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Postby admin » Tue Feb 12, 2002 10:28 pm

>>> The model known for her flair for furry is in court again. Naomi campbell arrived to testify in her suit for taking pictures she did not want anyone to see. The london tabloid photographs the super model lviving a narcot narcotic anonymous meeting last march. She feels these are a violation of her privacy. She is in today's weirdest link. What in the world is the weerld link between them. The aner is still ahead.

>>> First you have the cross your heart bra and then the wonder bra. Heidi klum showing off a new bra you designed. A transparent attempt to revolutionize lawntia nay.

>> I a am heidi klum and i have a secret. It is going to be a whole new trend. It is going to be all over the place.

>> Reporter: Heidi gives 'extra' full coverage of victoria's latestsesecret.

>> We can go into the store and do whatever you want.

>> Reporter: It is suddenly in to show off those little straps that always stick out. Victoria secret sells the trinkets you supply the creativity.

>> Little hearts. You can write things on there. Naughty or I'm available or whatever you want to do. It's not really underwear any more.

>> Reporter: And victoria is not just a sale mag any more, last month it will present uplifting gifts to all five best actress nominees.

>> They're all going to get one of those bras. It is 22 diamonds, 11 diamonds on each side.

>> Reporter: Trendy l.A. Jewelers whose diamond horse shoe shines, created the sparkling straps.

>> You can wear as a strapless bra. You can where it with the straps and also as a necklace.

>> Reporter: Bravo, ladies. I guess it proves diamonds are still a girl's best friend.

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