> Jay: Now, you said -- you told me you wanted to learn -- what was it? You called it a 'hee-haw' song.

>> 'Yee-ha' song.

>> Jay: Oh, 'yee-ha' song.

>> 'Yee-ha' song.

>> Jay: Do they go yee-ha in germany? 'Cause germans love cowboys and well, we don't go yee-ha. It's yeah-ha-ho-hoo-hoo when you're, like, on the mountains.

[ Light laughter ] so we have, like, something in common. A little bit, huh?

>> Yeah.

>> Little bit, maybe.

>> So do you know a 'yee-ha' song?

>> Yeah, i would love to hear one.

>> Oh, you don't know one?

>> Not -- well, I've heard some, yeah, before, but I don't really know one.

>> You mean just, like, a country kind of thing.

>> Yeah.

>> Well, i have one in my new album.

>> Jay: Oh, really?

[ Laughter ]

>> yeah, yeah. It's a 'yee-ha' kinda --

he's gonna marry me he's gonna buy me a ring we're gonna be so free cut mama's apron strings

he's gonna buy me a pretty little house have a pretty little baby three

'cause he's gonna kiss me on the mouthand he's gonna marry me

>> both: Yee-ha!

>> Jay: Oh, that was very good. That's very good.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> jay: Now, dolly --

>> what a team we were, ay?

>> Now, did everybody hear that?

>> Jay: Were you playing your fingernails?

>> Yeah.

He's gonna marry me

>> you don't even need the band.

>> Jay: Very good.

>> Yeah. You gotta --

>> jay: You're all self-contained.

>> Yeah, i know.

>> I love long nails.

>> Well, you have to have acrylic nails. My little nieces always try to play their nails, and they just always rubbing their little fingers together. But they have to be acrylic-coated to get that sound. But I can play these, like, in a studio, too, for percussion. How do you like that, kev?

>> That is good.

>> I'm pulling right into my left one.

[ Laughter ]

>> it does not work with mine.

>> Kevin: Sounds good.

>> Jay: You get that echo effect coming back, yeah.

[ Laughter ] kind of echo chamber there. Now, look, i want to show people -- you're in the new 'sports illustrated.'

>> Yes.

>> Jay: Now, this is -- I want to show this one here. This -- now, this one -- wait, go in close here.

[ Cheers ] now, is that -- is that -- is that a moth-eaten suit, or is it supposed to be like that?

>> You're actually right. It was eaten by moths, yes.

>> Jay: Eaten by moths. Well, I wouldn't -- there's a joke. I'm not even going to touch it. But okay. Now, what is this one here? Okay, this is -- now, who is that guy?

>> Which one is it? I can't see it. Oh, I was shooting with the football players.

>> Jay: Oh, okay. That's -- who's that guy, from the titans, isn't it?

>> And it was very hard for them to catch me, actually.

>> Jay: Oh, tampa bay buccaneers. Okay.

>> How slow they are, really, in real life.

>> Jay: They're slow, yeah?

[ Laughter ]

>> you know, the water -- I guess it was the water. It was kind of like -- and they were like, 'hey.'

>> Jay: Here's eddie george. He's from the titans. There you go.

>> Ooh, my.

>> Jay: Now, it looks like he's got his thumbs stuck in your suit there, apparently.

[ Laughter ]

>> he does.

>> Jay: Now, that doesn't look like a comfortable suit. Why do you need that piece going around the side there?

>> I don't know. For better tan lines or something. I don't know.

>> Jay: Now, this one here, it looks like you've got a bad case of jaundice or something.

[ Laughter ] what's happening there?

>> Well, this year was all about goddesses, you know? And I was athena. And when they tell me, 'you'rea goddess, you're athena,' i'm athena.

[ Light laughter ] I take my job serious. You know what I mean?

>> Jay: Well, I remember last year -- last year, you didn't wear any suits at all. They painted your whole body, right?

>> Yes.

>> Jay: Which was great.

>> Which was more work. Even though this was the whole body from head to toe, but it was not so much detail like it was for the bathing suits.

>> Jay: Who does the actual painting? Is that a job you could apply --

[ laughter ] I mean, if you said, 'hey, i've had some experience, i've done a talk show,' can you apply?

>> No, no, no. She's a specialist. Her name is joanne, and that's what she does. Yeah, she -- no. But you can come to oil us up if you want.

>> Jay: Oh, that would be fine, oil. In fact, that might even be better. Yeah.

>> Always, you know, need nice and glowing skin. So next time, I'll call you.

>> Jay: Which is your favorite? See, i like -- that's my least favorite. That one doesn't -- I mean, you look beautiful, but that one doesn't -- that's not my favorite. What's your favorite one here? Do you have a favorite one?

>> It's always -- I don't know.

>> Jay: You like the bikini-style?

>> I like the smaller the better, personal.

>> Jay: You know, I couldn't agree more.

[ Laughter ] you know, I couldn't agree more.

>> Because why dkúv*u(p&l these weird tan lines for?

>> Jay: Exactly, exactly, exactly.

>> Right?

>> Jay: You are a woman with a head on her shoulders, young lady.

[ Laughter ] -- exactly true. Dolly, would you agree with that?

>> Oh, she's beautiful.

>> Jay: No, but I mean in a tiny bathing suit?

>> Would i wear a tiny bathing suit? What do you think?

[ Laughter ]

>> why not?

>> I don't get out in a bathing suit. I'm whiter than bill clinton.

[ Laughter ] I swim naked in my own pool.

>> Jay: You swim naked in your own pool?

>> But if I looked like her, I certainly would get out.

>> Jay: I'm glad i have this desk. Anyway, let me ask you now --

[ laughter ]

[ cheers and applause ] let's talk about the movie.

[ Applause ] let's talk about -- now, you're a bigtime -- i remember when you came here, no one knew who you are. Now, you've been on here, like, 70 times.

>> I've been on your show for the seventh time today.

>> Jay: But you've been in movies, and now, you're in this movie 'blow dry.'

>> Yes.

>> Jay: Tell people what it's about.T is a movie all about hair. It's a hairdressing competition. And it's very -- it's a very serious business.

>> Jay: Right.

[ Laughter ] now, your husband's a hairdresser in real life.

>> Yes. And --

>> jay: And you play, what, a hairdresser's model?

>> I'm playing a hairdressing model. And it's a serious hairdressing competition, and you see how much they're into the hair. And, 'oh, my god, like, you washed your hair about a week ago or something like that?' They can tell you everything to the max.

>> Jay: A week ago, I washed my hair.

[ Laughter ]

>> who cut it, with what shampoo, everything. Like, they're so into their jobs.

>> Jay: Really?

>> Yeah, and the hairdressing competition, we have crazy hairdos and things that take, like, you know, months for them to build. And it was, like, heavy and everything.

>> Jay: And what is this clip we're gonna see? I didn't even recognize you. You're blonde in this one.

>> I think -- well, I call it the 'style me' scene, because in the movie, I'm going out with a -- you know, with a hairdresser, who's my husband. And I'm asking his brother to style me, just not here, somewhere else.

[ Laughter ]

>> jay: I'm not even gonna touch that. All right, let's take a look here.

>> All right.

>> Jay: Take a look here.

>> What?

>> I want styling. What more do you want? This. A love heart, I think.

>> Yes. Well, I can't be doing that.

>> If you want it, you better cut it.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> jay: All right. That opens march 7th. And when we come back, you will hear dolly parton sing. And boy, what a beautiful voice. Still the most beautiful voice out there, just lovely. Be back with dolly right after this. Heidi klum!

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