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Here some messages which have been appeared in various magazines the last weeks about Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell:

In July 2004 there have been a few sightings of Rebecca Romijn-Stamos and Jerry spending time together:

This sighting was posted by Susan Kaye on E! Online:
I spotted Rebecca Romijn-Stamos and Jerry O'Connell at LAX on Saturday, July 17th, 2004 as they walked to a Southwest Airline.

Luv JOC posted in the Jerry O'Connell Fan Forum that her sister spotted the two in Las Vegas over the weekend:

My sister was at Body English the club at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas last weekend and she said that she saw jerry kissing Rebecca Romijn. Does anyone know if their dating now?

On August 2, 2004 the following article appears in US Weekly

Rebecca Romijn-Stamos rebounding with Jerry O'Connell? A source tells Hot Stuff that the 31-year-old X-Men stunner, who split from her hubby of six years, John Stamos, 40, in April, has been dating O'Connell, 30. Buzz on the set of Romijn-Stamos's new flick, Alibi, is that the two are 'serious,' the source tells reports. Hot Stuff spotted the two dining with friends in Las Vegas on June 11 (the same weekend Romijn-Stamos was seen kissing British publishing executive Andy Turnbell). Romijn-Stamos and O'Connell, who used to date Sarah Michelle Gellar, 27, and, up untill a month ago, E!'s Giuliana DePandi, have been friends for a while (they're both pals of South Park cocreator Matt Stone), but things have recently turned more than friendly. 'They have gone out to dinner,' another source says. Friends tell Hot Stuff that Stamos isn't seeing anyone. As he recently told Hot Stuff, 'I am not even close to being around anybody' because the break is too fresh. Reps for Romijn-Stamos and O'Connell declined to comment.

On August 10, 2004 the following article appeared in the Philadelphia Daily News:

You've got to really want a corned beef sandwich to go out for one at 6 in the morning. But maybe that's not what "X-Men" scorcher Rebecca Romijn-Stamos and "Crossing Jordan's" Jerry O'Connell were hungry for at Jerry's Deli in Studio City, Cal., as dawn broke last Friday. Maybe they wanted a little tongue. After a heavy makeout session in the parking lot outside Jerry's (co-owned by Internet babe Cindy Margolis and hubby Guy Starkman), Rebecca and Jerry tried to buy some wine, but Jerry's bar was closed. So the disappointed couple — she's recently separated from John Stamos, he's recently disengaged from E!'s Guiliana DiPandi — went back to the car, went back to pawing each other, then took a breath to drive off.

On August 12, 2004 the following article appeared in E! Online:

Funny thing. When Giuliana DePandi and Jerry O'Connell went their separate ways, Mr. O. got heavyweight nasty and actually attempted to forbid my fave Italian-American anchor doll from returning to their coupledom gym, Equinox. Sniff, sniff. (What? Is he cheap? Ha!) Ah, but at Giuliana's new locale, Josh Duhamel wipes the sweat off her bra...I mean brow.

These days, Jerry-poo has a spankin'-new activity partner, the sexually adventurous Rebecca Romijn--no more Stamos. The two tragically single types were caught at the Greek ovah the weekend, fancying the musical wonders of Al Green--talk about bumpable music!

J.O. was clad in a pinstriped gabardine summer suit, while R2 had cheeky Las Vegas on the mind, 'cause this ballsy gal pranced in wearing a sequined mini and a very cropped, very backless bright pink halter top. John Stamos, what say you? Hey, have you called Giuliana yet? Imagine the concoctions in that Italian-Greek kitchen!

There were no lip-smacking locks to be had (that my Los Feliz desk could observe, at least), but there was certainly a lot of contact between this newly minted duo. They shared a bottle of wine. Jerry yawned throughout the performance. Perhaps Jare's current chica wasn't as stud-stimulating as the last one? Never mind.


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