Tyra Banks On FOX News Wednesday

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Neil: She is to modeling what babe ruth was to baseball. Just about its biggest star. And as the out front, very dressed down spokesperson for victoria's secret, tyra banks knows how to sell a product. The victiaia secret guys aren't dumb. And neither is tyra. We caught up with her earlier today and asked this questiion. What does she think of the fact that only half of all men even bother to buy valentine's day gifts?

>> Halofof the men out there will not have that woman this time next year because i mean one of my friends last year, her boyfriend did not get her anything for valentine's I thought this was the weirdest most hoerl thing, nothing? Not a dinner?

A a bra or chocolate, nothing. You know.

>> So if somebody did that to you they would be in bad ship shape.

>> It happened to me in the past that is why i am not with those people, i feel it is an obvious holiday like you turn on the tv there are hearts fluttering in every commercial you drive down the commercial there are billboards with hearts and this and that, it is in your face.

>> Are you still single?

>> No I have a boyfriend.

>> Okay. Because i know this year last tight -- time you said that being single on valentine's did not suck at all, do you mean it kept you more attractive or alluring.

>> I was trying to sound like a strong woman but i was probably 3w4ri9 lonely.

>> When you look at will valentine's day, you think of the sleezy stuff and women don't, what's the deal there?

>> I do not think there is anything sleezy with victoria's secret that is why the company is so popular it is sexy without being sleezy like forence inanance to me this is very sexy a forget me not bra, it is embroidered so i can get that, that is not sleezy at all, very sexy, and another sexy product that victoria's secret has that women will love from a man is this embroidered bra because it is infused with fragrance the victoria's secret bring -- pink fragrance.

>> We will not go all of the way there.

>> What do you mean?

>> The national organization of women were particulared off after the victoria's secret show, what do you think of those guys who just think that this kind of stuff and talk about sexy lingerie, and beautiful women and beautiful bodies you will all of that is democrat even something.

>> I find it interesting that certain things are targeted and certain things aren't when i turn on soap operas it is sexy and that is in the daytime.

>> What about femenists that knock you or people that are beautiful.

>> What were you saying?

>> Femenists that knock you?

>> That knock me? Um i am a proud woman, i do what i choose to do. I -- this is a very upstanding company, 2 it is a respectable company, so what can you say, you cannot please everybody no matter what you do, we can be selling pajamas with feet in them this thick, and they would have a problem with that too. Somebody would.

>> You know and now there is this sort of counter thing with victoria's secret that open up in i guess state communities, and a lot of them do not like it, especially with the way that the lingerie is showcase odd the front window, what do you think of the outcry, that it started in communities in connecticut and michigan?

>> I cannot speak about that i am not familiar with it. So i have not heard about that i will tell you specifically there was a case of a store opening in connecticut and some of the towns people protested because they felt that the lingerie showcased really made it look like a s and m show?

>> I cannot speak on that, again I cannot speak on you telling me something, all i can say is that valentine's day is coming up and there is a lost people that love victoria's secret there are a lot of people that love lingerie, particularly women, and men need a lost help when it comes to valentine's day, they do not know what to do with valentine's day, i say come to the victoria's secret shop, and women are here to help you shop for your lady friend.

>> All right. Tyra banks.

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