SUPERMODEL Naomi Campbell has been banned

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Postby pinkGLAM » Tue Feb 20, 2001 11:44 pm

The tempestuous beauty was given her marching orders from membership-only shop Voyage in London's fashionable Brompton Road.

The catwalk queen, who has a reputation for throwing tantrums, reportedly lost her temper at staff she accused of not recognising her.

She had arrived at the shop in London's upmarket Brompton Road, rang the doorbell but no-one let her in.

When she finally did get into the designer clothes shop - which boasts an A-list membership including Madonna, MIck Jagger and Nicole Kidman - she complained she should not have been made to wait.

Rocky Mazzilli, whose parents Tiziano and Louise own the store, said all his customers were expected to show a degree of respect to the staff, no matter who they were.

“She was saying that we should recognise her and let her in directly. She was making such a big, big fuss,â€￾ he said.

“At first we apologised and tried to smooth things over but she just wanted to pick an argument. My sister Tatum was serving a customer and she could hear this commotion.

“Naomi was saying that we should have let her in straight away because of who she is. My sister asked her to leave and then we rang her model agency and said her membership was being revoked.

“Here at Voyage we believe that no matter who you are, whether you are a supermodel or a waitress, you should have a minimum amount of respect for other people,â€￾ Mr Mazzilli said.

He added that Campbell would no longer will be welcome at their store.

A spokesman for Campbell refused to comment.

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