Heidi Klum visits The Tonight Show 8/1 Transcript

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Heidi Klum visits The Tonight Show 8/1 Transcript

Postby admin » Thu Aug 02, 2007 3:54 am

Jay: All right. My first guest, one of our favorite victoria's cret supermodels. You know, kev, some of my closest friends are supermodels. You know, I don't like to have a favorite. But I woul o

Heidi: Kevin: I bet she is.

Jay: Of all the supermodels -- of all the supermodels that come to my anytng lth ra inated tv show "project runway." My wife's favorite, this "project runway."

Kevin: All right.

Jay: You know, can't watch any of my violent things. We have to watch this. Heidi klum.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: Cool.

Heidi: Hi, everybody.

Jay: Kind of a zebra thing going on. Very nice.

[ Cheers ]

Heidi: I don't know why I squeeze myself into these tight things. And then I never think about that I actually have to sit here.

[ Inhang ]

Jay: And exhale.

Heidi: It's working. It's working. And it's not breaking.

Jay: I must say, do you realize this is the first time you've been here in four years --

Heidi: Yeah?

Jay: -- That you're not pregnant? You've been pregnant every single -- you might be pregnant now. I don't know. But you were always --

[ Light laughter ]

Heidi: You never know. That's true. But, no, I'm not. I'm not this time. I've been here -- I was trying to think about how many times I've been here. I've probably been here maybe 14 or 15 times, so I couldn't have been pregnant every time I've been here.

[ Laughter ]

Jay: Well, but there were --

Heidi: I only have three children.

Jay: There were things happening. But anyway. But I mean the last bunch -- I would say in the last couple, each time.

Heidi: The last tee years, yeah.

Jay: Now, how old are the kids now? Give us the kids' ages.

Heidi: Leni is 3.Henry's gonna be 2. And johan is 8 months.

Jay: Okay, cool, cool. Now, I heard, 'cause you're right around the corner from me.

Heidi: Oh, I know.

Jay: Is it driving you nuts, too?

Heidi: You guys don't even know what that means, because down the street from us now.

Jay: Oh, yeah.

Heidi: And you couldn't even drive by because they were really hanging out waiting for them to leave their house. Couldn't pass the street. I mean, it's kind of a pain.

Jay: We should get a a neighborhood watch committee he's in the neighborhood. We'll just go over there and kind of have a meeting.

Heidi: 'S rough, it's rough.

Jay: Yeah. Now,ra nosotros, asi is for us, so that's good.

[ Light laughter ]

Jay: You bought a a trampoline.

Heidi: I did.

Jay: Sometimes we see your

Heidi: Why, do you see me?

Jay: And I'll go, "is that?" I see a head going up and down the -- why did you buy a trampoline? The kids are how old?

Heidi: I was sitting ithe airplane and, you know, because leni is 3 and, you know, she's so -- she wants to learn so many things. Enzando, asi ella play tennis. Or she learned how to swim. And I'm sitting in the airplane, and I'm looking at "skymall," and I'm ordering

Heidi: "Skymall" the magane. I was bored, and I'm like, "oh, that looks interesting." I bought the happy face for the tree that you can nail on the suit -- have you ever seen the suit where this girl -- it like a onesie for grownups. You know, it's the big old zipper, and you stick it. And you know, she looks so comfortable when she sits there. And I'm like, "maybe I should but no. It's not too sexy.

Jay: You know something? I said to myself --Heidi: You know that one? Did you want to order that? But I said, "what moron would buy stuff out of an airplane?"

[ Laughter ]

Heidi: Me.

Jay: I don't mean you're a a moron. I just, like, why woul1 o

Heidi: No, it's awesome. It's the best thing I've ever bought. But, you know, the picture, you can't really, you know, and the a va a ser.

Jay: Yeah.

Heidi: And we're away, and someone puts it up f us. And I come home, and I'm like, "what the hell is this in my it's the best thing I've ever bought. It's huge, and it has this net around so that they can't bounce off and, you know, you know, it's very safe and has the steps and stuff. We go on there all the time.

Jay: Just makes me laugh that you're on a --

[ Laughter ]

Heidi: That's kind of how it was. My garden looks crazy.

Jay: Yeah?

Heidi: Yeah. You can't really see the grass anymore. Every time my husband comes home, he's like, "what else did you change?" It's morphing into a whole disneyland park.

Jay: Now, the trampoline is -- the kid's too young for the trampoline, unless you're going to dribble them, right? Both can do it already.

Jay: Really?

Heidi: Yeah.

Jay: Do they swim yet?

Heidi: She did four swimming lesso1 already.

Jay: She's swimming already?

Heidi: Yeah. She can't make it a the way across. You know, I have to help her in

[ Inhales ] -- And then she goes under again. But for four times, and she's just, you know, she just turned 3.

Jay: And henry's swimming too?

Heidi: Sort of,eah.

Jay: He's only 2.

Heidi: He goes under, and the he has, you know, super curly hair. And when he goes under and it's wet, it's all, like, long. And he comes out with the curly hair. Water? They're not frightened by it?

Heidi: No, no, I've always put them in the water.

Jay: Yeah, okay.

Heidi: I wouldn't throw johan in. Or you know how some people say you put your infant in and then they will just swim?

Jay: Well, my parents did that.

Jay: Well, my parents put me in a bag and then threw me in the river.

[ Laughter ]

Heidi: What?

Jay: My parents put me in a a bag and then threw me in the river. That's how I learned to swim.

Heidi: Baloney.

Jay: I had to cut my way out of the bag. I don cree eso.

Jay: Now, I heard you had a a flower named after you. What kind of flower?

Heidi: I did, a beautiful rose.

Jay: A rose.

Heidi: Yeah said, "well, we would love to, you know, make a flower for you, in your name."

Jay: Who called you, the garden?

[ Laughter ]

Heidi: No, it's like a special company that actually makes, you know, makes the roses. They breed them for one year, nt yadda, yadda.

Jay: Really? How many months you want it to bloom. The who year did color of pink.

Jay: And what did you tell them you wanted?

Heidi: I wanted super smelly.

Jay: Super smelly roses.

[ Laughter ]

Heidi: Yeah, I wanted, like, super smelly.

Jay: Is that really the word, smelly? Wouldn't fragrant --

Heidi: It smells amazing.

Heidi: It's not smelly.

Heidi: No, it's smelly in a good smelly way.

[ Laughter ] It's good. My parents havet all over the garden. Do you have them in yours?

Heidi: I would love to have it in my garden, but as you know, you cannot bring any plants or food into the country. Occasional candy in, but that doesn't really count.

Jay: Okay.So your rose is not legal here? So you can't even have it.

Heidi: No, I canow some smugglers. Let's talk about that on tv.

[ Laughter ] I would love to. I would love to have my whole

Jay: Look, we'll take a a break. More with heidi right after this.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>Heidi: Why did famed comedian richard jeni abruptly end his own life? Exclusive!

Heidi: He was my best friend.

Heidi: His girlfriend reveals his final moments.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: Welcome back. Super mom.

Heidi: Thank you.

Jay: Heidi klum. That's right, you'd be a super mom.

Heidi: Thanks.

Jay: Now, I'm gonna ask you something. I see -- I saw this on the internet. You posed nude for some magazine. What magazine was that?

Heidi: I did?

Jay: Did you?

Heidi: No. Do we have it ther there it is, right there.

Heidi: What do you mean "nude"? I'm in a bathing suit.

Jay: Okay. Well, is that technically a a bathing suit, or is that,

[ Laughter ]

Heidi: Well, it is small, but, you ow --

Jay: So you weren't nude in the magazine?

>&gtEll --

Jay: What about this picture?

Heidi: Maybe a little bit in the inside, tiny little bit, maybe.

[ Laughter ] But then I'm wearing a pillow.

Jay: Oh, the pillow. Okay.

[ Laughter ]

Heidi: I'm wearing a pillow. I'm wearing shoes. And I might have an earring on somewhere there.

Jay: Would you wear that the next time you come here? I would --

[ Laughter ]

Heidi: This one?

Heidi: Ja[ Light laughter ]

Heidi: I can go and change for the --

Jay: Yeah, that would be great.

[ Cheers a applause ]

Heidi: Hey, on "project rutuendo entero out of a pillow.

Jay: Mm-hmm.

Heidi: So it counts.

Jay: And I have to ask you about something else. I know you -- you're selling some new bra or something. Now, whats this?

Heidi: Well, victoria's secret always comes out with a new bra. I've been here probably 15 times, every time telling you about bras.

Jay: Right, right.

[ Light laughter ] And I'm an expert.

Heidi: Because, you know, they always come up with the new every time there's a new phone, my husband, one day it's this cf1 o one, the next week it's that one --this one and that one. See, and you don't know anything about this.

Jay: I know. To me -- I like bras when they're over the chair. I go, "oh, that's nice."

[ Laughter ]

Heidi: Now, this one -- this one ifrom the "body by victoria" line, and full coverage and uplift at the same time.

Heidi: Jue.

Heidi: You don't want that?

[ Laughter ] Well, I mean, you know, you have a variety in the store. So you can go sexy, super sexy and super duper uber sexy. But this one is more like the day-to-day kind of bra.

Jay: Oh, day-to-day bra. That's what I want, a working bra.


[ Laughter ] Infinity! You know those pools -- you don't know where the pool ends and when the sky starts?

Jay: Right.

Heidi: That's kind of like, you it's like --

[ Whistles ]

Jay: You know something -- guys know. Yeah.

[ Laughter ]

&gtIt's high-tech.

Jay: Now, is -- is it -- guy, or is it one of those --

[ Laughter ]

Heidi: Totally.

Jay: Or is it one of these things -- "damn it, I" -- iess.

Jay: How many clasps? Easy access?

Heidi: Easy access.

Heidi: Y: Is it clasps --

Heidi: You could do it in the dark.

Heidi: F1 with t fingers.

Jay: Really?

Heidi: Yeah.

Jay: All right, now it's getting interesting.

Heidi: Yeah, see?

[ Laughter ] And franz? I don't know. I didn't know if your --

Heidi: You know about my hans and franz?

Jay: You know cf1 o about hans and franz?

Jay: If my wife knows how I know, I'm in troue.

Heidi: I've been living with hans and franz for so many years, and no one ever knew about them. Hans and franz apart from the people I work with. And now someone spilled the & beans.

Jay: Explain who hans and

Jay: So this would be franz?

Heidi: This is hans and this is franz.

[ Laughter ]

Jay: And how ds that happen? I mean, why give them guy nas? That would be a turn-off.

[ In a deep voice ] "Hey, this is hans."? "Okay, thank you."

[ Light laughter ]

Heidi: I like boys. I like boys.

Jay: Yeah.

Heidi: But I like boys.

Heidi: Y: Right.

Heidi: So this is hans and this is franz.

Jay: But why ne them? Why --

Heidi: I dpy por todos estos a?os, usted . Know, I've been doing lingerie or, you know, been rolling around on the beach. And it's always -- hans is always the naughty one who peek out and do a little peek-a-boo, and --

[ Light laughter ] I don't know. It just kind of was always like, "hey, put hans back in is being a little naughty." I don't know. It's been just --

[ Light laughter ]

Jay: You know, you and I --

Jay: You and I have the same fantasy. It's amazing.

[ Laughter ] That's exactly what I was thinking. Wow.

Heidi: I don't know why. Anything about this. And the other day, I was doing this interview.& And the otographer, actually the photographer who took those ptures of me, re beans. I told him. I'm like, "what are you doing? About my hans and franz?"

Jay: Ion't keep my eye out for the new bra 'cause that . Sounds creepy. But I'm sure it will be very successful.

[ Light laughter ]

>>'Ll send you on.

Jay: Thank you -- oh, do send me one! Yeah. Cf1 o send it to my wife.

[ Cheers and applause ] Thanks. Be rightack with anderson cooper

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