Access Hollywood Transcript w/ Heidi 3/1

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Postby admin » Fri Mar 02, 2001 2:21 am

>> Reporter: That was supermodel heidi klum just two nights ago as she graced the stage of 'the tonight show with jay leno' to promote her first feature film, 'blow dry.' I was with heidi moments before as she prepared at beverly hills.

>> Look at this.

>> Reporter: I like the chair.

>>Ter than sitting on the couch.

>> Reporter: With only 'model' food in the room, we surprised the german native with her favorite -- chocolate.

>> I love that. Isn't it cute?

>> Thank you. See how fast that lipstick goes.Er a quick bite, we were off. Once settled in and a little more chocolate, heidi told me about working on the film. What was it like to do the movie? It was a kind of over the top part for you.

>> For me, the most exciting thing was to be someone else for a change.

>> A love heart, i think.

>> Reporter: In the movie, heidi plays an outrageous hair model, married to her hairdresser and dating his brother. Although the role couldn't be further from the real heidi, she did marry hairst and after 3 1/2 years of marriage, heidi says they're do you want to have kids soon?

>> I would love to, yeah. If it would be up to my husband, he's like, 'let's have babies straight away.'

>> Reporter: 'Heidi klum, mom.' I like that.

>> We're just going to do it.

>> She's a keeper. 'Blow dry' co-starring natasha richardson, rachel lee cook and josh heartnet, hits theaters march 9th.

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