Romijn To Bring Mystique Character In Tv Show

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Postby rrfwebmaster » Sat Feb 25, 2006 5:52 am


Actress Rebecca Romijn may pay a tribute to her character Mystique from the "X-Men" movies in her new TV show "Pepper Dennis" by having her character sprayed by an exploding blue dye pack.

Romijn played a character covered by blue body paint in the "X-Men" movies and has just finished filming "X-Men: The Last Stand", reported.

In the show, Romijn plays a TV reporter in Chicago and will debut on the WB television network in the US. In the episode, the accident-prone journalist gets sprayed with blue dye while she is covering a story.

Executive producer of the show, Aaron Harberts, says: "Rebecca brought some of the actual Mystique blue paint from the 'X-Men' set."

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