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Postby Yiska » Mon May 09, 2005 9:58 pm

<span style='color:gray'>I was inspired by Kathy on Robert Robert Schuller's Hour of Pour.



Kathy has abandoned past provocative work for more inspirational work and modesty. She shows us that you can be extremily beautiful without exploiting yourself. Class and elegance are something that have been too soon forgotten. It is something I used to really admire about Lancome makeup advertising for years. I am not pleased with their present sexual exploitation in advertising.

True beauty is receiving the love God has for you, loving Him in return and sharing love with others. Think of beauty in nature that never fades, like a waterfall or baby animals. Flowers are beautiful, do we need to put a G string on flowers to make them more pretty? I speak as a fool of course!

Women are naturally beautiful! Most of you ladies out there, you are so lovely. Wearing revealing clothing doesn't make you more attractive. We need to develop our inner beauty, when we do this our countanance will shine. When you have an inner beauty it will make stress lines fade and your face lift naturally with joy. When people see your healthy glow and kind heart they will start asking you about your beauty secrets.</span>

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