Heidi Klum visits 'The Tonight Show' - transcript 7/17

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Heidi Klum visits 'The Tonight Show' - transcript 7/17

Postby admin » Tue Jul 18, 2006 8:26 am

>> Jay: All right. Welcome back. My first guest is a supermodel. One of our favorites, a a supermodel that can actually speak. Wonderful. Wonderful. Oh, I love her. She's a terrific woman. She can be seen on "project runway," which airs wednesday nights on bravo. Please welcome the lovely heidi klum, ladies and gentlemen.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Jay: Been hitting the beer a a little bit there, huh?

>> Yeah, the burgers and the beer and everything. Chocolate.

>> Jay: A little oktoberfest action, yeah. Well, congratulations. You look very happy. And of course your husband is seal.

>> I am ve happy. Thank you.

>> Jay: This your 17th child?

>> Let me thi. Actually, no. It's only number three. I'm working on it.

>> Jay: But you're now eating for two. Which -- nothing made me laugh more than that when I went back there just now. I go in the back to say hi and you're eating -- I don't know how many big macs. And I didn't think fries actually came in a garbagean. They were huge.

>> There was two there. But I didn't actually finish both of them. It's almost like a ritual. Every time I'm here, cause they feed you very well here at "jay leno," a I always get a a big mac before I go on.

[ Light laughter ]

>> Jay: No, but see, most of the supermodels come, they will have like half a sit pea. It will be half a split pea and they'll go, "ooh, I'm fl." But -- and you eat with both hands, which I love.

>> Well, is everything. It's the nerves. You know, I like to eat, and they taste good too,o why not? And now I have an excuse, yet

>> Jay: Exactly. Now, a girl, a boy, do we know

>> We don't know yet.

>> Jay: You don't know?

>> Yeah, but are you one of those people? That do the pendants test? And they're like, "check the love handles. Hmm, this looks like a girl." Le, check you out.

>> Jay: Is that how it works? Everyone always seems to have an opinion.

>> Jay: What do you think? You've done this twice before. So what is your feeling? You've had both. So what does it feel like?

>> I mean, thinking about the around, all the way around. In the front. But who knows?

>> Jay: Is that right? I never heard that. Is that like a german thing?

>> No, it's not a german thing. Do you guys know this?

[ Audience says "yes" ] See? Everyone always, like, can tell.

>> Jay: Oh, they're just saying that because you're pretty. They have no idea.

[ Laughter ] With a pendant over the belly, and if it goes this way icf1 o it's a girl. They always do all these things.

>> Jay: Like what? Don't do what?

>> I don't know. Don't eat any mozzarella. Don't have anything to drink. You know, all -- everyone

>> Jay: Now, I read somewhere you're going to do e water because did I a joke about it.

>> You did a joke about it?

>> Jay: I said you were gonna have a water birth so this way

[ Laughter ]

>> And, actually, yes.

>> Jay: Is that true?

>> And since then we've been thinking if it is a girl, or a cf1 o

[ Laughter ]

>> Jay: Flipper is good. Flipper is good.

>> No, I'm not into the water.

>> Jay: Would you ever try that water birth thing?

>> Jay: Why not?

>> I like it dry.

[ Laughter ]

>> Jay: You like it dry. I like it dry.

[ Laughter ]

>> Jay: I never heard it described that way.

>> I'm very german. It seems more controlled. Ow what I mean? I feel like if you're in the water and there's all this nastiness going on, I don't it's swimming all over the

[ Laughter ] We don't want to get too it gets very "different."

[ Light laughter ]

>> Jay: Now, I got you some I thought this was nice. Can you see is this t-shirt? Oh.

[ Laughter ] Thank you.

>> That's cute.

>> Jay: And this is a baby seal.

>> Did you get that or did you make that? Otherwise, I would say you should start making t-shirts.

>> Jay: No, we make t-shirts. I got this for you. And since it's a baby seal, I got some fish.

[ Laughter ]

>> Aww. We had goldfish. You know what? I'm not very good with fish, but I'll try better this time.

>> Jay: Okay, all right. Well, I figured --

>> We have a dog, too. And he went swimming once already.

>> Jay: And we called your office and we got the sonogram. Show the sonogram of the baby.

>> No.

[ Laughter and applause ]

>> Jay: Now, how is your daughter, lani?

>> Funny, it looks more like you than my husband.

>> Jay: It does look a little like me. But we'll -- I'll take that up with seal later, when I see him.

>> Jay, where were you the last time?

>> Jay: Now, lani, right? Is that how you say it?

>> Leni.

>> Jay: Leni, leni. How she dealing with it?

>> Leni, henry.

>> Jay: She's 2 now, right?

>> She's 2.

>> Jay: How's she doing? Does she understand where the baby comes from? Does she understand all that?

>> She thinks she has a baby, too. She always lifts her shirt. I go, "where's my mommy's baby?" And she always lifts my shirt. And then she goes, "and o t there's no belly there.

[ Light laughter ] It's very funny. You know, she has just starte to learn how to speak. She speaks german and english. Training right now, which is so hard. You just -

>> Jay: You mean you're potty training her. You said, "we're doing it."

[ Laughter ]

>> No, we're trying for her to go on the potty and we do everything from dolls to videos.

>> Jay: Videos? I don't wanna watch that video. Where do you get that vid?

[ Laughter ]

>> There's videos and dolls and books. Everything about learning to potty train, but it's still not working. We're doing the song, pooper

[ Laughter ] But no. There's poies all over the place. You know, upstairs, downstairs, there's potties evywhere. But she just won't go on it.

>> Jay: So what does she go on? Do you put paper down like a dog?

[ Laughter ]

>> No. Either she poops in the diapers or sometimes we let her r around because you're supposed to let them run around with nothing on and then they're supposed to "tell mommy when you have to go." And then sometimes she just tells you when she has to go, & just it's alwayf1 yes. Then you have them naked.

>> Jay: Okay, now, what age do they finally get -- see, I don't have kids, so this is all new to me. What age do they finally get that down? They figur de estar room is not a good place?

>> I think now would be the time.

>> F1 o

[ Light laughter ]

>> Yeah. B it's even better when she when I go to the bathroom.

>> Jay: She goes in with you like when they all start -- everythi starts clicking in and then I go to the bathro always open. And then she goes in then and she asks

>> Jay: Remind me next time I 'cause you're right around [ Laughter ] We're not next door neighbors but we're neighbors.

>>& But when we're just the family, we're very, you know, when I'm in the bathroom and

[ Laughter ] Yeah, you know, you either have to go pee-pee or you go and then you actually go, "ah-ah."

[ Laughter ] And it's just funny like, all the things you do. And talk about.

[ Laughter ]

>> Jay: You know, can't get the image out of my head now. Can we go to break?

[ Laughter ] Can we go to commercial while I get that image out of there? Be right back with heidi right after this.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Jay: Welcome back. Talking with supermodel heidi klum. Now, is it hard traveling with two kids, now three kids?

>> It is hard traveling with two kids. It's hard to do anything with two kids. Two strollers and diaper bags and bottles, and they all want something different. Yeah. It's not easy.

>> Jay: Now, are you a good flyer? Do you --

>> No. I'm not a good flyer at all.

>> Jay: Ally?

>> No. I get very nervous on planes. Cf1 o

>> Jay: Have you ever been in a a flight that got turbulence where you were shaking?

>> Oh, yeah. Flying for, like, 12 years -- of course. And then I always talk to the stewardess. "How bad is it? So it's not so bad." You know that it goes from --

>> Jay: One or two? Oh, I'm going back to another conversation.

[ Laughter ]

>> It goes from one to ten, apparently. That'what I was told.

>> Jay: Turbulence goes from one to ten?

>> Yeah. Any more -- I think after six or something. Is it still a two?" I always want to go and sit in the cockpit then. Really bad? I don't know. I ways feel like I want to sit there and talk tr con captain --

>> Jay: I would like to see that.

>> -- But it would be horrible. "What's going on right now? Are we still okay?"

>> Jay: You do they come back? See, that would make me more nervous -- if I was flying and supermodel in first class.

[ Laughter ]

>> No, I would get on their cf1 o saved a plane once or something. Right? A plane once. No, that's not what happened.


>> You're like that, da, da, da, da.

[ Laughter ]

>> Jay: No, that's not what happened.

>> Let jay figure it all out. There's a seal by the door. Not your seal, a rubber seal.

[ Laughter ] And we're sitting. All of a sudden it goes -- and gets sucked out.

[ Makes now, the door wasn't going to open. It's just the seal blew off.

>> Jay: Yeah, while we're in "aaaah!" And runs to the back.

[ Laughter ] A bunch of blankets and stuff and started stuffing them in the cracks just to cut down on the noise. And I stuffed all the blankets, and then I told some of the women, "we're going to need your clothes to put in these." You know.

[ Laughter ]

>> "We need more clothes! Take that off, too."

>> Jay: But it actually stopp. After we landed, the pilot said, "oh, thank you very much." Kept it from whistling, but no, I didn't save the plane.

>> If no one would have done that, everyone would have been, ke, sucked out the door.

>> Jay: No, no one would have been sucked out the door, because I was standing right next to the door. It was just whisping and making noise.

>> You would have been sucked in the door.

[ Laughter ]

>> Jay: The plane looked funny. When the pla landed and they opened it, all these pillows fell out. It looked kind of -- now, tell us about "project runway." Fill us in on this. It's super exciting.

[ Cheers and applause ] Thank you..

>> Jay: Now see, the women gonna -- the men kind of know.

>> No, no, no, that's e men do too. Because you know what?

>> Jay: All right, that one there --

[ Laughter ]

>> No. Yeah, you kn the other day. I was getting, like, knobs for the door. You're that heidi klum from "'project runway.'" I was like, "yeah, I am. I kind of like it.

[ Laughter ]

>> Jay: Was this in brooklyn, apparently, where you went this hardware store?

[ Laughter ]

>> I don't know. No, it was here, but he sounded like he was.

>> Jay: It seems to me designers -- 'cause my wife so I will get trapped into watching it. I mean, I enjoy it. But these designers are so temperamental. It just seems to -- are they &

>> Would you not be temperamental if you o know -- it's like a school. You get a challenge and you they give you $100, which is not a lot of money, and they have to make it into something extraordinary looking like $3,000. And they, you know, they're and they can't call home. They can't watch tv. So they all get on each other's ing y and moaning all the time. Can I say bitching?

[ Laughter ]

>> Jay: All right. Now, one designer made a dress for you, right? Wasn't there some kind of hissy . Fit that went on?&

>> Yes, he got very mad at me because I wasn't wearing it.

>> Jay: What happene

>> Because we were going to the emmys. We got nominated for the emmys but this was the first time around. It was very exciting.

>> Jay: Congratulations on your second nomination.

>> Thank you.

[ Applause ] Thank you. It's exciting.&

>> Jay: So he made a dress for you, and what happened?

>> I asked him because I really want them to do well, and I wanted to wear something especially -- got nominated for this show, so I wanted the winner of the show to make a a dress for me. But it just didn't work out. It was six days afteryou know, I gave birth to henry, and I was still big. You know, six days after, your boobs are -- they blow up and you're still like train ryou, and your belly is deflated and kind of weird. And there's a lot of things you usted have to deal with. So you want something forgiving but still be very elegant because it's a very elegant even and it was just -- it looked more like a halloween costume. But how do you tell someone that?

>> Jay: I think you just did. You said it looked like a a halloween costume.

[ Laughter ] No we have a clip from the show.

>> But it wasn't working. So, you know, unfortunately had ? To go with somebody else.

>> Ja what is this we're gonna see now? This is --

>> Oh, this is them getting mad at each other.

>> Jay: Yeah, I think this is the kind of high drama that men really get into when they watch television.

>> Well, because it's two of the designers, and they have to collaborate.

>> Jay: Right. That's what I'm saying. I think you will have guys gathering around -- well, here, take a look.

>> I'm really concerned because I made a dress like this when I was in college.

>> Right now I can't discuss that because I've got toigure out how to drape this back.

>> I think adding that brownish is just going to make it cheap- looking.

>> Angela was a little bit worried about what we were trying to achieve. It goannoying because that's not her call. I'm the team leader, and it's my call.

>> Why don't you cut that with that?

>> Okay. You have to move three feet away. Please, plse. I've got to do this. I need you to move three feet angela really got under my skin, really hard and heavy.

>> I can step back 1 1/2 feet. You can step forward 1 1/2 feet.

>> You hurt me so hard because if you're negative, it's going to -- me up so bad.

>> I'm not being negative. I'm being honest.

>> It's coming. It's coming. It's-- it's coming now. It's, like, hitting. I'm getting it. Bam.

[ Applause ]

>> Jay: Oh. Did you see? Kevin and I were on the edge of our seats.

[ Light laughter ] Well, congratulations on your second emmy nomination and the baby. You're a wonderful person and congratulations for everything.

[ Applause ] Say hi to seal.

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