Heidi Klum On With Carson Daly 2/7

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Postby admin » Fri Feb 08, 2002 5:12 am

>> carson: There are only two types of people in this world who walk around in their bras and panties while wearing giant wings -- supermodel heidi klum and my uncle larry.

[ Light laughter ] unfortunately, uncle larry is doing some time in the big house. So if you wouldn't mind, please give a warm welcome to the international supermodel and actress, heidi klum, everybody.

[ Applause ]

>> thank you.

>> Carson: How are you?

>> Good.

>> Carson: Nice to see you.

[ Applause ]

>> you too.

>> Csoson: You look like a million dollars.

Even without wings?

>> Carson: Yes.

>> Thank you.

>> Carson: I prefer you without the wings.

>> I love the wings.

>> Carson: You do? Why?

>> I don't know. When do you get to wear wings?

>> Carson: I don't know.

>> To me, that's very cool. I like it.

>> Carson: Very nice. Do you have a pair of wings, like at home? If you just want to slip them on, can you?

>> Of course. You don't?

>> Carson: No, i don't.

[ Light laughter ] you don't want to see me in wings.

>> You can come by one time. If you want to, you can borrow mine.

>> Carson: Oh, i'd love to borrow your wings.

[ Light laughter ] your life -- you look great, by the way --

>> thank you.

>> Carson: Your life must suck.

>> Why?

>> Carson: Just being so ugly.

[ Light laughter ]

>> tha y you.

[ Laughter ]

>> carson: Has anybody ever called you ugly?

>> I don't have anything to counter that that quickly now.

>> Carson: It's impossible, right? No one has ever like, called you ugly.

>> Not ugly, but like, pimple face, pizza face -- I had a really hard time --

>> carson: When?

>> With my skin a few years ago.

>> Carson: A few years ago?

>> Yeah. I mean -- you know, a few years ago, like five, six years ago, I had like, terrible acne, pimples and everything. I'm not talking about one, two, three all over the place.

>> Carson: That's bad.

>> Very bad.

>> Carson: What do you do --

>> especially when you do what i do.

>> Carson: Yeah, you're like a star supermodel --

>> it's like, 'what are we gonna retouch there?'

>> Carson: And it's all right. No one ever sweats you for that? You just -- you just cover up?

>> Well, i wasn't really working that much at that time, so it was fine, I guess. I just had to wait until it healed up and everything.

>> Carson: I have this whole --

>> i had to go through puberty, I guess.

>> Carson: Yeah. I have this whole theory --

>> i had a hard time with it

>> carson: -- Of people who are like, super, super, super attractive and super, super unattractive, that they're sort of similar. Go with me on this one, heidi.

>> I'll try.

>> Carson: It's like babies and old people -- extremes meet. You know, like they're both bald, they both wear diapers --

>> where are you going

>> carson: Need to be --

[ light laughter ] it must be -- is it ever a curse for you, just to be so attractive? Like, people don't approach you, they just think -- 'oh, she's perfect, she doesn't want to talk to me.'

>> No, not really. I mean, sometimes, you have the occasional guy that says strange things, or no one says anything at all because they are scared to say anything or, I don't know -- but, not really. I don't really have a --

>> carson: It's never been a hindrance to you? It's never just bothered you?

>> No.

>> Carson: Do you think of yourself as attractive?

>> I d't't know. People always say, you know, 'you do all these sexy things. Do you think that you're that sexy which I don't think I am. I don't know. Attrac, sexy, is like --

>> carson: Who's hotter than you? Name one person.

[ Light laughter ] name one.

>> A lot of people.

>> Carson: Name one.

>> A lot of people.

>> Carson: No.

>> Yeah, i'm just, you know -- I mean, this is my job, and you know, they put you in beautiful clothes, and you know, I've been put into hair and makeup for a few hours -- i mean, not a few hours, but a little bit, so --

>> carson: When you keke up and you're in sweats --

>> when you wake up in the morning, I'm just like --

>> carson: -- And you're hair is not done, you're still heidi klum, hot.

[ Light laughter ]

>> i don't know. I don't think so.

>> Carson: You don't look at it like that?

>> No, not really.

>> Carson: Oh, boy.

[ Light laughter ]

>> no.

>> Carson: Are you sorely mistaken.

>> Probably if you would see me in the morning, you would -- you would probably think the same thing.

>> Carson: I'll take that bet.

[ Laughter ] hate it when i meesomebody thknow, who is like,suve and they alwaysve that satory like, 'aw, but you should have seen me as a kid. I was a gawky kid. I got teased.'

>> They all say that.

>> Carson: Yeah, they all say it. Was that the same for you?

>> Yeah.

[ Light laughter ] well, it was. I had the problem with the pimples.

>> Carson: When you were younger?

>> Yeah.

>> Carson: Did you get teased at school or anything?

>> I was -- I was pretty -- I was pretty skinny, and i was a little bit taller than others.

>> Carson: Right.

>>Utut normal. I mean, I never really thought about beauty, not beauty, or anything like that. You go to school, you -- you know, I had dancing classes, and I did pottery classes and tiffany classes, and you usually don't think about those kind of things.

>> Carson: Right.

>> And one day, I won this modeling competition, and here i am today with carson daly, you know. I don't know.

>> Carson: Oh, boy. How about a round for heidi? Yes. Thank you for saying my name. I like it.

>> No, i mean, it's great. I'm very -- I'm very happy and I'm very appreciative of how it all happened for me but --

>> carson: Right.

>> You don't think about that when you're younger. Like -- 'oh, look in the mirror.'

>> Carson: I think that's just our perception of somebody like you who's so huge with what you do, or people who are super attractive or a model. We just conjure up that their lives are perfect and that they don't have any insecurities, and that might not always be the case.

>> But i think a lot of girls do and that's why, I think, a lot of people think, 'oh, you know, she's so cool, she's a --' I mean, I mean, by cool, like they don't really -- they're not funny, or they don't say a lot of things, oththey might think a lot of them are really snobby, but I think a lot of them have a wall around themselves, and that's why maybe they are that way.

>> Carson: I'm not going to ask you one more question about modeling.

>> I'm not really that insecure.

>> Carson: No, i don't think you are.

>> I'm very chatty.

>> Carson: No, i think you're very chay.Y. We'll chat more with you in just a second. Sit tight. The lovely heidi klum is here, and we'll be right back with a lot more with her. Also, everlast is on the show. He's going to come out and perform in just a bit. We'll be right back.

[ Cheers and applause ]

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> carson: A standing ovation. Hey, welcome back to 'last call.' Everlast will be out in just a little bit to play for you. This is heidi klum, and it's great to have you here. I have to do something rightowow just as a favor. It wasn't that long ago I was lege. Do you sweat about college guys all the time? Do you get mail from them?

>> Sometimes, yeah.

>> Carson: Yeah. Is it all just perverted and crazy?

>> No, not really. Some of it, maybe, but no, ey're actually quite sweet.

>> Carson: Because, you know, what they are -- they're sweet college boys.

>> Yeah.

[ Light laughter ]

>> carson: This show's on at like 2:00 in the morning.

>> Yeah.

>> Carson: They would kill me. College men all across america would kill me if i didn't give them just a moment. Does it embarrass you to think what they might be doing while watching you on this show right now?

[ Laughter ]

>> what are you going to have me do?

>> Carson: You don't have to get up. You don't o anything. Director joe, just take her single on a camera and zoom in just a little bit. Now these guys are home, it's 2:00 -- that's good. No, just do that. Zoom in more, joe, like, get reallyigight. Do we have any music? Fellas, you owe me a huge one right now if you're in, like, your dorm room or on frat row. Here's heidi klum. Tighter, joe, tighter. Get a little tighter. Can you blow them a kiss? No, you're great. You're right there. That's nice. A little more.

>> Come on, carson.

>> Carson: One more kiss. One more kiss.

>> Carson: That is a solace for you men out there right now. You are thrilled, high-fiving. I see you. I get it. Crack a beer. Celebrate fo. What is this that you don't work out?

>> What do you mean I don't work out?

>> Carson: Do you work out?

>> Yeah.

>> Carson:Ow often do you work>> three t a wee

>> carson: Tt'grt.You do?

>> Yeah.

>> Carson: Well, of course you do. I re s somewhere, like, you don't like to work out.

>> Hello? Hello?

>> Carson: Well, obviously you work out.

>> Carson: I also read that you're a great golfer, which, of course, i jumped on in the research --

>> i'm a greatfer?

>> Carson: That you're a great golfer. Do you play golf?

>> No.

[ Laughter ]

>> minigolf, occasionally, but --

>>son: That's a big lie. Now, why are these things out there about you that are blatantly not truths because -- why golf? You were in a magazine.

>> I don't know.

>> Carson: You were on the cover of a magazine.

Yhodn't always be evything that you read, you know. People always, you know, jazz up stories or write things and come up with, i don't know, things that --

>> carson: It said you were 12 handicap golfer. That's a --

>> really?

>> Carson: That, to me, that's a really good golfer. And you don't even play the sport. And you love working out.

>> I'm that at minigolf, maybe.

>> Carson: Yeah?

>> Yeah.

>> Carson: What else do they -- does this happen to you a lot where you just read something and you're like, 'this is just not true'?

>> Yes, sometimes it happens. I mean, never something where i go so crazy about it but, I mean, other people in connection with me but, for example, i had -- last year i had a big halloween party.

>> Carson: Here in new york. I heard about that.

>> And prince andrew was there and I, you know, i didn't even invite him. I never even knew him and he came to theararty, and someone took a picture of us together and it ran all over europe, and it was halloween.

>> Carson: Right. What were you dressed as for halloween?

>> I was hei -- mountain heidi, but little s and M. It was very leather --

[ laughter ]

>> i had a girdle on with an apron, all e e studs and, you know, it was brave.

>> Carson: Ah, the college boys love this show, don't they?

[ Light laughter ]

>> carson: The music of everlast, you, s and M. They're trilled right now. So what -- they wrote some crazy thing about you and prince andrew?

>> No, no one ever said, you know, that it was my halloween party. They just said, 'what is prince andrew with heidi doing in this outfit? Where are they,' and stuff like that.

[ Light laughter ]

>> i'm like, 'hello, this is my halloween party. Have you ever heard of halloween? It's supposed to be scary and,'you know, 'outfits and everything.'

>> Carson: I want to play this jamiroquai video before you go. How did you get in this video? And it's for a --

>> how did i get into the video?

>> Carson: Yeah.

>> I guess because i didn't stop talking about it. Every time people would ask me, 'so what video would you ever love to do,' and it was always jamiroquai. I love his music.

>> Carson: Have you been in a lot of music videos?

>> I've been in kelis' video. Kelis.

>> Carson: Right.

>> Yes.

>> Carson: Kelis is cool.

>> Yeah.

>> Carson: All right, let's roll down some of this. 'Love foolosophy,' this is jamiroquai and heidi klum in the video.

She carries sweet infectious magic formulas

i'm so delirious is she that serious or is she bringing me on

i've been waiting so long and this love, fool, osophy is killing previous illusions

>> carson: Well, there you go. You look great in the jamiroquai video.

>> Thank you.

>> Carson: Is there anything -- when we think of somebody on your level of, let's say, you know, a supermodel, et cetera, et cetera, and everything that it connotates, we think that you don't want to break a nail, or that you have to live this life, and it's very sort of prissy, if you will. Do you ever just want to get, like, down and dirty?

>> You always have these ideas about all these models --

>> carson: That's what -- I'm trying to break that stuff now. I want to offer you -- do you want to skydive or anything dangerous?

>> I -- no thank you.

>> Carson: No?

>> No.

>> Carson: What about like -- would you get, like, a sleeve done of tats, tatoos?

>> Tattoos?

>> Carson: Yeah.

[ Light laughter ]

>> oh yeah, that would work really wldn't it.

>> Carson: Like, do you ever just sit around and just drink, like, 12 beers and burp and stuff?

[ Laughter ]

>> well, you know, there's loads of things I would love to do.

>> Carson: Like, give me just -- what's one thing you would like to do?

>> I've swam with sharks. I mean, I've done a lot of crazy things.

>> Carson: Swam with sharks?

>> Yeah, 20 sharks.

>> Carson: That's cool.

>> Down in belize. That was one of the craziest things what I did. I would love to drive a harley-davidson.

>> Carson: A what?

>> A harley-davidson.

>> Carson: A harley?

>> Yeah.

>> Carson: Do you know how to ride a motorcycle?

>> No.

[ Light laughter ]

>> carson: Now are you serious? Would you really like to ride a harley-davidson?

>> Yeah, i think it would be cool, you know?

[ Light laughter ]

>> carson: I got this guy -- I could hook you uifif you're serious about this. Are you serious about this?

>> Yeah.

>> Carson: I know a guy named crash who can give you lessons. Don't let the name scare you. That's his name.

[ Light laughter ]

>> carson: But he's a harley guy, and he has harleys. If you're serious, i would love to see you on a harley riding, and then the next time you come on the show, we'll tape it with cameras, and we'll give you a harley-davidson lesson with johnny crash. Would you do that?

>> I would do that.

>> Carson: Really?

>> You want to come with me and do that, too?

>> Carson: Yeah, i'll go.

>> Do you like -- would you like to --?

>> Carson: I'll ride on the back and wear a dress. I don't care.

[ Laughter ]

>> really? You'll wear a dress?

>> Carson: Sure, why not?

>> Coolness.

>> Carson: Shake on it. There you go. Heidi klum, everybody. Thank you for being here.

>> Thank you.

>> Carson: We'll be right back with rahzel and everlast performing for you on 'last call.' My thanks to heidi.

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