Heidi Klum On Tonight Show Friday 11/15

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Jay: Okay, let's get right to it. My first guest is a supermodel and an actress. She'll be co-hosting the victoria's secret fashion show, which airs november 20th on another network --

[ Coughs ]

Cbs. Please welcome Heidi Klum!

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: How are you? You look great. Good to see you. Did you watch our "don't try this at home" thing?

Heidi: I did, and I nearly barfed.

[ Laughter ] The whole thing with the nose, that was a bit too much. I don't know why they do those things.

Jay: To impress girls, that's why.

Heidi: Oh, yeah? And that it is.

Jay: But the guy with the pushups, that's --

Heidi: Yeah. No, he's very strong. He's very athletic.

Jay: That was a pretty -- and he's austrian.

Heidi: Yeah, I know, I know, I know.

Jay: So there.

Heidi: We drink a lot over there.

Jay: Yeah. So tell me about the co-hosting the victoria's secret. This is the lingerie one, isn't it?

Heidi: Yes, it is. It's going to be next wednesday at 9:00 on cbs.

Jay: Okay, there you go.

Heidi: And it was great. I co-hosted with mark mcgrath, and it was the biggest show we've ever done. We had angels flying from the roof.

Jay: Oh, with those --

Heidi: The wings, yeah.

Jay: Those things. Yeah, those are --

[ Laughter ] See, guys could lose the angels, the wings. But yeah, that's cool, that's cool.

Heidi: No, I like it. I like to wear the wings. It's a lot of fun. When can you be an angel, you know? So once a year, when the show is on, we get to wear the wings. It's a lot of fun. It's very sexy and a very great show.

Jay: But guys don't want you to be an angel. That's the thing.

[ Laughter ]

Heidi: Why not?

Jay: Well, it's a long story, but --

[ Laughter ] Are you good at remembering everybody's name, all those designers and things like that?

Heidi: No, not really. Especially when I'm nervous or when it's new designers. I just went to the vh1 "vogue" awards, and they had a new designer, and I had to write it on my hand, so I had to peek every once in a while.

Jay: Oh, really? I mean, how do you do that? "Anyway" --

[ Laughter ]

Heidi: Yeah. Just before they start, I'm always like --

Jay: Now were you like that in school? Did you cheat in school?

Heidi: Yeah, I cheated a lot.

[ Laughter ]

Jay: Did you really?

Heidi: Yeah.

Jay: Wow. Wow.

Heidi: There's an art to cheating, too, you know.

Jay: Now tell me how you would cheat. Go ahead, I'm curious.

Heidi: I would write things on my legs, or I'd write things on my hands, or I would write things into the bathroom -- which I had to go a lot to the bathroom.

Jay: So in the middle of the test, you would say, "i have to go to the bathroom" and then read?

Heidi: Yeah, and I had things written on the door or wherever, or I had papers already prepared with a stamp from like the year before. I would organize the papers.

Jay: Wow.

Heidi: Because when you do the test, there's like a stamp on top of, you know, the piece of paper, so I would bring that in my bag and --

Jay: Did you ever get caught?

Heidi: No. I was good at it. That's what I'm saying. There's an art to cheating, too.

Jay: Wow, wow. And you could. See, you have the little innocent -- you have the face.

[ Laughter ] Yeah.

Heidi: It's good to be an angel from the outside and devil from the inside.

Jay: Now you're designing shoes now, right? These the shoes you designed?

Heidi: Yes, I started designing for birkenstocks.

Jay: These would be the beakencoppen -- what do they call them?

Heidi: Birkenstocks.

Jay: Birkenstocks. And you designed this one? This is the harts flea and tick shoe? What is this exactly?

[ Laughter ]

Heidi: Well, it's a bit absurd. A lot of rhinestones. I thought, you know, jazz them up a little bit and make them a little glamorous.

Jay: Now where would one wear this, besides maybe a peat moss? Where would you go?

[ Laughter ]

Heidi: I was thinking they were going to be nice for the winter with some thick socks, you know? The germans, they wear them with socks, and I thought it's cool to bring that back, some knitted socks or something or those furry --

Jay: See, that's how you can tell europeans in new york. They're the ones with socks and sandals.

[ Light laughter ]

Heidi: Well, not necessarily, you know, the ones that you wear to the gym with the stripes or anything, but --

Jay: And you have -- oh, see, you have the little rhinestones there.

Heidi: Yeah.

Jay: Okay. Let's see what this one is. This is -- that's an interesting one here. Now this is made from an old bath mat? What is this one? Oh, jeans?

[ Laughter ]

Heidi: I thought jeans would be cool, because everyone wears jeans, and I thought, you know, what they've done so far, they're pretty boring. So I sat at home, and I started, you know, playing around with fabrics, and I find whatever I can grab, a garlic press or whatever I have, and I hammer those things in, and then I send them off, and they make them.

Jay: So this is -- you would find this a beautiful shoe?

Heidi: You don't like it?

Jay: No, it's lovely. Yes.

[ Laughter ] No, I loved it. It's a lovely shoe. How much would a shoe like this cost?

Heidi: I think they go for $130.

[ Laughter ]

Jay: $130 for two of them? Wow.

Heidi: Yeah.

Jay: There's a lot of handiwork in there. And you've got your bedazzler.

Heidi: Yes.

[ Laughter ] I didn't make all of them myself. I always make the first one.

Jay: You always make the first one?

Heidi: Yeah, and then I send it to them.

Jay: We have one more, this one here. Oh, now make sure -- oh, this is the one from the liberace museum, this one?

[ Laughter ]

Heidi: I actually made a really nice one for you, you know?

Jay: You made -- did you really make one for me?

Heidi: Yeah.

Jay: 'Cause I'll wear it.

Heidi: You will?

Jay: Sure, sure.

Heidi: Are you going to try them on now?

Jay: Let me see my shoe.

Heidi: I got inspired by you.

Jay: Oh, is this supposed to be my hair? Is that what that's supposed to be?

[ Laughter and applause ]

Heidi: I wanted to bring it with a comb and some spray, you know, some light spray, but I figured you had that already.

Jay: I will treasure this. Does it match?

Heidi: You spray on some, don't you?

Jay: I don't spray.

Heidi: Tell me the truth.

Jay: Why would I dye the front of my hair black? Like what am I, a skunk now?

Heidi: That's what I'm wondering. You don't need to.

[ Laughter ]

Jay: I don't do it. That's the way it is. That's just the way it looks.

Heidi: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Do you guys think that really is true?

Jay: Yeah. Why would I do that?

[ Cheers ] I don't even own a club, and I'm going to treasure my lovely shoe. I'll put it right over here.

Heidi: Are you not going to try it on, if it fits?

Jay: You want me to try -- ?

Heidi: Do you have problems with your toes?

Jay: What, I turn into a frog if it doesn't fit? Is that what it is?

Heidi: A little fungus growing on there?

Jay: I'll try it on. No, I don'T. I'll try it on. Let me see here. I'll try it on.

[ Cheers and applause ] It's a little -- oh, there you are.

Heidi: See with the socks.

Jay: Hello, how are you? Hi. How are you? How nice to see you. You know, I feel like I'm sitting in back of myself at the theater. Hi, how are you?

[ Laughter ] No, that's very nice. Because you made it, you see, I'm going to save it. I'm going to put it on my shelf. Now I want to ask you about something.

[ Laughter ] But you only gave me one of them. There's supposed to be two shoes.

Heidi: No, I have another one in the back.

Jay: Oh, okay. And I will wear them. Now you have your own -- is this a real stamp? This is from grenada?

Heidi: Yeah.

Jay: This is where we rescued all those medical students, isn't it?

Heidi: And you have a stamp, too? Has anyone ever asked you?

Jay: No, I don't have a stamp, 'cause nobody wants to lick me. But here, let's take a taste here --

[ Audience ohs ]

Heidi: My clothes come off, too, when you lick them.

Jay: Do the clothes come off when you lick them?

Heidi: Yeah.

Jay: Oh, boy. Don't get me started. Show people. Now these are real stamps?

Heidi: Yeah, they're real stamps.

Jay: That's cool. That's very cool. Now how did -- I mean, how do you get that?

Heidi: I don't know. They asked me if I wanted to be on a stamp, and of course I said yes. You know, what an honor to be on a stamp.

Jay: Oh sure. That's cool. Well, that's neat.

Heidi: Are you jealous?

Jay: No, no, I'm not jealous. Yes, I want to be a beautiful woman. Why would I be jealous?

[ Laughter ]

Heidi: I'm sure your head would look great on a stamp.

Jay: My head wouldn't fit on a stamp.

[ Laughter ] I would have to be on a box.

Heidi: They could, like, split you up like that. 'Cause you know, it doesn't have to be the whole head on one stamp.

[ Laughter ]

Jay: This is my favorite one.

Heidi: What are you mumbling?

Jay: Huh?

Heidi: You're mumbling.

Jay: I'm not mumbling. I'm not mumbling. You look lovely, you look lovely. You know you're one of my favorites. I'm going to save my stamps and my shoe. You're great. Well, congratulations. We'll watch for you next wednesday.

[ Cheers and applause ] Heidi Klum

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