Heidi Klum visits Jimmy Kimmel Live transcript 2/27

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Heidi Klum visits Jimmy Kimmel Live transcript 2/27

Postby admin » Thu Feb 28, 2008 3:57 am

Our first guest is a world renowned supermodel, super producer, super hostess, super hointendent, i think. She wraps up her fourth season of the design reality show

runway" next wednesday night on bravo. Please say hello to heidi kluM.

[ Cheers and applause ]I ther

>> You ok smashing, as alwayS.

>> You do toO. Uber kimmeL.

>> Well, thank you very mucH. I saw you were at the oscars.

>> Yeah. We wenT. It was fantastic.

>> You and your husband seal, for those who don't know. Your husband is seal.

>&gtHegestpewe ally

>&gtEah.> Yn fore o, nereldenandthmm. Eo e es absolutely. It's such a historical thing.

>> YeaH.E. Sc fod s I ene yoa, well, explain what happened right herE.

>> What happened?

>> Who are you looking forward oseeing -- forward to seeg tonight at the oscars?

>> NobodY.>&gtNo keo li i

>> You can lie sometimes. So does seal not like you being excited to see other people? N't ow. Exite te anodle. One person I was dreaming about to see. The person i dream about is right next to mE. Not right now! I'm talking about my husband.

>> Oh, not know? You may have dreams about me, but they will be of a different sort. Like I'll be chasing you with a hammer or somethinG. It won't be the good kind of dream you have about seaL. So you went to the oscars, did you sit through the whole thing or did you leave halfway through?

>> It was hard because my head hurted before i left the housE.

>> Why?

>> Because i had a big bee hive hairdo which I wanted to have. I wanted a nice do for the oscars, but there were so many needles in there, it was like acupuncture for nine hourS. I was dying, I ripped it apart in the car.

>> That's why seal is smart. He shaves his head, that's that.

>> Is that his name, seal? Do you call him seal?

>> Yeah. T knifhisra set.

No,ll hse one of his many names.

>> Was he excited to see

>> I don't know we didn't talk about it. Baby, who are excited to see

e t he yow,getting dressed uP. I picked a beautiful dress and i told him to wait at the bottom of the stairS. I said, are you ready? I came down like cinderella. It felt like going to the prom stufF.

>> Like an entrance on the reality shoW. Is anybody ready?

>> I never had a proM.

>> You had no prom?

>> We didn't have promS. It felt like that, the guy waits down there and the girl gets ready and they waltz down the stairs. That was me.

>> I never went to the prom either, but we have promS.

>> Why didn't you go? Because you couldn't --

>> You figure it out.

>> You couldn't get a date?

>> Exactly, yeah. Yeah. What are you going to do? So anyway, but, hey, atyo sexiest model in the world.

[ Cheers and applause ] By models.Com.

>> I love thaT. I mean, it's a huge honor, you kn when i feel not so good looking in the morning, I say you're the est woman in the world.Espehe as

wha looks like a beauty mark on you.

>> But it's not.

>> You have an imperfection that's shocking to me.

>> ManY. I was in germany for five weeks and I ate too much chocolate that's what happenS.

>> Isn't that an old wive's tale? Does that -- chocolate gives you zits?

>> I don't usually eat chocolate, but when I'm in germany i can't stoP.

>> It is that good over there?

>> YeaH.

>> Is it better t>>

Has purpose -- it has a purple cow on iT. It's got hazelnuts in iT.

>> Ougood.

>> I should have brought you some.

>> I don't eat iT.3

>> It's huge, l. B before A.

>> A big old mocha?

>> Yeah.

>> Nice. Now, okay, so you get ed

modln wor what does your husband say when he finds out? Congratulations?

>> I should say -- i should ask hiM.

>> Does he not say anything? I feel like he's ignoring you.

>> I would say, you never acknowledge mid world's sexiesT. You drive your kids to the school, you do the normal things that a mom does.

>> We both dO. If we both don't have to work, we go to school in the morning. Only laney our daughter goes to school. Or I do it by myselF. Or vice versA.

>> Do you go to pta meetings?

>> Yeah, we have to go to meetings, of ll>&gtHa ydO.

>> You do?

> You don't?

>> I don't know. Nanny handles the meetings she doesn't speak much english, but she --

>> You're not very good.

>> No, i'm just kiddinG. Of course I go to all that stufF. My kids are in and out of detention all the time.

[ Laughter ] But you have a -- you sell -- you have your own product lineS. Ave your own fragrance. What -- name some of the things that you have.

>> I love being creative. My head is thiinG. All my hobbies kind of went a little bit into my businesses. I started making jeans with jordachE. I did a little collection. I just worked on a product, you know, like face cream called in an instant over a year and half, age defying. Asn'going to get injected, not that I have something when other people do that, but it's not for me.

>> NO.

>> I still wanted to do something, so I ft ye aal jeweY. I hve designed jewelry for the last four years. Qvc and my websitE.

>> It's in the skymall catalog.

>> It iS. Do you shop there?

>> I don't shop there, but I always read through it. What i'll dis I'll tear out things i might want to buy and put it in the pocket and then throw it out.

>> I get it all. I've got so many things.

>> How do you order it though? Do you call on the phone? Well, there's no phone.

>> I take the magazine and i give it to my assistant.

>> I can't imagine you buying things from the skymalL. Inu t like you have to change on the ceiling when thebuo ght. It comes with like great colors or the peeler that takes the garlic peel their takes it all off.

>> That thing does work. I have that thing, yeah.

>> I got a trampoline for the childreN.

>> Now, the trampoline, you said, hey, would you lto in te nigh

>> YeaH.The trampoline and the chocolate.

>> When e come back, we'll nstrate you jumpn a trampolinE.

>> With you.

>> Well, yeaH. Heidi klum is bacK. Watch the finale of "project runway" next week on bravo. We'll be right bacK. On set.Great.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Hello t coming up, jim cramer and bullet for my valentine. More with heidi kluM. Di gio a

c it's great idea for a television show. To put people on trampolines, right?

>> Yeah, yoknwas inngyou on ruI'avthem

challenge. They have to sew an outfit while jumptrlie g one ralin

>> That's a good idea. Look at this it's like magiC.

>> Take my jacket off.

>> You have to take the shoe officE.

>> I will take the shoes off. You're not going to take your sh off?

>> Of course i wilL. And sockS.

>> You have -- no, you don't have to take yo socks off.

>> I want to see your feet.

>> All right.

[ Laughter ]

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> That's one of them.

>> That's not so bad.

>> Not bad?

>> That's not so bad --

>> By the way, I have something embarrassing. Ben affleck paint mid toenails the other day and there's still some of it on there.

[ Laughter ] WoW. WoW. What if I were to lay on the ground while you do this?

[ Laughter ]

>> I don't want to injure you at alL. So this is how you and seal spend your free time?

>> No, we actually -- we have like a really big fence around it. So that the kids don't kind of pop ouT.

>> Oh, we should have got that here. So tell me about the finale of "project runway".

[ Laughter ]

>> The any -- finale is next wreak.

>> I hear you have interesting -- well that's wonderful. You're amazinG.

>> We'll take a break right now. We'll be right back with jim cramer. HeidI klum, everybodY.

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