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Postby admin » Fri Feb 08, 2002 4:39 am

conan: All right everybody, we are back. My first guest is one of the most beautiful women in the world. Can be seen in the brand-new movie 'rollerball,' starting tomorrow. Let's ta a a look.

>> Get out of the car, get out!

>> What's going on?

>> Get out, hurry!

>> Aurora, what's the matter?

>> Hurry! Get in here.

>> What the hell's going on?

>> Get in here.

>> That's my car!

>> It's not your car. It belongs to popovich. He'll have another one for you tomorrow, come on.

[ Applause ]

>> conan: Please welcome rebecca romijn stamos.

[ Applause ]

>> okay -- what's going on?

[ Applause ] what's this?

>> Conan: What do you mean, what is this? It's a wedding ring, come on.

>> Where does this leave us?

>> Conan: Ha, ha, well, let me point out, you've been married to john stamos for how long?

>> Three and a half years.

>> Conan: Didn't stop you from calling me night after night after night.

>> Yeah.

>> Conan: 'Conan, please.'

>> I know. We've been having problems, you know.

>> Conan: Oh, no. I hope that's not -- he's here somewhere, right?

>> I think.

>> Conan: Oh, good, yeah. Very nice guy.

>> He's the greatest.

>> Conan: I waited as long as i could for you. But there was a man in the way and his name was -- stamos.

[ Laughter ]

>> no, seriously, congratulations.

>> Conan: Thank you very much. Thank you very much. We were looking at the movie today, watching the movie, and I noticed that they put a big scar on your face. Your character has a big scar, and I'm thinking, 'what idiot is in charge of this movie, who's like, 'i got an idea, let's get rebecca romijn stamos and let's put a big scar across her face.''

>> Well, the idea is, you know, sort of garner sympathy for the character from the audience.

>> Conan: You could just make like a pouty face now and then to get sympathy.

[ Laughter ] and hold a kitten.

>> Yeah. And you know what? I totally -- i loved the scar.

>> Conan: Did you like the scar?

>> Yeah, i thought it was really sexy. I actually think scars near men's eyes are very sexy. Isn't that weird?

>> Conan: That's gonna lead to so much trouble.

>> I know.

>> Con: : Guys are gonna see you and be like, 'wow, it's rebecca.'

[ Laughter ]

>> i'm not a masochist, I swear, but it's like, 'ooh, what happened?'

>> Conan: They say it makes a man -- i have like, it's so sad. I have a scar, an appendecmymy scar.

[ Laughter ]

>> ooh.

>> Conan: Yeah, right. Settle down, lady.

[ Laughter ] you're getting all bothered.

>> Can i see it?

>> Conan: I have one on my calf from when my mom made me take out the trash.

[ Laughter ] I was like in the sixth grade. She's like, 'take out that trash.' And someone had left a can top in there, and it went chunk, into the side of my leg. Those aren't sexy stories, are they?

>> Sexy, yeah. Turning me on.

>> Conan: Yeah.

[ Laughter ] this damn ring!

[ Laughter ] no, no, no. No, I'm very happy.

>> No.

>> Conan: I'm very happy. Now that you're here.

[ Laughter ] my scars are not -- I should come up with better stories for my scars.

>> You really should.

>> Conan: I should say like, 'this was in a knife fight and I tried to defend myself.'

>> Yes.

>> Conan: With my leg.

>> Over a lady.

>> Conan: Over a lady.

>> Yes.

>> Conan: I like any guy that calls any woman a lady.

>> Of course. It's gotta be a duel over a lady.

>> Conan: We had phil collins here once and I was chatting with him, ani said like, 'now i understand you just met a nice woman or something like that.' And he went, 'oh, my lady.' I was like, eww.

[ Laughter ]

>> it's not gross.

>> Conan: I think it's just weird when a guy's like, 'my lady.'

>> Why?

>> Conan: It just sounds creepy to me. And I fought him and i won.

[ Laughter ]

>> that's how you got the second scar.

>> Conan: Actually, right. The second one's from him. Now, you recently went -- I read this article today, I'm reading up on you, preparing, and you were doing some kind of promotion for this film and as part of the promotion you went swimming with sharks, is that right?

>> Oh, that was a dare from 'marie claire,' they dare their cover women to do these challenges. So they dared me to swim with sharks. And you want to know what i found out about sharks?

>> Conan: What?

>> They have two penises.

[ Cheers and applause ] thank you. Not one but two.

>> Conan: What do you need two for? That's kind of weird.

>> They're only two inches long, each. It's a cruel joke.

>> Conan: Well, adds up to four.

[ Laughter ] do you think when sharks are in a bar, they're like, 'i got four inches.' No, you've got two twice.

[ Laughter ] how did you -- did you actually like capture the sharks?

>> Yeah, this guy wrestled the shark up onto the boat and asked me to measure the shark and I wanted to measure his wiener.

[ Laughter ]

>> conan: That is so humiliating for the shark. First of all, it's humiliating enough to be hauled out of your environment and thrown onto the deck of a boat. And then rebecca romijn stamos comes towards you and measures your penis.

[ Laughter ] d then laughs and goes, 'two inches, ha, ha, ha.'

>> Throw him back.

>> Conan: Throw him back.

>> I know, it's so sad.

>> Conan: That's a shark that needs a lot of therapy right now. Now let me ask you about the tabloids. I know that it -- I'm always wondering, 'cause I don't, i'm not into tabloids.

>> Why do you believe all these things that you read?

>> Conan: I didn't say i believed them , I'm just wondering, there must be some element of truth to them. I read one recently where they said that you had like a lesbian dream about liv tyler. And I was thinking if there was any element of truth to that or do they just make that whole thing up.

>> The truth is, yes, I had a dream about -- this is a long time ago. I had a dream about liv tyler, it wasn't a sex dream.

>> Conan: Right.

>> But we were in love, living in a beautiful apartment in san francisco.

>> Conan: But you were in love with her?

>> It was a dream. Anything can happen in dreams.

>> Conan: So they have meaning.

>> They do?

>> Conan: Lie down. There's a couch right there. We'll talk about the shark, we'll talk about. So was the dream was just that you were in love with her?

>> Yeah and I woke up and I was like really sad 'cause this beautiful relationship didn't exist.

>> Conan: How did the tabloids ever find that out?

>> I talked about it. But it wasn't -- you know, they made it into this scandalous lesbian thing that i had going on in my head. But it was just a dream, nothing happened.

>> Conan: When john stamos see -- or as i call him 'stamos.'

[ Laughter ] when he sees articles like that does hget upset or anything?

>> Well in the article it quoted him as getting furious with me, saying, 'rebecca, lesbians? For god sakes.' You know.

>> Conan: They always tell a close pal.

>> Yeah, exactly.

>> Conan: Was mysterious and told a close pal, 'she'll get hers.' You know.

>> And any close pal of john's knows that he'd be like, 'lesbians, bring them on.'

[ Laughter ]

[ cheers ] right?

>> Conan: Would he really do it like that? 'Bring them on.'

[ Laughter ] well the movie 'rollerball' opens tomorrow. So congratulations on that. And it's great to see you again.

>> Nice to be back.

>> Conan: Thank you for being here.

>> I always enjoy my time here.

>> Conan: Rebecca romijn stamos!

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