Romijn And O'connell Fell In Love Documentary

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X-Men star Rebecca Romijn fell for her fiance Jerry O'Connell after he agreed to help her film a documentary in Las Vegas, Nevada. The actress was working on a project researching the behind-the-scenes workings of the Bellagio Hotel's elaborate water fountain show and convinced O'Connell to sign up. She explains, "We'd met years ago at a party and then re-met again in Las Vegas when I was at a party when I was about to start working on a documentary with a friend of mine. "We had this fantasy of choreographing the giant fountains at the Bellagio Hotel. "We actually did the fountain show and it's in permanent rotation and plays four times a day. "Jerry overheard us talking about it when we were in Vegas and said, 'Can I be your boom operator on the movie?'" O'Connell joined the documentary crew a week later and worked the large sound microphone during the shoot. She adds, "He worked with us for 10 days on this documentary and that's how we met. "We made him wear a half-shirt, so every time he would hold the microphone up, his shirt would come up (to the top of his chest) and he was so game I was like, 'You're cool!' "It was funny."

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