Heidi Klum Visits 'the Tonight Show'

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Postby admin » Wed Jan 18, 2006 4:39 am

>> Jay: My next guest is a a supermodel, all-around fun gal. She produces a show called "project runway." It airs wednesday nights on bravo. Please welcome the lovely heidi klum! [ Cheers and applause ]

>> Jay: My kind of girl. How are you, babe?

>> Good, how are you?

>> Jay: I love that.

>> I should have thought about that before, because I had a a little bit trouble closing my pants, so I have to leave the button open.

>> Jay: But I like that. Big mac, giant fries. That's great. I thought you'd get some little kind of tofu thing or something.

>> I like that too.

>> Jay: You like that too?

>> But I like a big mac and fries too, sometimes. But I didn't have three. I only had one.

>> Jay: Really?

[ Laughter ] Well, there were three in the bag.

>> Don't make me look like --

>> Jay: I know you and seal just had a baby, so hence, you had a baby seal.

[ Laughter and applause ]

[ Imitates seal bark ]

>> Those were his very first words.

>> Jay: Yeah?

>> No.

>> Jay: Now, what is the baby's name?

>> Henry.

>> Jay: Henry? Oh, okay.

>> Henry.

>> Jay: That's his full name?

>> Henry and a few more. Henry gunter.

>> Jay: Now, hang on. What was that?

[ Laughter ]

>> My husband is from nigeria. Well, he's english. He was born in london. But his parents were from nigeria. And they have a lot of names.

>> Jay: So, it's henry --?

>> Henry's one of seal's names. Gunter is my father's name. Ademola is seal's father's name. And then dashtu is sort of a a made-up name by my husband.

>> Jay: That's like an e-mail address -- dash 2.

[ Laughter ]

>> It is really dash 2, but he said it's a war term. The second plane in the war, that follows the first plane, is called dash 2 -- like, "dash 2 is taking off to follow the first plane." And that is basically henry looking after our daughter, leni.

>> Jay: Wow, okay. You got married last may. And how is your daughter, leni? How is she with the baby brother, okay?

>> She's nice. She's very nice, and every once in a while, she whacks him one.

>> Jay: Really, she hits him?

>> Yeah, she goes, "henry, henry, henry, henry, henry, henry, paf!"

[ Laughter ]

>> Jay: Really?

>> She does.

>> Jay: Okay. He keeps his is in a cage. Yours gets whacked by --

[ Laughter ]

>> She literally goes this close in front of his face. She goes, "henry, henry, henry, henry, henry." And then she's like, "eyes, puff!"

>> Jay: That can't be good. It's like "lord of the flies" at your house.

[ Laughter ]

>> Then the next time, you'd think I can trust her again, because I say, "do not hit your brother," and then she does it over and over and over again.

>> Jay: Well, let me ask you something, though. How did seal propose? I've heard all kinds of crazy things, but I've never heard it from you. I've heard top of mountains. How did he actually propose?

>> On top of a mountain. You heard right.

>> Jay: Fill me in. Tell me what happened.

>> He had an igloo built. Are you married?

>> No, no.

[ Laughter ]

>> So, you better listen up.

>> I will. I am.

>> So you can top off the story next time.

>> Okay.

[ Laughter ]

>> Jay: People live in glass houses. Let me ask you, now --

>> No, we really love that, the women. When you really surprise them, you do a very romantic thing.

>> Jay: So, he built an igloo?

>> Not himself, but he had an igloo built on top of a a glacier.

>> Jay: He brought eskimos in to build the igloo?

>> Exactly. Then he took me in a a helicopter, and he took me up on the hill, and then the helicopter left us there. And there was an igloo, and we went in the igloo, and then he proposed to me.

>> Jay: Okay, but back up. Had you expressed, "oh, I've always wanted to get married in an igloo?"

[ Laughter ]

>> No.

>> Jay: Where did this come from?

>> Because he loves the mountains. He loves snowboarding, and he does heli-skiing.

>> Jay: Was it this kind of igloo, where you have to crawl in through the little hole, or could you walk through the door?

>> No, there was a tiny little hole.

>> Jay: Then you crawled through?

>> Yes.

>> Jay: What was in the igloo?

>> A bed and pillows.

>> Jay: Oh, a bed and pillows?

>> Yeah, he had it done proper. Not just some old, cold igloo.

[ Laughter ]

>> Jay: No, no, no. For some reason, I find most igloos really cold. Did you ever notice that? Even if the windows are closed, it's still cold in an igloo.

>> Yeah, but it's nice when you have a bed there, with pillows and covers and everything.

>> Jay: Oh, okay. Wow, all right.

>> Then you're not so bored there too, you know what I mean. I'm not going to say any more.

>> Jay: And you learned how to --?

>> Are you paying attention?

>> Yeah.

[ Laughter ]

>> Jay: And you learned how to snowboard too? You've not done that before?

>> This year I did, because he's such a freak about it. It's nice when you can do things together, so this year I learned it.

>> Jay: So, did he teach you? Did he take you up and go, "honey, here's what you do"?

>> No, because apparently it's not very good when you have your couple -- you know, you have couples and they teach you, and they do that sort of stuff. So I had a teacher. I got butt pads and knee pads and wrist pads, and I had a a helmet on and goggles and the whole thing. It was fun.

>> Jay: Are you good?

>> He's like, "I dig this. So now we're going snowboarding when you go on your supermodel stints." I'm like, "how do you know what a supermodel stint is?" He's like, "come on, you're the champ. And every time when you go to a a corner, you get like a little sticker to put on your snowboard." I'm like, "cool."

[ Laughter ] He was very nice. And I got the hang of it. I was like -- do you know how to snowboard?

>> Yes.

>> Good.

[ Laughter ]

>> Jay: Now, we have footage of you. Here's footage of you know snowboarding. Let's see how this looks. Here she is.

>> Yeah. That was actually my first day.

[ Audience ohs ]

>> Jay: Oh, that looked bad, ooh.

>> Thank god that I had that butt pad.

[ Laughter ] That's why you should never go without your helmet.

>> Jay: Now, tell us about "project runway." This is with the supermodels and all. Tell people what it's about.

>> It's not really about supermodels.

>> Jay: No?

>> No, it's about designers.

>> Jay: Well, see, I haven't seen it, so I don't know.

>> It is on tomorrow, so you should maybe watch it.

>> Jay: Tomorrow night?

>> Yeah.

>> Jay: I am going to make a a note to watch. It's about designers, even more interesting to me.

>> There are models on the show too, that are showing the clothes that they are designing. It's about finding a new designer, and we give them challenges every week. Anyone has seen the show here?

[ Cheers and applause ] Ya! Thank you for everyone who's watching. It was a lot of fun doing it.

>> Jay: Are designers high-strung sort of characters?

>> Yeah, they're a little crazy, and you don't really see that when you cast these people, and they come in and they bring their clothes. Afterwards, they're on the show and they do crazy stuff. One guy was, like, crying. The other one always wants to be the best, and he rolls his eyes all the time. And they're like, "oh, how's that possible?" And one totally broke into tears. Then you sit there, and you're like, "is this for real or is he joking?" Like, you can't figure it out sometimes.

>> Jay: Now we have a clip. We have a clip from "project runway." What's going to happen in this clip?

>> I don't know. I don't know what you have there.

>> Jay: Let's take a look.

>> The first thing that he said to us when we were at the party was, "the next challenge was going to be how far you would go for fashion." That was the goal, and it was really lucky for me because, what I had to work with was a a testimony of the first and maybe the last three years of my career, so it was ridiculous, but, I mean --

>> Are those happy tears or sad tears?

>> Both.

>> I'm confused. I'm not sure if you like what you did, or you hate what you did.

>> No, I love what I did.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> And I still am, to this day.

>> Jay: I didn't understand what was happening there. Was he happy or sad?

>> I really don't know, because he went -- as an actor, what is that?

[ Laughter ] Was he acting, or was it real? I still don't know? You have to be very strictly looking at the clothes and not the performance that they give.

>> Jay: But it will be on tomorrow night, and I will be watching.

>> Good.

>> Jay: I will be watching. Heidi, thanks and congratulations on the baby.

>> Thank you.

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