Heid Klum On ET Valentine's Day

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Postby admin » Thu Feb 14, 2002 10:59 pm

>>> It is the most coveted cover of the year. The annual 'sports illustrated swimsuit edition' is known for its sexy models, exotic locations and oh, yes, those little swimsuits! We went along for the competition and another 'e.T. First.'

>> Welcome to argentina for the 'swimsuit edition.' And you know it's hot.

>> You got to work it.

>> It's very hot, very sexy.

>> Reporter: Heidi klum and molly simms flew all the way to south america for this year's 'swimsuit issue' that hits stands next tuesday.

>> It's very wild, very green. You see the andes in the background always. It's hot but then it's cold, it's like desert.

>> It's all i wanted from 'sports illustrated,' someplace where it's warm. Last year I was in greece, and itasas freezing.

>> Reporter: We spied lots of accessorizing, whether it's boots, chaps and a hat or a farmimal.

>> Today we were trying to make this goat work, like me holding a goat, and it just didn't work. So you have to be patient.

>> Reporter: But the ultimate reward awaits only one lucky model of the seventeen that will appear inside. That's the 'sports illustrated' cover.

>> You always want the cover. 52 million copies of you on the cover is kind of cool.

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