How Rebecca and her hubby met

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Rebecca Romijn-Stamos and John Stamos
John Stamos, 38, of Full House fame, says he knew as soon as he first saw Rebecca Romijn, 29, at a New York fashion show in 1994 that he was totally enamored of the sexy supermodel. 'It was total love at first sight,' he told InStyle in February 1999, five months after the couple married in Beverly Hills. 'There was this big empty white room and she walked in. It was like a dopey, romantic movie,' Stamos said. Romijn felt the same way: 'It was like electricity.' Evidently the electricity of their love does not mix with that of household appliances, according to their wedding vows: 'His was, 'I promise I'll never, ever let you cook,' ' Romijn-Stamos said. 'And mine was, 'I promise I'll never cook.' '


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