Rebecca Romijn visits 'The Tonight Show' 1/26 transcript

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Rebecca Romijn visits 'The Tonight Show' 1/26 transcript

Postby admin » Sat Jan 27, 2007 4:19 am

My first guest, very talented actress and a lot of fun. She can be seen on "ugly betty," which just won the golden globe award for best comedy series. It airs tuesday nights on abc. Please welcome rebecca romijn.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Jay: How you doing?

>> Great! So nice to be back.

>> Jay: It's good to have you.

>> Always a fun time.

>> Jay: And how's your fiance, jerry o'connell? How's he doing?

>> He's great. Thank you for asking. Fantastic.

>> Jay: Now, you keep doing this fiance thing. When's it going to happen? We got a day yet?

>> No. I'm sorry I don't have any details to share. We're just having a nice, long, leisurely engagement. Is that so wrong?

>> Jay: All right. Well, no, no. Not ong. Just kind of hope you kids haven't jumped the gun. That's all.

>> No, we're just enjoying -- no one is going anywhere. We e having a great time.

>> Jay: Now, I saw this picture of you two --how that up there -- recently. Okay, okay.

[ Lig laughter ] That was last week. About ten minutes after that picture was taken, we fell down.

[ Laughter ]

>> Jay: Really? Now, are you guys part of a team. You're dressed alike.

>> You can say we're pa of a a team.

>> Jay: No, but I mean, you don't -- I mean, do you get up in the morning and both dre alike?

[ Light laughter ]

>> Yeah, somewhere in another part of los angeles, jerry's wearing this.

[ Laughter ]

>> Jay: Well, I'm a little -- I mean, do you both go, "hey, we're going to go bike riding. Let's put on the same clothes."

>> Our wheaties jersey.

>> Jay: Really? It seems a little --

>> Just for fun.

>> Jay: Just for fun. Okay. Now, it's a tandem bike.

>> It's a tandem bike.

>> Jay: I never see anybody in tandem bikes.

>> You know wha it's so much fun. It's great exercise. Nice way to eny the scenery. The santa monica mountains out where we live. And it's great couples therapy, to be honest with you.

>> Yeah. It's teamwork and coordination, a little bit of compromise. Jerry always wants to do stupid things like little jumps and going down really steep hills.

>> Jay: Yeah, why would you want to do that?

>> Well, the rule is, like, if he's gonna to make it scary, I'm not going to want to go, so -- but the trick is to stay in the back because you get to take little breaks.

[ Laughter ]

>> Jay: Oh, I see, he does all of the pedaling. Have you ever taken the front and tried it with him in the back? Have you done that?

>> No.

[ Laughter ] But the downside of being in the back is that you can't steer. And you can't really see what's going on in front of you. Like last week when I couldn't see, when I fell.

>> Jay: And you fell. So was it his fault?

>> He abandoned -- listen, I'm not going to point fingers.

>> Jay: There's only two of you on the bike, so one of you --

[ Laughter ] Well, who's more controlling, you or jerry?

>> Who's more controlling?

>> Jay: Well, he's driving the bike, but it sounds like you're screaming instructions from the back.

>> No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Honestly, we have an ipod and a a headphone splitter, and I play dj. It's really fun.

>> Jay: Okay. You know, this sounds like my ultimate nightmare weekend. Okay?

[ Laughter ] My wife and I dressing up in the same clothes. She's controlling the music through the ipod, giving me directions from the back while we're moving.

>> Maybe it's time you and mavis try a little tandem bike riding.

>> Jay: It just doesn't sound like that much fun. So when you fell, whose fault was it? Was it his fault? He was steering.

>> Honestly, the paparazzi were up ahead.

>> Jay: Oh, the paparazzi?

>> He took an unpredictable turn, and the bike when over.

>> Jay: Do they like to follow you? Is that common? Do you get a lot of that?

>> It happens from time to time.

>> Jay: Yeah, I guess when you dress alike and ride tandem bikes. Duh. "Gee, I wonder where rebecca -- hey, I wond if that's them?"

[ Laughter ]

>> That was the first time. That was the first time we'd ever fell. And of course, when you fall, everyone knows it's such a blow to your ego. It's so humiliating. And it was in the middle of a a busy intersection. So it's le, "oh, god, I hope they didn't see us."

>> Jay: So what happened? Did jerry screw up? Did he --

>> He just took a turn -- he was looking ahead and he took a turn. And we actually weren't even going very fast.

>> Jay: So we didn't take a a turn. He took a turn.

[ Laughter ]

>> Well, in the back you can't steer

>> Jay: "We're on a tandem bike and that jerk took a turn."

>> You can't steer in the back.

>> Jay: "We were riding the bike until he took a turn and we fell over."

[ Laughter ] Now, the paparazzi, do they immediately run over before they --

>> No, they actually -- I don't even think they saw. I mean, they would ve published a different picture.

[ Light laughter ]

>> Jay: That's probably true. Now, there was a picture of you guys, and someone said it was a a doctored photo. Do you know the one I'm talking about?

>> Oh, there was a photo -- a couple years ago, there was a a photo that ran of us walking down the street, and this was really humiliating. It was a picture of the two of us walking down the reet, and his head was turned, and there was a giant hickey doctored onto his neck.

>> Jay: Really?

>> Which, by the way, I think hickeys are disgusting. Okay? I'm just going to put it out there. Like, I was so embarrassed. But the size of the hickey, it was like this.

[ Laughter ] Like, it would have been humanly impossible, like --

[ Laughter ]

>> Jay: Like mr. Ed had given him the hickey. Yeah, all right. So you're not into hickeys.

>> No, I'm not into hickeys.

>> Jay: All right, cross that off the list. No hicks. All right, look, we'll take a a break. More with rebecca right after this. He fell down!

[ Cheers and applause ]


[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Jay: Welcome back. Talking with to rebecca romijn. We were talking about -- so you and jerry, okay, you guys lived together during that whole thing. I mean, did it take a while? Do you get on each other's nerves? Does have any annoying habits that you've said --

>> Oh, you know, I mean, everybody does. Normal things. For some reason, he doesn't close drawers or cupboards. I don't know, I'm sure a lot of people --

>> Jay: Makes perfect sense to me.

[ Light laughter ]

>> You know what I find annoying? Is that I keep getting hoodwinked into going to football parties, and I'm not a a football person at all. And the first one was he told me -- it was a fantasy football pool party.

>> Jay: Yeah.

>> But he told me it was a pool party.

[ Laughter ]

>> Jay: Oh, I see. Well, see, I've done that as well. We were in pennsylvania once, and my wife said, "honey, do you want to go look at some of the barns in amish country with the hex signs?" "Oh, gee, I'd love to do that." And we didn't do that. I was going to see a guy who had a bunch motorcycles in a a barn.

[ Light laughter ] But they were on the way. So that's kind of a guy thing. You kind of -- it's not a lie.

>> Does she have annoying habits?

>> Jay: No, no, actually, my wife is pretty -- I tend to be the more annoying one.

>> What are your annoying habits?

>> Jay: Well, this annoys my wife. See, my closet is my closet. If I close the door, what difference does it make if it's messy in the closet?

>> Problem solved.

>> Jay: It's like -- I mean, to me, I have no problem putting clothes in a a pile.

[ Laughter ] Clothes in a pile, if you close the door and the clothes are in the pile and she can't see it, it's like a tree in the forest. Did it fall? No, you didn't hear it.

[ Laughter ]

>> Well, that's my point with the cupboards and drawers.

>> Jay: No, no, the cupboard and the drawers -- you walk in the kitchen, all the cupboards and the drawers open, I would understand. Okay, you should close them. But to me, if I take all my clothes -- if my room is messy, if the room is messy, I pick up all my clothes, throw them in the closet, shut the door -- the room is clean.

[ Laughter and applause ] Exactly, right? Exactly. Right. So to me, you see, to me, there's nothing wrong with it.

>> It's almost like magic.

>> Jay: Well, no, she feels if she opens the door and it's messy --

[ Pretends to cry ] You know, it's a huge deal. Now, what are yours? What are your annoying habits? Besides making him dress in matching clothing.

>> Honestly, he bought those. He's responsible for those. My most annoying habit probably is that I don't like football, I imagine.

>> Jay: Oh, you don't like football? Okay.

>> You want to hear what our negotiation is? He can watch football all weekend long, but I get to listen to music. So he has to watch it on mu1 and I get to listen to music. That's pretty fair, right?

>> Jay: He watches the game on mute?

>> Well, yeah. Other room and listen to ur music in there?

>> So we can hang out together.? Weike hanging out together.

>> Jay: But he can't listen to

>> He gets to watch it.

[ Laughter ]

>> Jay: That doesn't make any sense. Well, how about this? How about this?

>> Does this make sense to anybody in this room?

[ Cheers and boos

>> Jay: No, no, no. You can'T. No, that's wrong.

>> The guys are like "no!"

>> Jay: Okay, can you have sex with the game on?

>> Wait, what? Laughter ] Uh, sure.

>> Jay: That would be okay. That would be a compromise.

>> We're waiting for marriage.

>> Jay: You're waiting for marriage.. okay. Now, your comedy show, "ugly betty," doing very well. Doing huge.

>> Yes. You ys watching "ugly betty"?

[ Applause ]

>> Jay: It's a comedy.& It's a good show.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Jay: Now, what did you watch growing up? What kind of shows did you watch?

>> You know, I really like uplifting television. I grew up watching -- I loved "diff'rent strokes," "facts of life," "three's company." My favorite, "I love lucy."

>> Jay: See, that's more my -- when I was a little kid, that was a big one, "I love lucy."

>> Of course. And I recently found out that she had a ranch in the '50s, that she and ricky ricardo had a ranch out near where I lived.

>> Jay: Oh, okay.

>> God, did I just call him ricky ricardo?

[ Laughter ]

>> Jay: Well, her husband ricky, but his name was ricky ricardo -- to me, he's ricky ricardo.

>> Exactly.

>> Jay: "Oh, lucy!"

>> Now I'm obsessed with trying to find it. Remember that episode where she snuck over someone's fence to try and get the grapefruit? Whose fence was that?

>> Jay: I don't know. But you know, if you get a map, it should be on there.

[ Laughter ]

>> Yeah, exactly.

>> Jay: Those maps to the stars homes. You ever get one of those maps & to the star homes?

>> I've never done that.

>> Jay: They are so out of date. There are, like, eight people lived in the house since that person lived there. People come to my door, "mr. Barrymore?" "No, he died in '28. Okay?"

[ Laughter ] "Your map is really old. I'm not lionel barrymore. Thank you very much.". But it's probably on those maps.

>> Yeah. No, I mean, it's out in chatsworth somewhere, and now I want to try and find it and climb over the fence and get a a grapefru.&

>> Jay: Well, there you go. Now, listen. I ow you have to go. I know you've got to piunos atuendos que emparejan husband.

[ Laughter ] You've got a bicycle ride or something to do.& But the show is on thursday nig cf1 o rebecca, thank you very much.

>> Thank youo much.

>> Jay: Rebecca romijn.

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