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Two updates Thursday on the Niki Taylor front.

Doctors at Atlanta's Grady Memorial Hospital called an afternoon press conference to say the 26-year-old supermodel remains in critical condition following a near-fatal car crash, but she is showing signs of improvement.

Taylor has been taken off an artificial respirator and is able to speak with her family, who have remained by her bedside for the past three weeks, as well as doctors.

'She's clearly not out of danger but her spirits are good,' said Dr. Jeffery Nicholas. 'She has had conversations with family and overall we're very pleased with her progress.'

The Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue staple was admitted to the hospital last month with severe internal injuries after the accident, which occurred when the driver looked down to answer his cell phone and slammed into a utility pole.

Nicholas says he expects the model to remain hospitalized under round-the-clock security for at least a few more weeks.

Meanwhile, in another press conference Thursday, Atlanta police announced they arrested a 30-year-old man for trying to scam the model and her management.

The man, William Siegelin, was charged with theft by deception and obstruction of a law enforcement officer for cooking up a scheme to sell non-existent photographs of the supermodel in her hospital room.

Taylor's management forked over $8,000 to Siegelin last week in exchange for a disposable camera that supposedly had the photos. However, according to the Atlanta Police Department Major Fraud Squad, the camera didn't contain any images.

Sieglin allegedly told Taylor's managers he required the payment to prevent the pictures from being published in a supermarket tabloid. However, police believe no photographs were taken of the accident or the model's hospital room and Siegler was just trying to scam Taylor's representatives.

Says Major John Mathis of the Atlanta police, 'This guy's basically a major flimflam artist.'

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