Who's baby daddy?

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Postby gilly » Mon Jun 25, 2001 7:54 am

Sorry...I'm not very informed about Laetitia's private life.
Please tell me who is the father of the baby and is she married to him or engaged?
P.S. She's really a darling person. (i guess)

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laura l
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Postby laura l » Wed May 01, 2002 3:28 pm

She never ever ever talks about her private life, her man's not famous and I don't think they're married....but I think this board should be closed, she's not a model anymore, now she has a very successful carreer as an actress but only in France so except French members this board musn't be very interesting for the others
....do you call sweet a woman who named her daughter 'Sateen'? if I were her daughter I'd hate her forever just for that.

PS: her boyfriend is English, I remember when she became our National Marianne there was some rumour about her settling down in London with her English boyfriend to avoid paying heavy taxes.......big issue...this was at the time we still didn't have more serious problems to deal with...*sigh*...

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