Heidi Klum On Late Night W/ Conan O'brien

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Postby admin » Wed Nov 19, 2003 4:56 am

Conan: All right, everybody, we are back. My next guest is easily one of the most recognizable supermodels in the world. Tomorrow night you can see her in "the victoria's secret fashion show." Please welcome heidi klum.

[ Cheers and applause ]

[ Cheers and applause ]

Conan: How you doing?

Heidi: How are you?

Conan: Those are -- those are absurd. Those are --

[ Laughter ]

Heidi: I came flying by. What do you mean?

Conan: Those are fantastic. This is all part of the angel thing, is that the idea?

Heidi: Yes.

Conan: That's very nice. They're beautiful.

Heidi: See, you thought they were big, but did you think they were gonna be that big?

Conan: Ummm -- no.

[ Laughter ] How do walk around with those on? Those are --

Heidi: It is hard, especially here.

Conan: Why do they have to be that big? That's -- you're taking up -- that's like, violating the zoning in this neighborhood.

[ Laughter ] You should probably get those off.

Heidi: It was easy. I just came -- you know.

Conan: Do those come off easily?

Heidi: Landed right on your ceiling, but it's okay.

Conan: Are you gonna wear those the whole interview, or should we remove those right now? Want to -- I'm worried --

Heidi: Well, you can try them if you want to.

Conan: Let's do it fast.

Heidi: I thought that you were a good sport.

Conan: Let's do it fast. It's all taking -- yeah, there you go. All right. Who's this guy?

Heidi: I thought that you were a good sport.

[ Laughter ]

Conan: Okay, there we go. Like this? Wow. Very nice.

[ Cheers and applause ] You don't just grab them, they just stick right here.

Heidi: Yeah, but then you cannot walk around in them.

Conan: Wow. I've never felt so sexy in my life.

[ Laughter ] What's so sexy about these?

Heidi: Yeah, you know what?

Conan: I feel like an endangered condor, you know?

[ Laughter ] An endangered gay condor. Caw! Caw!

[ Laughter ] Those are great.

Heidi: No, you know what the problem is, conan?

Conan: Yes.

Heidi: You're wearing the wrong shoes. You should wear my shoes, too.

Conan: No, that's okay. I think we --

[ Laughter ] That's all right. Ha, ha, we're all having fun here!

[ Laughter ] I will not wear those shoes, I will not wear those shoes!

Heidi: First he tells me, you know, "can you maybe come with like some wings or something?"

Conan: Ooh, look at that. Oh, those are pretty.

Heidi: I come with the wings and then you make fun of me.

Conan: No, no, those are very nice. Those are gorgeous. Can we have this guy remove them? Those are very nice.

[ Laughter ] Those are terrific. I bet you wear these at home. All right, there we go.

[ Laughter ] Here, have a seat right here. We got lots to talk about, heidi. That was fun. I enjoyed that. Let me ask you something, though. How do you walk -- you can't do a runway show with those wings on. Those are literally -- I don't know if you could tell at home -- those are 40 feet high.

Heidi: 12.

Conan: 40 feet high.

[ Laughter ] I measured them. You just can't tell.

Heidi: You're right.

Conan: Yeah, there you go. See, play along. But those are -- look at that. Look, the light is dangling right there, and someone is gonna be killed any minute now.

Heidi: See, in the show, too --

Conan: But what's the story with those wings? I mean, do you -- we actually had footage of -- this is of you, I think, wearing the wings while you were about to walk down the runway. And you actually were slamming into people in the --

Heidi: Oh!

[ Laughter ]

Conan: That's you trying to head through the proscenium arch.

Heidi: And I couldn't make it though.

Conan: Yeah. I mean, how do --

Heidi: Because they didn't think about, actually, how high they were. You know, and they had this big "s" for victoria's secret that was a huge "s" that was coming down.

Conan: Right.

Heidi: And I guess they didn't think about how high the wings were. So we taped it twice. So the second time around, they had like a whole different entrance place for me to kind of like sneak in.

Conan: They should make like a button and the wings retract, you know? And then --

[ Light laughter ]

Heidi: A button?

Conan: Yeah.

Heidi: Or I push a button and they go --

Conan: Yeah, like whee! Like that, and then they're out again.

Heidi: Well, you know, they have also angels flying from the ceiling. I really wanted to do that, but, you know. They didn't let me do any of that.

Conan: Who's thinking up these ideas? I mean, 'cause you women are so gorgeous, all you really have to do is walk out in the lingerie, but no -- someone has to overthink it and go, "no, they're in scuba suits!"

[ Laughter ]

Heidi: I don't know. Because it makes it more fantasy, it's more fun. No?

Conan: Well, I don't know. It's hard to beat.

Heidi: Otherwise it would be boring.

Conan: No, it would not be boring!

[ Laughter ] That's what I'm trying to tell you.

Heidi: What do you guys like -- do you like wings or no wings?

Conan: You and the lingerie is all you need. No guys at home are going, like, "look at those wings!"

[ Laughter ]

Heidi: Wings or no wings?

Heidi: Men in audience: No wings!

Conan: No wings, they're saying no wings.

Heidi: They like wings, I heard wings.

[ Audience shouting ]

Conan: Settle down. Now it's a town meeting gone horribly awry.

[ Laughter ] There are angry villagers in the audience. They're making torches?

Heidi: No, the wings are fun.

Conan: The wings are fun. Okay, I'll allow the wings.

Heidi: I have an $11 million bra --

Conan: What the hell?

Heidi: -- That I'm wearing.

[ Laughter ] If you don't like the wings --

Conan: I love -- you could say anything to me when you lean in like that. You could say, "I have a 60-foot mechanical donkey at home," and I'd be like, "whatever."

[ Laughter ] I've heard about this bra. It's worth $11 million.

Heidi: Yes.

Conan: And who made this bra?

Heidi: Mouawad.

Conan: What the hell?

[ Laughter ]

Heidi: Mouawad, it's a jewelry company.

Conan: Oh, it's a jewelry company. Is someone actually going to buy this bra, or --

Heidi: You can buy it, if you want to.

Conan: Yeah, that's what I need in my life, an $11 million bra.

[ Laughter ]

Heidi: Maybe you don't, but, you know, your wife would maybe like it.

Conan: Yeah, I don't think so.

[ Laughter ] If they're not selling it at the banana republic, she ain't gettin' it.

[ Laughter ]

Heidi: You want to see it?

Conan: I gotta hang on to the cash. Do we want to see the $11 million bra? Yes, I think we do.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Heidi: I'm not wearing it.

Conan: Oh, boo! What is this? Who are you? This is the bra. Oh, I thought you were gonna be wearing it. This is so --

Heidi: Well, the last time I wore it, it kind of broke, so it was like maybe I shouldn't do that again.

Conan: This is worth $11 million --

Heidi: So we brought someone that doesn't inhale as much as I --

Conan: Don't touch it like -- you can't do that.

Heidi: I know, but it's like, kind of like coming off --

Conan: Can I adjust it, too?

Heidi: You could wear that, too, if you want to.

Conan: Yeah, that's what people really want to see. That's incredible. That's gorgeous.

Heidi: And check out this diamond. This is 70 karats. It's an excelsior diamond, it's the second largest diamond in the world. Check it out.

Conan: Is that a real diamond, or is that a fake that you take on tv shows?

Heidi: It's real! Why do you think we have all the security here?

Conan: Hit the lights!

[ Laughter ]

Heidi: And look --

Conan: Wait a minute. They're gonna hit the lights and there's gonna be me running down 5th avenue.

[ Laughter ]

[ Cheers and applause ]

Heidi: Well -- it's new york city, after all.

Conan: It's my girlfriend. She's cute. Can I turn her -- oh, my lord. Is that a thong in the back? Can I part this? Is that okay?

[ Laughter ]

Heidi: And I have to wear that in the show.

[ Laughter ] It's very, very sexy.

Conan: You wear this in the show?

Heidi: I'm wearing this in the show.

Conan: This is gorgeous. This is beautiful. What happened?

Heidi: How come you never come to the show?

Conan: What's that? Why don't I ever come to the show?

Heidi: Yeah, I invite you --

Conan: Wifey no likey!

Heidi: Yeah.

[ Laughter ] You can bring her along, you know?

Conan: No, I -- I could bring her along to the show?

Heidi: Yeah.

Conan: That's great, yeah, bring the wife and the new baby and come to the show.

Heidi: Yeah.

Conan: No, can't do it. No.

Heidi: Too bad.

Conan: Well, someday. Someday I'll be there. When I'm in my 60s and it's all over, I'll come by.

Heidi: Oh, I won't be there anymore.

Conan: You won't be there? Oh, I don't know.

Heidi: No.

Conan: We can go togeth. It'll be nice.

Heidi: Yeah.

Conan: You can bring this thing along, it'll be great. You are -- I want to ask you something else.

Heidi: Yeah.

Conan: I understand you have a bone to pick with me, you're a little angry with me about something. Is that true?

Heidi: Why?

Conan: You thought you heard me say that german wasn't a sexy language and you disagreed with that. Is that true?

Heidi: Oh, you know, whatever you think.

[ Laughter ]

Conan: Wow. What do you mean -- all I said was I thought -- we were talking about arnold schwarzenegger, and how he --

[ Speaking german ]

Conan: Well, when you do that, it's sexy.

[ Applause ] That little face at the end made it much sexier.

Heidi: Oh, thank you.

Conan: No, but -- well, how do you say "I love you" in german? If you could say "I love you" in german to me, maybe that would convince me.

Heidi: Ich liebe dich.

Conan: Say it again, slowly.

Heidi: Ich liebe dich.

Conan: Okay, a little -- one more time.

Heidi: Ich liebe dich.

[ Laughter ]

Conan: Okay, get me that tape. I want --

[ Laughter ] I want that tape.

Heidi: Now you say it.

[ Conan speaking gibberish ]

Heidi: What?!

[ Cheers and applause ]

Heidi: No!

Conan: I learned my german from arnold schwarzenegger.

Heidi: No, try it nicely.

[ Imitates schwarzenegger ]

Conan: "I love you!" How do I say it? Say it again.

Heidi: Ich liebe dich.

Conan: Eesh fleebel-eesh.

[ Laughter ]

Heidi: Yeah.

Conan: Ee fleeba-deesh.

[ Laughter ]

Ee fleeba-deesh.

Heidi: Not everybody talks like that!

Conan: Ee fleeba-deesh.

[ Laughter ] You've convinced me, I was wrong. And you know what? When I'm wrong, I admit it. And I was wrong.

Heidi: Good.

Conan: Yeah. Arnold, though, that still sounds crazy when he talks.

[ Laughter ]

Heidi: Well, but he's sort of like on the austrian side, isn't he?

Conan: Yeah. Ooh, you guys are snobs about each other, aren't you?

[ Laughter ]

Heidi: No, but I mean, they have different slants, too. Like, he talks a little bit more like that, you know?

Conan: Yeah.

Heidi: In german, it sounds the same like that to me, too.

Conan: But do germans then think that arnold's slant -- he's hard to understand?

Heidi: Hmm. Well, I guess if he's really at it, even in german, yeah.

Conan: 'Cause I just watch him -- as governor, I watched him speaking at the polls, and he's like --

[ Yelling gibberish ]

[ Laughter ] And I find it -- that's actually verbatim, word for word.

[ Laughter ]

Heidi: I think it's fantastic, he's like really articulating in that way. You know? At least he's not mumbling like he has a hot potato in his mouth, you know what I'm saying? Like he's --

[ Laughter ]

Conan: That accent was sexy. I want to hear more of that.

Heidi: But you know what I'm saying? Like sometimes it's really hard for me to understand when people are talking really fast and they're talking like --

[ Mumbling ]

Conan: Who's that?

[ Laughter ]

Heidi: No, but sometimes, you know, when you come here -- when I first came to america and I heard people talk on the television, if it's really fast, it all sounds like it's all one --

[ Mumbling ]

Conan: Right, exactly.

Heidi: You know?

Conan: That's why people need to enunciate.

Heidi: Exactly. Which he does, I think.

Conan: Okay. It's just with those veins bulging out of his head, he scares me.

[ Laughter ] You know what? I love it when you come by the show. It's always fun.

Heidi: Thank you. I like to come, too.

Conan: Yeah. And I'm glad that you --

Heidi: But I'm really -- I'm mad that you don't -- the whole thing, you didn't want to wear the wings. I thought it was so cute, you in the wings.

Conan: I did wear the -- didn't I wear the wings? Did you not see me with the wings?

[ Cheers and applause ]

Heidi: Yeah, you did.

Conan: I did, look. Yes, I was a little hesitant. A man's first reaction when someone says, "you want to strap on some feathery wings" isn't always, "let's do it!"

[ Laughter ]

Heidi: You're right.

Conan: I was hesitant, but then I gave in to your charms, and I think you gave in to mine.

[ Laughter ]

Heidi: I did.

[ Laughter ]

Conan: I'm losing my mind, did you know that? I just am losing my mind. Or as arnold would say --

[ Imitates schwarzenegger ] "I'm losing my noodle up here!"

[ Laughter ] "The victoria's secret fashion show" airs tomorrow night at 10:00 on cbs, and you know what? I'm coming backstage some time. I really want to do it.

Heidi: Good, you should.

Conan: Yeah. I'm gonna enjoy that. Heidi klum, everyone. Thank you for being here.

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thank you, where can i get a video of this?

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