Rebecca Romijn-Stamos On Tonight Show

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Postby admin » Wed Feb 06, 2002 3:31 am

>> Jay: That's a pretty good show. That's exciting, too. My first guest, popular, talented actress, her new movie 'rollerball' opens everywhere this friday. Please welcome rebecca romijn-stamos, ladies and gentlemen.

[ Cheers and applause ] how are you, darling? Have a seat. You look lovely, you look fetching, you look wild.

>> Fetching, thank you.

>> Jay: I like those pants, those are great.

>> Do you want to borrow them?

>> Jay: Yeah.

>> It's leather pants day backstage. Everyone's wearing leather pants.

>> Jay: Are those leather? It looks like -- that is leather. Yeah.

>> Yes, indeed.

>> Jay: That's the real thing. They're lovely. They suit you.

>> I'm not faking it.

>> Jay: No faking at all. It's good to see you again.

>> Thanks. Thanks for having me back again.

>> Jay: We like having you back. What did i read about you? You were -- you did a movie with al pacino. You're a big star, but that's like megastar stuff.

>> I got this amazing opportunity to work with the great al pacino, for a movie called 'simone,' that has yet to be released. It was a cameo role, just a couple scenes with al, but it's al.

>> Jay: It's al.

>> So, you do it.

>> Jay: Yeah.

>> The problem is, i had a bad cold that day, and we're rehearsing this scene where I'm sort oststraddling him trying to take his clothes -- struggling to take his clothes off, rehearsing this scene, and I snotted on his face. Snot on his face.

[ Laughter ]

>> jay: I know what it is. I just -- I was back on straddling.

>> It's the most embarrassing.

>> Jay: I --

>> it's the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to me in my entire life.

>> Jay: You're doing this love scene with al and --

>> no, i didn't try. It just accidentally happened. I'm calling for kleenex and I'm mortified. Then we have a lunch break and I went and i called my mother, i'm like, 'I snotted on al pacino, mom.' Forget 'scarface,' it's all about 'snotface.'

[ Laughter ]

>> jay: What did he do?

>> He was great. I came back. We -- I said, 'i blew my nose, I think it's going to be okay.' He was very, very -- 'I loved it.'

>> Jay: Really? He's kinky is what you're saying. Wo

>> somebody said, you know, 'god, that's so embarrassing. That's like when you're talking to someone and you accidentally spit on them.'

>> Jay: Yes, yes, I know how that works.

>> Except for -- i'm like, 'no, you don't understand. It wasn't spit, it was snot. And it wasn't just someone, it was al pacino.'

>> Jay: So far you said snot 11 times. You seem to have gotten over it.

>> Not really.

>> Jay: That is embarrassing.

>> It was really embarrassing.

>> Jay: Were you at the super bowl in new orleans?

>> Yes. I just got back from new orleans. It was amazing. It's been a crazy week. We were doing all this promotional work for 'rollerball.' And between all the parties and all the activities that we did to promote the movie, the last thing we were supposed to do is go to the super bowl. I was so exhausted at that point, i'm not a big -- I'm not a big football aficionado, unfortunately.

>> Jay: Wait a minute, so you go to the super bowl. Are you telling me you didn't go to the game?

>> No, no, we went to the game. John was with me. And he's not really -- what does a football look like? Is it the one that goes like this? I don't -- i'm sorry. It was wasted on us. John just wanted to sell --

>> jay: You're ruining a lot of men's fantasies.

>> I know.

>> Jay: The snot thing didn't do you any good. You're not a fan?

>> It was great.

>> I love you, rebecca.

>> I love you, too, man.

>> Jay: That was tom brady. So you didn't -- you went to the game?

>> I went to the game, yes, and I had ll cool j and chris klein, who just didn't have any patience for me at all. And then john, meanwhile, just wanted to scalp his tickets for bead money the whole time.

>> Jay: Oh, bead money. Did you --

>> bead, boobs.

>> Jay: In new orleans, if you give the women beads they expose their breasts.

>> Exactly.

>> Jay: Did you do that? Did you get any beads?

>> The thing is, it's all dudes down there, 'cause it's the super bowl.

>> Jay: You could have made a fortune.

>> Oh, i could have made a fortune?

>> Jay: Did you flash anyone? Be honest.

>> No, i'm not that type of girl, jay.

>> Jay: You just blow snot on guys.

>> Exactly, I'm that type of girl. That's the type of girl I am.

>> Jay: 'No, but i got this for you.'

>> Yeah, exactly. I'll give you something.

[ Laughter ]

>> jay: Let's take a break. More with rebecca right after this. I don't want to hear snot when we come back again.

[ Applause ] sgç

[ cheers and applause ]

>> jay: Welcome back. Talking with rebecca romijn-stamos. All right. So you're in this hotel in new orleans. Now, like a lot of famous people there?

>> Well, everybody was wnwn there.

>> Jay: Okay. Everybody was there.

>> Everybody's down there.

>> Jay: So who did you see?

>> Well, i heard that 'n sync was staying at our hotel.

>> Jay: Okay.

>> And now --

[ scattered cheers ]

>> exactly. So i was excited. There's a courtyard and all of our rooms are facing each other. And it takes me like just one evening to realize that 'n sync is staying right across thcourtyard from my room.

>> Jay: Okay.

>> So I start -- i'm a total peeping tom. I mean, I'm just -- who isn't, right? Right?

>> Jay: Yeah.

>> So I start watching. And I'm watching them all kind of run from room to room. And I see justin taking his shirt off and like checking himself out in the mirror and he's --

[ laughter ] -- and i'm, like, 'oh, my god, this is unbelievab.' And shirt off, you know there he is changing clothes. And then next night, again, justin. Every night, i'm watching justin timberlake change his clothes. Finally, like day four, I run into joey fatone in the bar and I'm telling him this whole story.

>> Jay: Right.

>> He says, 'justin's not here.'

[ Laughter ] turns out it was like a 15-year-old girl with short hair.

[ Laughter ]

>> jay: You couldn't have been too impressed when he took off his clothes.

>> I was just so excited that i was looking at justin. And I was wrong.

>> Jay: It was a 15-year-old -- you know, this is why police don't really rely on eyewitness testimony.

[ Laughter ]

>> yeah, people like me. Exactly. I know. I'm terrible.

>> Jay: It was justin timberlake. Oh, maybe it was britney you saw.

>> Maybe, could have been.

>> Jay: That's bizarre.

>> Yeah, my eyesight's not good.

>> Jay: All right, all right. Anyoyou're on the cover of 'marie claire'?

>> 'Marie claire,' yes. Yes, to help promote 'rollerball.'

>> Jay: Okay. Now, tell us about 'rollerball.' Now, this looks like kind of a cool movie.

>> It's crazy. It's really, really fast-paced. It's very visual, very highly stylized. It's a remake of the famous 1975 sci-fi movie starring james kahn, but it's a very different movie.

>> Jay: Well, what is the theme? It's like -- it's like roller derby.

>> It's a game -- it's a violent game where they realize the more bloodshed there is on the track, the more money they're gonna make. So they start, you know, rigging the games so people are dying, and it's kind of creepy. The original one took place like hundreds of years in the future. And this one actually takes place just five minutes in the future because, i mean, we're kind of, you know --

>> jay: But it's on motorcycles. It's like polo?

>> Well, i play a motorcycle rider and chris klein is a skater. And most of them are skaters. And ll cool J. Is also a motorcycle rider. Yeah, you have to make two revolutions around the track and then you try to make a goal with the ball. I actually don't really know what the rules are. I'm making this up as i go along. I'm a girl.

>> Jay: Okay, let's see.

>> I had to learn how to ride a motorcycle which is crazy, because I had to do it in high heels. You know what that's like.

>> Jay: Riding in high heels is a bitch, believe me.

[ Laughter ] now, you have a dutch accent?

>> Yes, I played her as a dutch woman, because i'm dutch, and it's an accent that comes to me.

>> Jay: Well, it is. Okay. Well, here we go. Let's take a look.

>> What's going on?

>> Demonstration, it is the headquarters for the mines. Hang on.

[ Engine revving ]

>> where do you want me to go?

>> Get out of the car! Get out!

>> What's going on?

>> Just trust me, get out. Hurry!

>> Aurora, what's the --

>> quick. Come over here! Hurry!

[ Explosions ]

>> get in. Get in here!

>> What the hell's going on?

>> Get in here.

>> That's my car!

>> It's not your car. I'll have another for you by tomorrow. Come on.

[ Applause ]

>> jay: Ooh, there you go. Well, I'm fascinated with this hotel now. So timberlake was not -- who else did you meet? Did you meet any other stars?

>> It was not timberlake. Yeah, everybody was down there.

>> Jay: You mentioned sting before?

>> Sting. Yes, i had to -- we had to host this concert that sting was performing at, the nfl super bowl batch, which was -- this is actually kind of a sad story -- ll cool j. And I were helping to host this concert and right before the rehearsal -- i had to go rehearse -- I found out that my lovely, very old dog daisy s s put to sleep. This is as i'm walking in. I was very sad and i'm crying. And I was, you know, trying to get it together, because I knew i had to go to this rehearsal, and i walked in, and sting is rehearsing 'every breath you take i'll be watching you.' And I'm, like --

she'll be watching me and I'm crying all over the place. It's a sign. And I come in and I'm balling my head off. All of a sudden sting's like 'hey, rebecca.' And I never met him before, I'm a huge fan and i'm crying my head off. And somebody whispers, you know, something to him and lets him know. He comes and puts his arm around me. I'm like, 'my dog is dead, and I love that dog.' It was very sweet. And then two hours later, I got back to my hotel and he sent me flowers, which was very sweet. I was very, vech. And the card read, 'hope these flowers brighten your day. And if you're interested in 18-hour long sex, give me a call.'

[ Laughter ]

>> jay: Really.

>> No, just kidding.

>> Jay: Now, he sounds like a regular guy. Yeah, there you go.

[ Laughter ] that's the guy we know. I thought he was a whimp for a while.

>> But if he has any tips for my husband, please give john a call.

>> Jay: Well, congratulations. The movie is 'rollerball.' It opens -- when does it open? It opens --

>> friday.

>> Jay: -- Friday. This friday. Rebecca, thank youerery much.

>> Thank you, jay.

>> Jay: Rebecca romijn-stamos. Be right back with howie mandel right after this.

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Postby georgyporgy » Wed Feb 06, 2002 9:09 am

You got me there, Jeff. When I read it on the news section I just had to click on the read more to get the whole story. And it turned out to be just a case of mistaken identity.

I knew Justin was in NYC during superbowl week.

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Postby admin » Wed Feb 06, 2002 10:07 pm

yeah, it was a good teaser... Just like TV news :)

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