Tyra on Oprah, her mom get's a makeover - Transcript

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thank you. So have a seat. You see this little ball of hair? Tyra banks says that her mom will not leave the house without this. What is this? What is it? Well, we're going to tell you later. Daughters everywhere including tyra banks have one question on their mind today. Mom, what are you wearing?
[Laughter] you've heard that before. Today we're giving five grateful daughters the opportunity to make or their own mothers. And for this mission we enlisted the help of anxpert led by our friend tyra banks. Come onheers and applause] hi. You look good.

[Cheers and applause] so there is tyra looking all tyra-fied. That's what i think. Doesn't she look -- this what i call the tyra-fied look. Very good. What is this?

>> This is my mom's bun. She h bun --

has three. Oprah: Alternating buns.

>> She actually changes them like per decade. So this actually is the one from about two decades ago because there's no gray. Oprah: Oh.

>> Yes, then as the decades go, they get grayer and grayer. Oprah: This is the 1980s bun. Flips back her hair and pops it up there. Oprah: She's done that for --

>> she's done it my whole life. I'm 27. She's probably been doing it about 40 years. Oprah: Really. She must feel reath it if you had it that long.

>> When she wants to look fine and good like going with me, she's like where's my bun, where's my bobby pins. Oprah: Tyra really wanted to do this show really to make over her mom and bring her mom out of what?

>> My mom is in a rut. She always wears sweats. She's always thinking about everyone else. She doesn't think about herself. Her life is me and my brother and her granddaughter, and she's just forgotening about herself. When i was a little girl, my mom would wear the sharpest bright colored blazers and black slacks and go to work and have her hair done. Oprah: So tyra says she wants to bring back her mom's sense of confidence and help her feel pretty once again. Take a look at mother and daughter at home in L.A.

>> I want to sexify her.

Be sexy, because she is, and i want people to know that.

>> I don't feel sexy. I don't feel attractive.

>> My mom is the queen of black and white. Okay, i understand how somebody could have eight pair of black knit pants. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, all black knit pants. Ma, it's the same pant. Why do you need eight?

>> They're not the same. This one has pleats. This one has a box ear knit.

>> She feels like these are color variances. This is white. This is cream. This is ecrew. This is egg shell.

>> And this is silk, crepe, another silk and a cotton blend. It's not the same.

>> My mom is the queen of sweats.

>> They feel good like jammies. I run home from work and the only thing i can think about is getting home, putting on my slippers and getting into my sweats.

>> You said when you come home the only thing you can think about is putting on some sweats?

>> Okay. I wear them to the market, i wear them to the movies.

>> We have the bun celebration. I think the royal bun makes her feel matronly.

>> I don't have to run to the hairdresser. I can shampoo my hair and pop this little baby right there like this. Voila.

>> The royal bun is in place.

>> I think we should go for some length. I think length is always fun, you know, to like do a breakout and a change.

>> A weave.

>> A hair weave, momma. My mom used to be like vamp and men used to get a crook in their neck from turning their heads looking at her in the street.

>> I'm so concerned about everyone and everything else that i put myself last and in the process i've lost the essence of what i used to be.

>> Now she has this dental work going on. She covers her smile. She won't wear lipsticks that accentuate her mouth. She's doing it right now. Her to bring that back, what she u it was a certain confidence and a certain strength that i feel like she's lost over the years.

>> Oh.

>> It's true, mommy. It's true. Oprah: Oh. All the moms being made over have been kept secluded from their daughters, so tyra has not seen her mom's new look.

>> No, i haven't. I'm so nervous. Oprah: You said you wanted to sexify her.

>> I wanted to sexify her. I wanted to give her some cleavage or some color or some oomph. Oprah: Take one more look at carolyn, tyra's mom before. There she is. Unsexified. Now come on out, carolyn!

>> O oh, my god!

[Cheers and you look so pretty. Do you like it? Oh, my god! You look so beautiful. Mom, you look so pretty.

>> My hair!

>> Oh, my gosh!

>> That is great. Oprah: You cannot run with all that mascara on. You cannot. You cannot be crying up here. Okay.

>> Oprah: You're fine. You must have the waterproof stuff on. Excellent, excellent! So how do you feel? How do you feel?

>> Oh, sit down now? Oprah: Sit down. The twirling part's over. Do i have to? How do you feel?

>> I -- all i can say is, baby, I'm back.

[Cheers and applause]

>> you know what she looks like to me? We should give her a mike and she should be singing in concert or something. Oprah: Well, carolyn is sporting a new weave. Her first one ever. And a new dana buckman outfit from our friends at nordstrom'S. Tyra picked out herself. She minds it when she was a little girl and her mom used to dress up. It is not black, it is not white. It is blue! I am so shocked that you never tried a weave before in your whole life since this is the queen of weave.

>> I was the queen of bun. Oprah: So you never even thought -- when they were telling me that they were going to be doing this makeover, i say, this is tyra banks's mom. You're around tyra all the time and all the best of makeup. So you never thought to do that for yourself.

>> No.

>> The more successful i got, the more my career got -- the more she just like started going into a shell and just putting everything into me and my brother and the family. She just took like a backseat. Now she's in the front seat. Oprah: She goes baby, I'm back! And, you know, all the external stuff is really great, but how does it make you feel inside?

>> It -- it made me realize how i had forgotten about me. Oprah: Really.

>> Yeah, yeah. And, also, it made me remember how much fun it was to dress up and to feel good about doing that and putting the emphasis on not just the outer part of me, but the inner part, to make me remember that the motto tyra and i always have is we think everyone is beautiful inside and out. And i feel beautiful inside and out today. Oprah: That's fabulous, carolyn.

>> I have to ask my mom to do something. My mom does this thing like at every barbecue, every christmas, every thanksgiving. She gets up and she sings bailey' like to the whole family. You're looking like a singer right now, mom. I want you to get up and i want you to sing 'bill bailey.' Oprah: Come on, carolyn.

>> Do it! Oprah:T. Let's do it!

[Cheer whoo! Get your microphone. All right. Whoo!

>> I need a sip. I need some --

won't you come home bill bailey

won't you come home

i cried the whole night long

i do the cooking, honey

i'll pay the rent

i oprah: All right! Oh, my god! Oh, my god! That's fantastic! Thank you to oscar james and jay manuel for your beautiful work on carolyn's hair and makeup. That's fantastic. I saw your face, because she was -- she did not know -- she goes -- you want me to do that now? Next, tyra's good pal rebecca romijn-stamos has also turned her mom, elizabeth, in for a makeover, but rebecca says her mom is now single and ready to mingle but needs a new look. We'll be right back. That's fantastic. Fantastic.

>> Oprah, if you and stedman know somebody that my momma could go out with, that would be great. Send your letters in, please, to harpo.

>> I have nothing to do with that statement. Oprah: Well, that was tyra banks and her mother, carolyn, who's just gotten a brand new look. She's also ready -- are you ready to mingle?

at the end...
>> i think i learned it's okay to step outside the box. I would never buy this color for myself, nor would i wear this much hair. But it's fun and i like it.

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