Rebecca On The Tonight Show 11/4 Transcript

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My first guest, a popular and talented young actress. She's getting great reviews for her role as a con artist in her new movie, "femme fatale." It opens nationwide on wednesday. Please welcome rebecca romijn-stamos.

[ Cheers and applause ] You look great.

[ Cheers and applause ] You look lovely.

>> Thank you.

>> Jay: Wow. That's a real dress dress.

>> It is?

>> Jay: Yeah. That looks great.

>> It's like a negligee.

>> Jay: From here, it looks great.

[ Light laughter ] And happy birthday to you.

>> Thank you. Yeah, I'm turning 30.

>> Jay: Wow, okay. Is that a big one for you?

>> For me it is. For some reason, 30 has always been like a -- ever since I was a kid, I've always looked forward to 30. I don't know why. I guess, like, that's when you become an adult or something. I don't know.

>> Jay: Yeah, probably in L.A., It's different.

>> Anybody out there 30? What was it? Any advice on 30?

>> Jay: On 30?

>> You know, what about you when you were 30. Do you remember?

>> Jay: Oh, it was a different time, yes.

[ Laughter ] Yes, it was a whole different era back then, of course.

>> It was.

>> Jay: Well, you had the electric light, the train, flight. I mean, the whole --

[ Light laughter ] Well, did you have a big party?

>> Yeah. I am actually -- I'm a little -- I'm nursing a hangover. I had a roller skating party last night. John threw me a great roller-boogie party, xanadu theme.

>> Jay: Wow, now -- okay. Roller party, I've never been to a roller skating party.

>> Well, do you know how to roller skate?

>> Jay: I do know how to roller skate.

>> It was a roller rink. I mean, it was like kind of old school. It was very fun.

>> Jay: Now do celebrities come? Is that how it works?

>> Well, friends. I mean, I had a lot of friends there. And a couple of them were, you know, well known, yeah. I don't want to name drop.

>> Jay: Name drop, like, drop one name.

>> Nope.

>> Jay: Really? Anybody get --

>> John stamos was there.

>> Jay: John stamos.

>> How about that?

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Jay: So drinking and going around the rink. That's like an accident just waiting to happen.

>> It was. We all got busted. We all had our beer on the roller rink. We kept getting tapped on the shoulder.

>> Jay: Oh, did the guy come out and -- ?

>> Yeah, yeah, the roller stating police.

[ Light laughter ]

>> Jay: I didn't even realize there was such a thing.

>> Yes, very serious. Very, very serious.

>> Jay: Now where did you come in -- were you just in toronto?

>> I was in toronto.

[ Cheers ] Wow. Are we in toronto right now?

>> Jay: No.

[ Laughter ] Boy, that really is a hangover, isn't it?

>> Yeah, what's going on? Yeah, I'm working on -- I'm rehearsing for a movie called "godsend," with greg kinnear and de niro.

>> Jay: Oh, now, wow -- see, this is really cool, 'cause, see, I've seen you become a big-time actress. Each time you come -- like the first time you were here --

>> I know, I've been here for five or six years now, and you've been so sweet to me over the years. And now I feel like I've finally got something I'm proud of to promote.

[ Light laughter ]

>> Jay: Like the first time I think you were on the cover of "nugget," was it? It was one of those magazines.

[ Laughter ] No, but you see, and then, you know, to see you now become like a real actress. Now what's it like hanging with de niro? Have you met him?

>> Great, yeah, I mean, we've been rehearsing. It's just I don't know what to call him.

>> Jay: What do you mean?

>> Well, I mean, I was waiting to see how he'd introduce himself --

>> Jay: Oh, yeah.

>> -- Because I don't know, you know.

>> Jay: No.

>> He just said, "hi, how are you?" And I was like, now I don't know -- can I -- I mean, maybe -- can you guys help? Like what do I call him? Mr. De niro? By round of applause. Do I call him mr. De niro?

>> Jay: Is it bobby? But he doesn't look like a bobby.

>> Anybody? Do I call him robert?

[ Applause ]

>> Jay: Robert, I think, yeah, yeah.

>> Do I go, "bobby"?

>> Audience: Yeah!

[ Applause ]

>> Jay: No, he doesn't look like a bobby.

>> It seems a little familiar. It seems a little too familiar.

>> Jay: See, "bobbie" has the "I" with the heart shape over the "I" at the end, you know.

>> That's a little girly.

>> Jay: Well, yeah, exactly. Robert. Robert is what it is. Wait, we'll find out more. Be right back with rebecca romijn-stamos, right after this.

[ Cheers and applause ] Io aaeccr

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Jay: Welcome back. Talking with rebecca romijn-stamos. "Femme fatale" is the movie. Now this is kind of a sexy movie, isn't it?

>> It's very sexy. It's an erotic psychological thriller.

>> Jay: Oh.

>> Yes. Twisty.

>> Jay: Oh, oh, now you have some sexy scenes in this movie? Isn't there --

>> Yeah.

>> Jay: There's a striptease or something?

>> There is a striptease, yes.

[ Cheers and applause ] I was very nervous about the striptease.

>> Jay: Is this the first time you've done anything like this in a film?

>> Striptease? Yes, I've never stripped before. No, well, I mean, I worked with a choreographer. And there's this old cabaret, this topless review in paris called the crazy horse show that's -- it's been around since, like, the late '30s, I think. And it's actually --

>> Jay: Oh, the girls must look awful.

[ Laughter ] Ooh, I don't want to see an 80-year-old women up -- ooh. Gee, you must've knocked 'em dead when they saw you.

[ Laughter ]

>> It's actually a great show. And I saw it, like, ten times, I mean, for inspiration, you know.

>> Jay: Right.

>> For my research. I'd go there, and I'd bring, you know, house guests, anybody that was coming into town to visit, I'd go and take them to the show. And it's a really classy show. I mean, I actually -- I would have taken my mom if she had come, but she didn'T.

>> Jay: Right.

>> Hi, mom.

>> Jay: Mom's over there.

>> >> Has mom seen the movie?

>> My mom and my dad, no, they're coming to the movie tonight. And I have to cover their eyes.

>> Jay: Really?

>> Yeah, I mean, there are certain things I have to cover my eyes for, so --

>> Jay: So what did you do to get ready? How do you prepare?

>> Well, like I said, I worked with a choreographer. I rehearsed for my husband a little bit.

>> Jay: Oh, that's good.

>> Yes, that was good.

>> Jay: So nice of him to work with you. He's a great guy.

[ Light laughter ]

>> He had notes.

>> Jay: Very giving husband.

>> But I was just -- it was really -- you know, I asked them to clear the set. I was very nervous.

>> Jay: Did you do anything? Did you just like down a couple of jagermeisters or something? What do you do?

>> Tequila. Yes, no, I did. I drank a little tequila. I had to take the edge off. Well, I had like a little bottle of water on the side, with, like, a little bit of tequila in it. And I was like, "where's my special water?" Special water.

>> Jay: Oh, special water. Special water, I like that. So how many of these would you have before you could do the -- ?

>> No, I just did like -- I did one shot, but then, you know, the scene is very close with antonio. And I didn't tell him.

>> Jay: Oh, antonio banderas.

>> Yes, antonio banderas.

>> Jay: Oh, oh.

[ Audience oohs ]

>> So then afterwards, I said something -- whoo-hoo. I said something about it. I said, "could you smell my tequila?" He's like, "yes, I smelled it."

[ Laughter ] I was like, "sorry about that."

>> Jay: Yeah, well, guys hate that. But, yeah.

[ Laughter ] So was he like a customer or something when you do the striptease?

>> You'll have to see the movie to find out.

>> Jay: I'm going to see the movie.

>> You are?

>> Jay: Oh, sure, sure. Now we have a scene. What is this scene we're gonna see? Do you know?

>> I believe it's the scene where I talk about being a bad girl.

>> Jay: All right, let's take a look.

>> Are you mad at me?

>> Mad? No, you're making everybody think I've kidnapped you.

>> Haven't you?

>> That is not funny.

>> No, nicholas, you're right. It's not funny. It wasn't funny when you sold my picture to the papers, either. And then you showed up to do what? Explain? Apologize? Lie?

>> I was afraid for your life. I felt responsible for you.

>> That's so sweet, nicholas. I'm a bad girl, nicholas. Real bad. Rotten to the heart. So I went back to the states, where I got everything a bad girl ever wanted. Et voila. Enter my worst nightmare. Now it's only a matter of time before those bad people come running.

[ Applause ]

>> Jay: Ooh, cool.

>> Sort of a -- it's, you know, it's brian de palma, who's legend, you know, legendary brian de palma. And it's sort of got a noir element to it. It's very film noir, so it was really amazing to work with him, and it's visually an amazing movie.

>> Jay: Well, cool. I'm proud. This is great. See, each time you come here, you're a bigger star. And the scenes get sexier and sexier.

[ Light laughter ] So that's good. Well, congratulations. I'm really happy for you

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