Condé Nast's Wrong Move

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Postby laura l » Sun Aug 04, 2002 9:48 am

It's the "dog days of summer" once again, so here we go...

The E Palomino site, one of the very good info sources on Brazilian model happenings, along with Morango and Chic, complains that the voguey contingent at did a "superficial" coverage of the SP Fashion week (and they completely missed Fashion Rio, I may add).
Well, welcome to NYC fashion journalism - if you want to get the same attention Mr Posen and the like get, you better buy some serious ad space in high fashion mags!!!
Do you expect the "trendsetting" NYC editrixes to bother with non-advertisers, who don't even have a new movie coming up?

btw if Marcelle Bittar was the "new beauty ideal" in modeling, as Paul Rowland and others told the Brazilians last season, why did the hipster top of the pops just downgraded her status?
So much for ideals, they won't last more than a season nowdays. At least Mayana Moura is back.

Meanwhile, the piece gives us a peek into the NYC crowd's appreciation of the Brazilian fashion/model scene - we learn interesting factoids, such as:

a. Brasil is the land of Gisele
b. Swimwear is not serious fashion (but NYC casual wear catalogues and cheap cosmetics are)
c. Every eight year old in Brazil practices Gisele's "horsewalk" - amazingly enough, no other model seems to copy her style. Maybe it's patended by Conde Nast
d. One road to modeling sucess in Brazil is having a tattoo on your lower back - like Mari Weickert does
(who is she? Is she on the NYC hipster popularity charts?) Apparently, this is too wild for proper NYC models, and won't guarantee success there.
e. US Vogue finally discovers Adriana Lima (UK Vogue had no idea who she was) - and they even mention the 4 mil Victoria's Secret contract (whoa! - and she is not even officialy hip in NYC) and the Lenny K connection.
Why she got more "wolf whistles" than Gisele in SP shows was not explained - since this is allegedly another success indicator for Brazilian models.
Thank god NYC is such a wonderful model capital, no way tattooing and whistling will ever be allowed there.

More revelations are sure to follow - imagine what will happen if voguey journalists decide to travel to Eastern Europe.

from FV's New Model site:


To me Style, vogue UK and the whole of CN group are very patronizing, they think they decide for what's good or trendy.....they need to chill out!....without Brazilian models the industry would have continued with waiffy skelletons and no one would've been interested.....women look up to Gisele, Caroline, Adriana, Ana, Michelle and the likes ....and not to Jaquetta Wheeler nor any other pale shapeless coat stand!

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