Heidi's 'Esquire' cover

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Postby Kansan1225 » Sat May 19, 2001 6:55 am

     Heidi's 'Esquire' cover (June 2001) shows some kind of a mole on her upper chest, close to her left shoulder.  I have not seen a mole like this on any other of Heidi's photographs, but it may be airbrushed away on a regular basis.  If it is a real mole, it can probably be removed medically.

     On the other hand, the 'Esquire' mole may be an add-on to signal something or other.

     Nick Kaffes, a.k.a. Kansan1225

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Postby admin » Sat May 19, 2001 3:03 pm

I haven't seen the cover up close yet but she did tell Access Hollywood there wasn't much makeup used on the shot... probably no airbrushing either.

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