Rebecca Romijn-stamos On The Tonight Show 4/29

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Postby admin » Wed Apr 30, 2003 6:25 am

>> Jay: You're in the middle of it now?

>> I'm actually right at the end of it. It's a series of like -- you change your diet, like you eat for your blood type, and you use vitamins. It's like total hollywood --

>> Jay: For your blood type?

>> Eat for your blood type.

>> Jay: But wait a second. Wait. Let's say I am o, is that pizza? What is that? How does that work?

>> No. It's actually, red meat, you're a meat eater. I'm o positive. So you can have like, you can have red wine, and meat and a lot of protein, but you can't ha avocados or cheese or, I don't know, all sorts of stuff.

>> Jay: Oh, good. I wasn't going to have an avocado and cheese sandwich anyway.

>> I live on avocados.

>> Jay: Yeah? But you're O. You're not supposed to have that.

>> No, no, no.

>> Jay: Oh, you can have that.

>> No, but I'm not eating avocados anymore.

>> Jay: This is confusing.

>> It's very confusing. It takes a lot of concentrating.

>> Jay: Now, where's john? He usually comes with you. Your husband is always by your side. Where's he today, what happened?

>> He's also doing the cleanse. And part of the cleanse, he's going to kill me. He's totally going to kill me.

>> Jay: What is he doing?

>> Part of the cleanse is a whole serious of colonics.

>> Jay: Colonics.

[ Audience ohs ]

>> So, as we speak -- I can't believe I'm saying this on tv.

>> Jay: As we're speaking now, he has a hose.

>> He has a hose in his butt.

[ Laughter ] Hi, john. How's it feel? Everything coming out okay?

[ Laughter and applause ]

>> Jay: Does the gardener do it? How does this work?

>> No, it's a doctor.

>> Jay: Oh, you go to the doctor.

>> Yeah, dr. Wagner. It's great.

>> Jay: Dr. Wagner. That sounds like a beverly hills doctor.

Dr. Wagner.

>> He's actually, like, he's lost weight. Tracy, one of the producers --

>> Jay: We should go over there.

>> We should. We should go right now. Tracy, one of your producers is gonna do it.

>> Jay: Turn up the water pressure.

[ Laughter ] So how many of these does he have to get?

>> Like, eleventy seven? I don't know, there's a whole bunch of them.

>> Jay: Yeah, all right. Is this the first time he's done this?

>> Yes, today's his first day.

>> Jay: Oh, today's the first day.

>> Yeah. Poor johnny.

>> Jay: Okay. I guess that's good. How long, does it take a long --?

>> It's like a month. It's like a month-long thing. You know, he's going to kill me.

>> Jay: See, these are the things I read about in the tabloids. 'Cause you guys, you're in there a lot.

>> We are?

>> Jay: You're in the tabloids all the time.

>> I don't know, I avoid it. It's all lies.

>> Jay: Is it all lies?

>> It's absurd.

>> Jay: Well, it's not bad. What was the one I read recently? Oh, some photo shoot. You were attacked by pigeons in london and knocked over a camera.

>> First of all -- I know, it's bizarre. They said a flock of pigeons attacked me and I knocked like thousands of dollars worth of camera equipment to the street down below and then I paid for -- I mean, like, I wasn't even in london. Like, they just make stuff up.

>> Jay: Yeah, we, I've heard that happens.

>> Right?

>> Jay: Yeah.

>> You had one about -- what'd you have one about?

>> Jay: No. Mine was, like, two years ago, there was a water shortage and the tabloid said I bought 1,500 bottles of perrier and was opening each bottle to wash my cars. You know, like -- then I got letters, "dear mr. Leno, people are starving and you're wasting water!"

>> In france.

>> Jay: Yeah. French water's about the only -- I wouldn't drink french water, let alone wash my car with it, but that's another story. That's another story. Don't get me started!

>> Ah!

[ Chrs and applause ]

>> Jay: Don't get me started on the french. Now, how about reality tv? Are you one of these people, do you get hooked on this?

>> No. I don't go so into it. You know what I'm really into? I'm really into decorating shows. I don't know what it is about decorating shows. Right?

[ Applause ]

>> Jay: Yeah. My wife watches these. I can't watch them.

>> Especially "trading spaces." Who loves "trading spaces"?

[ Cheers ] Because the thing about "trading spaces" -- and I love it. I mean, first of all, there's the whole decorating aspect. You watch the people. And there's always on "tra spa" -- this is what I call it.

>> Jay: "Tra spa." While you have the hose in, "tra spa."

>> I watch it so much I have to shorten it. They always have, like the husband and the wife on there. And like, the husband's always like --

[ In southern accent ] "I don't care what you do, long as you don't touch my ceiling fan." And no matter what, first thing that comes down -- r? Firsthing that com down is the ceiling fan.

>> Jay: And apparently, they only do shows in appalachia.

>> They're all corn-fed hicks, no matter what.

>> Jay: But they all seem to be -- I don't get it. My wife is hooked on this.

>> It's magic. I don't understand it.

>> Jay: Just paint the room and walk away, I mean. And then, "let's try it over there." Shut up. Just put it down.

>> But, the best is when you watch the show and they really hate the outcome. And it's like, well, don't you watch the show? Don't you see that hilde paints walls black and glues hay on the walls? You guys know what I'm talking about, right?

>> Jay: Glues hay on the walls?

>> You don't watch the show, so you wouldn't know. You're not part of the club like we are.

[ Laughter ]

>> Jay: Does john watch it?

>> I've made him watch it. He's not that to it. It's not as much of a guy thing, I guess.

>> Jay: What's john's favorite show? Does he have a favorite?

>> You know what? You what john got hooked on -- it's so funny. He got hooked on "elimidate."

>> Jay: "Elimidate."

>> It's that cheesy, cheesy, cheesy dating show, where like one person gets on a date with four people and theyave to elimidate o between each commercial segment. He actually tivoed "elimidate." And it's so embarrassing because we had like everybody over for to watch the oscars. And like right before, like, the best picture gets announced, tivo comes on and announces, we're about to change the channel to start recordinglimidate." So now, like, all our friends know that john watches "elimidate." It's a little embarrassing.

>> Jay: Yeah, I just took him for such a "masterpiece theater" guy.

>> Hey, don't take shots at johnny.

>> Jay: I love johnny. It's just "elimidate." Why? What is this fascination?

>> I don't know. He loves it.

Jay: He loves it.

>> Can't get enough.

>> Jay: Look, we'll take a break. More with rebecca right after this.

[ Cheers and applause ]

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Jay: Welcome back. Talking with rebecca romijn-stamos, one of the stars of "x2," which is great. It's a lot of fun.

>> You saw it, right?

>> Jay: I did see it. I took my lovely date kevin to see it the other night.

>>Evin: It aery good movie.

>> Did you get any action?

>> Jay: No, I didn't get any action.

[ Laughter ] But it's a lot of fun. It's like more elaborate --

>> -- Than the first. I know, the first one we loved. I loved the first one. But this one's just like bigger and better.

>> Jay: And you got nice reviews. You got a mention in "the trades" and all that stuff. You play mystique.

>> I play mystique, the shape shifter. She's a metamorph, if anybody missed the first one.

>> Jay: Now, well, show the costume. Here's the costume. It that actually a costume?

>> And a costume, we say, with quotation marks around. It is -- it's a lot of -- it's all like prosthetics, like silicone sort of rubbery pieces. Like 100 pieces strategically placed.

>> Jay: Which are the silicone rubbery pieces? I'm curious.

>> And the rest --

>> Jay: Isn't it like just painted on you?

>> No. It's all big pieces and the rest is all painted around it. So, everything is sort of covered up. I know it -- I've been in denial about the nudity element.

>> Jay: But that's your body. There's no fake you, that's you?

>> No. That's me. That's me.

>> Jay: And you look great.

>> Thanks! You can tell, because of the crack.

[ Laughter ]

>> Jay: Yeah. I guess you could tell.

>> It's no secret. It's in the movie. Secret's out.

>> Jay: Yeah, I guess that's true. You know, when I get the dvd, I'll be going, "yeah, yeah, you're right. There it is."

>> There it is.

>> Jay: You had a stunt double?

>> I had a stunt double. Oh, yes, vicki, my stunt double. She was my stunt double in the first one and in the second one, because mystique has this very unique sort of acrobatic fighting style and they needed to find a gymnast who's as tall as I am, which are few and far between. So we found this very, very, very nice girl named vicki, who's become a really, really good friend of mine. This is my favorite mystique story. And I had to clear this with vicki to tell this on your show tonight, because it's -- I wish it happened to me. I'm really jealous it happened to her and not to me. When you're in this costume, obviously, everyone's gotta have their little bodily functions, you know. She came in the trailer one day, and she was like, "I have to fart."

[ Laughter ] She goes, "I have to fart." So she farted in her costume. The back piece is like one huge prosthetic that covers your back. It ended up in aubble right here. At the base of the piece.

[ Laughter ] Which she then had to push up her back -- until it came out right here next to her shoulder.

[ Laughter ]

>> Jay: Oh, oh! Is she one of the guys, or what?

[ Laughter and applause ]

>> I'm sorry.

>> Jay: That's a wonderful story.

>> And then she smelled it.

[ Laughter ]

>> Jay: Let's show the -- we have a clip here.

>> Wait. This is mystique, the metamorph, going in to get some wolverine action.

>> Jay: Right. And you can become any character. Or harland williams action. Yeah, you can become any person?

>> Yes.

>> Jay: Okay. Here we go. Let's take a look.

>> Look --

>> No one's ever left his card quite like you.

>> Do you want an apology?

>> You know what I want. What do you want?

>> What do you really want?

>> I want you to get out.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Jay: Well, good luck. The movie opens ididay. It's terrific. It's really good.

>> I'm glad you liked it.

>> Jay: It was a lot of fun. Now, can you help me with something?

>> What?

>> Jay: Okay, we have this little girl. She's 4 years old. Abby julo.

>> I love her. I met her backstage.

>> Jay: Okay, little 4-year-old girl. She is so smart. She knows more about politics, government. I have a bunch of questions for her. What we're going to do is we're going to help her -- this will be for her college fund. You have to stump her, okay? For every question she gets right, we'll add another $100 to her college fund. We're going to keep her all week until she finally, you know, screws up and then goes back heartbroken.

>> This is not a setup, by the way. I was doing it backstage with her. She's unbelievable.

>> Jay: She's unbelievable. Okay, we had her on last night. We're going to play, this is what we call "stump the kid." Abby, come on out here!

[ Applause ]

>> Jay: Hi, abby!

>> Hi.

>> Hi, abby.

>> Jay: Hi, abby. You met rebecca, right?

>> Yes.

>> Jay: Now, rebecca's -- you can ask her about anything about the bush cabinet, any governor, any president. You have three questions. You get $100.

>> Can I tell her the subject first?

>> Jay: Just ask her the question.

>> Who is the secretary of the interior?

>> Gale norton.

[ Applause ]

>> Jay: That's $100. Very good.

>> Who was the 40th president?

>> Ronald reagan.

>> Jay: There's $100. Try one of the other categories. Try something really hard now.

>> Okay. All right. Who is the president of south africa?

>> Thabo mbeki.

>> Jay: Got them all.

[ Applause ] That's $300. $300 towards college. Very good, abby! That was good. Very good. All right. Be right back with nigella lawson. Nigella lawson, right after this. Thanks, abby.

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Postby Kick-a$$ » Fri May 02, 2003 11:45 pm

who is Rebecca Romijn-Stamos? what a name!!! :lol:

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