Heidi Klum visits 'Late Night with Conan O'Brien' 8/9

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Heidi Klum visits 'Late Night with Conan O'Brien' 8/9

Postby admin » Thu Aug 10, 2006 4:29 am

>> Conan: My first guest is one of the most famous supermodels in the world. She's also the host of bravo's emmy-nominated show, "project runway." Please welcome the lovely heidi klum.

[ Cheers and applause ]

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> I have to make sure everything's plugged in.

>> Conan: Yes, yes, you see to that, yes. You look beautiful, by the way.

>> Thank you, you too.

>> Conan: There's a bug flying around in here. What kind of show are we running?

>> I don't know.

>> Conan: The most beautiful woman in the world is out here and there's, like, fruit flies all over the place.

>> Did I bring it, or was it already here?

>> Conan: No, no, no, this place is a pit.

[ Laughter ] It really is. There it is, right now. Okay, I'm gonna get it before the segment's over. Steve, if you see that bug, just swat it. No, capture it and release it in the wild.

[ Laughter ] My hair will catch it. My hair is like a venus flytrap.

[ Laughter ]

>> Maybe it's the hairspray. It just likes it.

>> Conan: Yeah, this is flammable right now.

>> I can never shut up about your hair because your hair is genius, every time I see you. It is.

[ Laughter ] And I know I do this all the time, but, you know, no one has this perfect wave that you have.

>> Conan: Yeah, it's perfect. Thank you, that's very nice. I'm relaxed now. Thank you, very much.

[ Laughter ] So much to talk about. First of all, you are expecting. How far along are you?

>> Yeah, I just didn't eat a lot. I am expecting.

>> Conan: Yeah, you ate nine burritos before you came here.

>> I'm halfway, halfway through.

>> Conan: Halfway through, and you feel okay?

>> Yeah, very good.

>> Conan: You look beautiful, you look fantastic. How many children do you have?

>> This is gonna be our third one.

>> Conan: And how many do you want to have? Do you know?

>> I don't know, one baby at a time. How many do want? You have one or two?

>> Conan: No, I have two. I'm one of six, so my parents keep looking at me like, let's go. In my family, people will have, like, nine kids, that kind of thing.

>> No, I don't think we're gonna go that far.

>> Conan: No, no, I think that's a good idea.

>> One baby at a time, maybe four, maybe three. Who knows.

>> Conan: So maybe three or four, I just like it in that order.

[ Laughter ] Maybe four, maybe three, argh!

>> I don't know. Let number three arrive first.

>> Conan: Yeah, good plan. So much to talk about. First of all, the world of modeling. I think a lot of people get confused because they think that it's the easiest thing in the world. You're born beautiful and then people take pictures of you, but that's not the case, is it?

>> I mean, there's probably other jobs that are harder for sure, but sometimes it's not easy when you don't feel necessarily all lucky or funny or whatever and you have to smile a lot. I don't know, maybe sometimes or maybe now -- maybe you don't really want to interview, too, but you're puttin' on a smiley face. You know what I mean?

>> Conan: No, I'm very -- no.

[ Laughter ]

>> Sometimes you just don't feel like it. You know what I mean.

>> Conan: Yes, there are occasionally people that come to the show that I don't want to talk to, but you I'm very happy to talk to.

>> Thank you.

>> Conan: You are heidi klum.

>> I feel much better now.

>> Conan: Yes, but I know what you mean. First of all, there's a lot about being a model, I guess, which is you probably have to learn to adopt an attitude you may not feel.

>> Yeah, I mean, it's good if you have a photographer that helps you, and then, you know, sometimes they want you to look sexy, or sometimes laugh a lot. For a summer cover, for example, and you're on the beach with a bikini and they want it all like the wind is going and you're smiling, and it's all like, "la ha-ha," you know?

[ Laughter ] But you do that for hours all day until they get one picture that they love.

>> Conan: Because sometimes you can see a picture of yourself, probably, and think, that smile looks like I'm faking it.

>> Yeah, come on, I know that you can do sexy like that.

>> Conan: What are you talking about? You had me confused with someone else.

>> If I'm the photographer and i say, "do sexy." I see you do it all the time.

>> Conan: All right, there's a camera right here. Do you want sexy right now? Check it out.

[ Laughter and applause ] Wait a second. That wasn't sexy, that was the ice cream just fell off my cone.

[ Laughter ] Aw, gee, what happened?

>> You could do, like, one eyebrow up.

>> Conan: What is the key to looking sexy?

>> You pout a little bit more.

>> Conan: Pout more? Okay.

>> You come a little bit more into the camera.

[ Laughter ] Not in, not like you ate a sour or something.

>> Conan: Oh, thanks a lot. So just sort of, like, pouting like --

>> Yeah.

[ Laughter ] And then you smile, like something looks hysterically funny.

[ Conan laughs maniacally ]

>> Conan: It doesn't work for me.

[ Laughter ] My smiling, it doesn't work.

>> You can come to all my photo shoots.

>> Conan: I should come to more supermodel photo shoots, yes, you're right.

[ Laughter ]

>> Yeah, you can make me laugh all the time. It would be so easy for me, then.

>> Conan: I was telling my wife that, just this morning, and she threw a curling iron at me.

[ Laughter ]

>> It must be really fun, being married to you, though.

>> Conan: Yeah, I think I'm fun. I'm a lot of fun, but I think sometimes my wife is like, "enough already," because I walk around the house and I'm like, "hey, baby, yeah." You know, I'm doin' my bits all the time, and she just -- enough is enough sometimes, for her. The marriage is in trouble.

[ Laughter ]

>> I'm sure it's not.

>> Conan: No, we're great, we're great. Love her, love her to death. Here we go -- I want to ask you something. I heard this thing and I don't think it can be true.

>> What?

>> Conan: Of course, you're married to the wonderful seal, and I heard that you guys have nude portraits of yourselves, hanging in your house. True or false?

>> How do you know that?

[ Laughter ]

>> Conan: 'Cause your rear door was unlocked.

[ Laughter ] I just went in and I looked around.

>> Yes, I have very nice pictures of my husband, yeah, in my bathroom.

>> Conan: And nude?

>> Yeah. How'd he know that?

>> Conan: I just know things. I read it, I believe, in a magazine.

>> Yeah, they're very saucy. They're very nice for my eyes.

>> Conan: But just for you. So, it's not in an area -- 'cause the article made it sound like you walk in the front door and there's a painting right there -- like, "oh, my god!"

[ Laughter ]

>> No, no, no, we don't really have naked pictures of ourselves all over the place, but he would have the occasional one of me and I have the occasional one of him.

>> Conan: And you keep them in a sort of more private area in the house?

>> Yeah, yeah, yeah. Just where our section is, where our bedroom is and where our bathroom is.

>> Conan: Okay, in your bedroom and your bathroom.

>> Yeah, people don't just, like, come in the house and they have to look at those things.

>> Conan: Right, right, right.

>> No.

>> Conan: No, no, no, I think that's a smart idea. I heard this and I thought, I want to give you something. This is to add -- this is for your bathroom, right here. Can we bring this in, fellas? This is just for you. I've never given this to anybody. I think this is fantastic.

>> Wow!

[ Laughter ]

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Conan: That's for you.

>> I'm taking it.

>> Conan: Do you promise? Look at my leg muscles. Aren't they impressive?

>> Can that go right here, so I can look at it every once in a while?

>> Conan: Yeah, yeah, bring it over here and lean it up against the couch.

[ Laughter ] The bidding begins, america. I actually pose as a trident when I'm at home.

[ Laughter ]

>> I have to take this on a plane. Do you think I should wrap it up or should I walk with it, like this?

>> Conan: No, that goes in the overhead compartment, trust me.

[ Laughter ] I've flown all across the country with that.

>> No, I mean, I don't know if you want everyone to see this. That's what I mean.

>> Conan: I do want everyone to see it.

[ Laughter ] Because that's clearly not my body. We're gonna take a quick break. We have so much more to talk about. More with heidi klum in just a moment. Stick around, we'll be right back.

[ Cheers and applause ]

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Conan: We're back, talking with the lovely heidi klum. Do you -- I'm just curious -- you mentioned earlier that you have these photo shoots. What about these victoria's secret fashion shows. I've watched those on television.

>> And I invite you all the time and you never come.

>> Conan: You invite me to sit in the audience. How do you get backstage at the victoria's secret fashion show?

[ Laughter ]

>> Do you really want to go backstage and see us take our bras off and on, naked, bras out, bras off, on.

>> Conan: Must think about this.

[ Laughter ] Yeah, what are you talking about? You're oiling yourselves up in between? What's going on back there?

>> Well, yeah, you want to be all, like, nice and juicy when you get out there.

>> Conan: I could do that for ya.

[ Laughter ] This is the kind of thing -- these are services I could provide. Do they let men backstage at those or no?

>> Not really. I mean, we have dressers there -- most of the time they are women -- and people that scream, "next, heidi! You have to hurry!" And you would think, how long can it take to get rid of panties and put on new ones? But then they get more xushing and more teasing and more spraying.

>> Conan: What's xushing?

>> What I just did to you before.

>> Conan: Oh, that's xushing? People giving you that little -- like, and then throwing the sparkly dust on you.

>> And then it's fabulous.

>> Conan: Are there celebrities that have ever made their way back there?

>> They do. They come before, but then when it's showtime, everyone comes out. Maybe we can make a little exception for you.

>> Conan: Right, I'm just imagining regis tries to get back there sometimes.

[ Laughter ]

>> No, no, no, no, no.

>> Conan: You probably don't see him. He's hiding. He's back there in the clothes.

[ Laughter ]

>> He's maybe in our angel wings.

>> Conan: The angel wings are crazy. Those are gorgeous.

>> I love them.

>> Conan: Yeah. Sorry, I just went to another place. I'm back.

[ Laughter ]

>> You came back too fast.

>> Conan: I know, that's a problem.

[ Laughter ] Ladies and gentlemen, really, seriously --

[ Laughter ] You are here to promote a product. I want to make sure I get this right. It's wrong for me to bring it out.

[ Laughter ] Shouldn't you be bringing this out? I'm like, "I've got this bra, back here."

[ Laughter ] Why am I presenting this?

[ Cheers and applause ] This is called the body bra, yes?

>> It is. It goes the other way around. It is the body bra, and do you know why it's the body?

>> Conan: I don't know how it works.

>> It goes this way. You can do this in the dark, unhook them really fast.

>> Conan: Please, some guy back me up on this. The unhooking -- look at this, this is the latest bra design. Why can't they switch to velcro? Look at this.

>> Because that would be too easy. You'd just inhale too much and then the whole thing falls apart. It wouldn't be good.

>> Conan: Well, this is called the body bra and it's available now from victoria's secret. I'm reading it now. I shouldn't read it.

[ Laughter ] And "project runway," of course, doing very well. People really love this show.

>> Yeah, it's really good.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Conan: You're having a good time with it?

>> Yeah, it's been a lot of fun.

>> Conan: We had tim gunn here the other day, very nice guy.

>> He is the nicest. I mean, he's like a jewel that we found at parsons. We asked him if wouldn't mind doing some advising to the designers, and he turned out to be this amazing person that we found at parsons. He's great.

>> Conan: One of the things I like about your reality show is there's actually a skill behind it. These people who win tend to be the most talented, and then there's these other shows, like on "the apprentice," where they're saying, "let's see if you're a good ceo. Go try and sell this mayonnaise out on the street and wear a pinwheel hat."

[ Laughter ] You know? Bill gates might not be good at that.

>> I mean, sometimes, we might have, you know, strange challenges for them, but we want to really put them under pressure and sometimes they have to do very kooky things. But at the end of the day, they all have to do with creativity and things that designers can only put together, and can be won on a runway, really. I mean, they do all things that I could never do or most people can't do. I think that's why they admire what they can do, and that's why people like watching the show.

>> Conan: Yeah, because they're actually seeing people do something well. "Project runway" airs wednesday nights at 10:00 on bravo, and the body bra is in stores now. Heidi klum, thank you so much.

>> Thank you very much.

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