Lenny Kravitz' Girl Goes Wild On The Cat Walk

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Postby BrazilianMamiNYC » Thu Jul 18, 2002 10:26 pm

Brazilian model, Adriana Lima,girlfriend of singer Lenny Kravitz,was the main attraction of "Forum" fashion show,at the Sao Paulo Fashion Week, in Brazil. She opened and closed the show with style.

Wearing a crown with feathers,Adriana was the first one to step on the cat walk,where she was joined by a couple members of samba school Viradouro.She standed there, like a godness,while the other models walked by.

Stylist Tufi Duek,the last one to get in the cat walk,took Adriana's hand and going back to the backstage, both of them gave another show,dancing samba to the audience, that went wild.

Before the show,the model told friends about her plans to live in the Bahamas. "It was the place where I did my first work as a model and people there are really like us, Brazilians.Also the weather.It's a country really similar to Brazil and it's really calm.I love it."



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Postby beautiful_stranger » Fri Aug 02, 2002 12:20 am

She looked beautiful during the show. Lenny has a house in the Bahama's already. His grandparents on his Mother's side are from there.

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