Access Hollywood Friday From Vs Fashion Show

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Postby admin » Sat Nov 16, 2002 1:29 am

>>> There was plenty ofshock value on the runway. But it doesn't the lingerie. And billy bush gave the supermodels aig surprise.

>> Reporter: Pizza for klum. You can have a slice. Pizza for klum! Are you from "entertainment tonight"?

>> I am.

>> Reporter: You can't have any. Pizza for klum.

>> Are you serious?

>> Reporter: Yeah, she ordered.

>> You're a very bad boy.

>> Is that pizza?

>> Reporter: Yes. Tyra banks. There's a real lady, ladies and gentlemen. Oh, bufrl. See? There's a real woman. Look at you. Gorgeous.

>> Is it a big piece for a small piece.

>> Reporter: Oh, my god, you're going crazy. Who says models don't eat before a show? I have proof. Giselle? Pizza for klum.

>> Pizza. Are you crazy right before the show you give me a big ol' pizza.

>> Reporter: Your fellow models attacked it. Giselle woofed half of it.

>> She did? Do you think i can have one before?

>> Reporter: I think you can.

>> All right. I haven't had this much fun in a while.

>> Reporter: Has anyone been sharing with you? That's as much as i can have?

>> Reporter: You want the whole thing?

>> I was gonna.

>> Reporter: I should have brought you beer.

>> Yeah. A big ol' mug.

>> Reporter: From a pizza party to a peta protest. The show in full swing, when members of the animal rights group went on stage, when the model was awash in the skin. The protest was short-lived. Security physically grabbed the angry gate crashers and wrestled them off the stage, as jisle marched on, uneffect P. Later after the protesters went home, the cbs production team refilmed walk. When it airs on cbs, it will all with a scantily clad memory. Sh you were there.

>> Give me a slice of pep roney next time.

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