Heidi On Tonight Show Jay Leno 2/27

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Postby admin » Thu Feb 28, 2002 4:40 am

>> Jay: Fascinating. Fascinating.

[ Laughter ] please welcome the lovely heidi klum!

[ Cheers and applause ]

[ cheers and applause ]

>> jay: Good to see you again.

>> Nice to be here again.

>> Jay: How've you been? Everything good?

>> Very good, yes.

>> Jay: Now, where've you been mostly, in new york?

>> Yeah. Well, I just came back from london, from germany. You know, I get to travel a lot in my job. I like that.

>> Jay: You see, it's very exotic. You live aery exotic life, don't you?

>> Yeah, i go to exotic places, too. I wouldn't say london, germany is that exotic, but I travel a lot of theslslands and australia. I get to see a lot of beautiful places.

>> Jay: When you're in burbank, london and germany are very exciting.

>> Burbank is great.

[ Laughter ]

>> jay: Oh, burbank is great? Oh, you keep a summer place here.

>> Not really.

>> Jay: Now, did you get a new dog? We were talking about this. You got a new dog.

>> Yes, I do. Yeah, I have a little jack russell.

>> Jay: And this is him here?

>> It's a her.

>> Jay: Oh, it's a her. I'm sorry. Okay, that- yoyou have a name of the dog?

>> Sheila.

>> Jay: Sheila?

>> Yeah. My husband is om australia, so sheila in -- you know, they call the girls in australia -- they call them sheilas. 'Ooh, that's a good-looking sheila.'

>> Jay: Oh, sheila? What does that mn?

>> So when we got her, he's like, 'that's a good-looking sheila,' so we called her sheila. And I was like, 'i'm not going to fight with you about the name because I was just so happy that we're getting a dog.'

>> Jay: Oh, okay. So is this the firstogog you've had in a long time?

>> I've never had a dog.

>> Jay: You've never had a dog?

>> No.

>> Jay: Oh. Were you not allowed to have dogs?

>> No, not really.

>> Jay: How come?

>> I don't know. I had a little hamster, or i had birds. I don't know. My parents were not into like big animals. I don't know why i never had one.

>> Jay: A hamster and a bird. All right, all right. Now, do you spoil the dog?

>> Um -- what do you mean by spoiling?

>> Jay: Well, I mean, do you lavish gifts on the dog? You don't dress the dog up. You're not one of those people, are you?

>> Well, a little bit.

[ Laughter ] no, it's --

>> jay: Wait, wait. You put little supermodel outfits on the dog?

>> No, not really.

[ Laughter ] I don't go that fa mother -- she knits like little coats for her in the winter. I mean, she is only 7 months old. She was really little, and it was really cold in germany, so she made a little coat for her.

>> Jay: This is her grandchild.

>> Yeah.

[ Laughter ]

>> jay: She puts little -- does the dog wear -- ? Most animals when you put those things -- this is sort of a pet peeve of mine.

>> Well, she freezes. You can tell. She goes outside, and she's all like this.


[ Light laughter ] so i'm honest. I have to make that little dog a little coat.

>> Jay: And now, is it an actual coat with a little collar and everything?

>> Has like a little turtleneck.

[ Laughter ] hard to get her through the turtleneck.

>> Jay: Does the dog put it on? Doesn't the dog --

r-r-r-r-r? Rip it apart?

>> No, she's fine. I mean, now, she knows, you know, when it's cold and you want to go outside in the snow, she knows it's coat time.

>> Jay: Right. But I mean, does the dog know, like, after labor day, you don't wear white? That kind of thing?

[ Laughter ]

>> no, i'm not that bad with her. I don't dress her up in funny things. No, just the coat.

>> Jay: Now, you live in an apartment, whi i is tough. Is the dog house broken?

>> Well, yeah. I mean, she's young, so we still -- we had like a little wee-wee pad for her that you put out.

Jay: A wee-wee pad?

>> Yeah, like a little wee-wee pad. It's like a big diaper basically.

>> Jay: Right.

>> And you put it there just in case, you know, because itkes a while till they get used to it.

>> Jay: So it knowtoto go there?

>> She's getting better and better. First time, she would only go on the wee-wee pad.

>> Jay: Yeah.

>> You like that. I didn't come up with that. They don't call it wee-wee pad in germany. It's an american thing

>> jay: Well, what would they call it in germany?

>> I don't know.

[ Speaking german ]

[ laughter ]

>> jay: Now, i want to ask you about -- this is the victoria's secret swim -- now, here's my question. Okay, it's a swimsuit catalog, yet, you're naked. So what are they selling, really?

[ Laughter ]

>> i haven't looked. What else is on there?

>> Jay: You see, now, this is one of those things where, as a guy, I imagine you're probably --

>> mascara. Victoria's secret mascara.

>> Jay: Are you naked in this picture?

>> Blush. We have a lot of makeup there, too.

>> Jay: Now let me ask you. How about this one? Is this a -- ?

>> I'm not wearing that much on that one.

>> Jay: Is this a -- is that a swimsuit, or what is that?

>> Let me see. No, that's actually -- that's lingerie.

>> Jay: That's lingerie.

>> You think that shouldn't be in there?

>> Jay: No, no, it's okay. Is it like -- ?

[ Laughter ] no.

>> Don't be so german!

>> Jay: Don't be so -- now, is that a german -- ? Why do you say that?

>> No, because you say, 'what do you mean? This is not a bathing suit?' Should there be only bathing suits in there?

>> Jay: Well, no. This is underwear. Now, is it like -- it looks like it has fur on it or something. Is it furry lingerie? I don't know. I don't know anything about lingerie.

>> No, no. It's a print. It's just printed on.

>> Jay: It's a print. Okay. And that's an animal print of some sort.

>> Yeah.

>> Jay: Looks very nice.

[ Laughter ] lovely animal print.

>> Yeah.

>> Jay: I enjoy animals evenmore now.

[ Laughter ]

>> it's better they print it on than taking one, you know?

>> Jay: Yes, exactly. Exactly. I was just -- lovely, lovely.

>> Where are you going? Where are you going with this, jay?

>> Jay: Now, i saw -- I saw you -- was it in the 'sports illustrated' swimsuit issue? You have some suits. Show those suits. Okay where --

>> i was in argentina this year.

>> Jay: Where on the beach are you?

>> No, i wasn't on the beach. We didn't go to the beach there. We were in argentina, so it was kind of like a farm scene, so you become this farm girl, you know, that goes over fences.

J jay: Wait. Put that back. I don't know any farm girl --

[ laughter and applause ] I see. So i guess -- and I guess the boots are for when you are working with the pigs and manure and things.

[ Lauger ]

>> yeah, you know, you can't go in a sty when you have big boots because there's cow [ bleep ] all over the place. Where do you think i just came from?

[ Laughter ]

>> jay: Well, there is here at nbc. That's for sure.

[ Laughter ] I just like the fence, just straddling the fence.

>> Well, you come up with different poses, so you know --

>> jay: But how do you know? You see, you look great on the fcece. Most normal people --

[ laughter ] most normal just look like they're stuck on a fence. I mean, that's what I mean. How do you -- do you decide? Do you say to yourself, 'ooh, I want to get stuck in the middle of the fence'?

>> No, i mean, i haven't really thouabout it since you brought it up. You know? I don't know. The photographer -- we look around. 'Okay, there's a few chickens, and there is a few goats and some horses and some pigs.' You know. You go for the fence, then you go for the pigs. You just play with the environment.

>> Jay: Okay. And we have -- is there another one here? We have another picture? That's the only one. That's the only one we have. I'm sorry. Okay. I guess in my imagination there were more pictures.

[ Laughter ]

>> there are more pictures in there.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> jay: Now, you are designing swimsuits?

[ Applause ]

>> i did a few for 'sports illustrated.' Yes.

>> Jay: You actually designed them yourself.

>> I did a few, yes.

>> Jay: Now, is it just sort of dental floss and peanuts? What do you use?

>> Dental floss and peanuts?

>> Jay: I mean, they're so tiny. I mean --

>> well, i don't know. I love making things up. Always made hair accessories or studded jackets. I'm really into bedazzling things.

>> Jay: Oh, yeah. Nothing classier than that.

>> And i sit on the plane a lot, so i do a lot of things like that, and then i thought, 'why don't I bedazzle a bathing suit?'

>> Jay: But you make bathing suits for like regular people 'cause most -- most pelele could not wear --

>> what do you mean 'for regular people'?

>> Jay: Well, I mean, you have a lovely figure. Most people -- that suit would have to be three times that size.

>> You just have to be confident. You know, you have to be confident in what you wear.

>> Jay: Do you do men's swimsuits as well?

>> What?

>> Jay: Do you do men's swimsuits as well?

>> Why? Do you want one?

>> Jay: Could you design one for me do you think?

>> Yeah.

>> Jay: Really?

>> Yeah.

>> Jay: Really. I can't imagine what that would look like.

[ Laughter ]

>> why not?

>> Jay: What animal print would i be? The rhinoceros or something? What would i be?

[ Laughter ]

>> well, it would be like a larger --

>> jay: A larger swimsuit.

[ Laughter ]

>> looking at you. A larger sort of --

>> jay: Maybe like a wee-wee pad kind of thing.

[ Laughter ]

>> i could build in a wee-wee pad if you wanted to.

>> Jay: Design it around a wee-wee pad.

>> I could sew in a little wee-wee pad if you want.

>> Jay: Okay. Well, all right. That's lovely. Well, you're a lovely woman, and it's time to play 'you bet your life.' No, the -- I mean, congratulations on everything. I'm very happy for you.

>> Thank you.

>> Jay: I like you very much.

>> I like you, too.

>> Jay: You're a very nice woman, and you take great pictures. Heidi klum. Heidi

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