Heidi Klum visits Jimmy Kimmel Live 8/21 transcript

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Heidi Klum visits Jimmy Kimmel Live 8/21 transcript

Postby admin » Tue Aug 22, 2006 5:34 am

Jimmy: Our first guest comes from the german town of bergischladbach, an industrial city whose primary exports include iron, wool, pharmaceuticals and exactly one supermodel. She's the host and executive producer of "project runway" wednesday nights on bravo. Please welcome heidi klum.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jimmy: You look beautiful. I'm sure you hear that all of the time. I did get the name of your hometown right?

Heidi: Perfect. Like a german.

Jimmy: Do you guy go there much?

Heidi: All of the time.

Jimmy: You have family still there?

Heidi: My whole family is still there.

Jimmy: Are you the queen of germany? I know you are very popular there but there it's craziness, right?

Heidi: I go on floats, i wave. No.

Jimmy: Can you declare laws and have people beheaded and that sort of thing st. Zwr i wish, but no.

Jimmy: Do people in germany really love david hasselhoff?

Heidi: I think they did, you know, when,s what wha was the show with the kitt I'm coming.

Jimmy: "Knight rider." They don't anymore sth

Heidi: I think he's famous but older people would know. I grew up already --

Jimmy: You weren't into hasselhoff?

Heidi: Into the series but not so much into the music. The music was more like, i think for openeder people.

Jimmy: More of a fan of his acting tha than singing.

Heidi: I was at the time but I'm here for 12, 13 years, so i was younger then.

Jimmy: Got you. You are married to a very talented, very famous singer, seal is your husband. How long have you guys been married?

Heidi: Only one year. Just had our one year anniversary.

Jimmy: One year. He's something. Actually mention him, I would love to have him on the show. Is he a good father?

Heidi: He's a very good father.

Jimmy: You have a couple kids. You're pregnant, congratulations.

Heidi: Our third one on the way.

[ Applause ] Do you have any?

Jimmy: You mean, currently inside me?

Heidi: No.

Jimmy: Yes, do i have. I have a couple of kids. I have two of them.

Heidi: You doi do.

Jimmy: I do.

Heidi: You are not married.

Heidi: Sometimes things don't work out.

Heidi: Not everybody wears their wedding band.

Jimmy: 14-year-old daughter and 12-year-old son.

Heidi: Damn! Is he lying?

Jimmy: No, I'm not lying. Why would i lie about something weird like that?

Heidi: Very grown up child. You look very good.

Jimmy: Yes. Thank you. Thank you. I'm in my 50S. I'm really -- you have -- you have baby on the way and to worry kids. Little kids, right?

Heidi: 10 months and -- and 2 years old.

Jimmy: Do you -- you don't change diapers and stuff, do you? Never. I haven't changed one in my life.

Jimmy: I can't imagine you doing that.

Heidi: With two kids. They come out potty trained already.

Jimmy: Does seal change diapers.

Heidi: Never. We both never do, come out potty trained, have teeth, they eat.

Jimmy: That's what i figured.

Heidi: Of course, we all have to change the diapers. There is a lot of diaper changing, now with the third one we have three kids that we have to change diapers.

Jimmy: Yeah. Vent wally one of the kids will get out and next one will. You won't have to keep --

Heidi: I hope so. Takes a long time and not an easy task.

Jimmy: What do you call seal?

Heidi: I call him seal. I call him shotzi. We are all shotzi.

Jimmy: That's like "buddy" or something like that

Heidi: Like would you say sweetheart or my dashlgs we say shotzi.

Jimmy: Like that. I never heard that before.

Heidi: You never went out with a german girl.

Jimmy: I never did.

Heidi: Maybe you should try sometimes.

Jimmy: Sure. Let me know how things work out.

Heidi: I'm already take but there is still a few left, you know?

Jimmy: I woched the show "project runway" i like it, there are very tal epted but horrible people, most of them aren't horrible but usually there is one or two horrible people in the group.

Heidi: The designers are horrible or us on the other side?

Jimmy: The designers. I like the way it's set up, it's creative but that santino, an awful, awful man, talented guy --

Heidi: You didn'tikeim very much.

Jimmy: If we were in prison together he would be the first one you would kill.

Heidi: He's funny, though. I mean, he was like a character on the show because that's just the way he is, he's very flamboyant and outgoing. I don't know if you saw this season, but he was running a round in L.A., He had this t-shirt with his nam on and saying, everyone knows me, everyone yells my name i saw him, what are you surprised, if i had my name all over my t-shirts, a big santino written on the shirt.

Jimmy: You have an empire of products, you have birkenstock sandleals that you sell, you is had gum last time you were here. Candies.

Heidi: Jewelry.

Jimmy: No cough drops. I made that up. You have makeup you are promoting with victoria's secret. Very sexy makeup. Are you wearing very sexy makeup now?

Heidi: Of course. Are you? What are you wearing?

Jimmy: Are these the jerlen friends you were telling me about earlier.

Heidi: Well, most of them are brazilian.

Jimmy: Well, whatever.

Heidi: She's from america but most of them or brazilian. The new campaign we shot.

Jimmy: You have lipstick.

Heidi: It's very sexy and all have very naughty and sexy names on them.

Jimmy: Like what?

Heidi: I don't know. Like 200 different ones.

Jimmy: This one is mosaic blush.

Heidi: This one is --

Jimmy: This one --

Heidi: This is called sultry. I have on my ice is intense.

Jimmy: This one is called glaucoma glaucoma.

[ Laughter ]

Heidi: What is this?

Jimmy: Smells good.

Heidi: Melt.

Heidi: Jim: This is lipstick or something?

Heidi: Yeah.

Jimmy: Has like --

Heidi: And it tastes really good. That doesn't taste good, does it? Let me see your teeth.

Jimmy: First lipstick that you put inside your mouth.

Heidi: Is it good?

Jimmy: It's actually --

Heidi: You can eat the whole thing.

Jimmy: It's not bad at all. This is first lipstick that you can eat.

Heidi: Is there another one that you can eat?

Heidi: Jimmyno, there is not another one that i can eat. Very clever of you to ask.

Heidi: You have to share.

Jimmy: You live in L.A. Now? Do you "project runway" in new york.

Heidi: Yes.

Jimmy: You got nominated for an emmy.

Heidi: It's exciting.

Jimmy: Fun show to watch. Will you be -- will you go to the emmy awards?

Heidi: I don't want to miss something like that it's a huge nor.

Jimmy: Congratulations and good luck at the emmys and congratulations on the baby. Heidi klum, everybody. "Project runway" wednesdays at 10:00 pm on bravo. And very sexy makeup. We'll be right back.

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