O'connell Feared Public Rejection From Romijn

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Actor Jerry O'Connell ditched his initial plan to propose to his fiancee Rebecca Romijn in a sports stadium, because he feared getting rejected before thousands of spectators. The Kangaroo Jack star asked Romijn for her hand in marriage earlier this month (September 2005) in the New York City apartment he grew up in, after abandoning plans for a more grand proposal.

He says, "It's kind of scary because you're popping the question, it's like a pop quiz, it's a surprise question. So when (I was) first planning it I was like, 'I'm gonna do it at a baseball game, I'm gonna do it at a Yankees game or Rebecca's from Berkeley, do it in Oakland.' "And then you realise, because you're popping the question, what if your significant other says no in front of 50,000 people? So I (opted) to do it very privately where if no happened I would be the only one who knew about it. It was just the two of us."

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