Chris Webber On Craig Kilborn Transcript

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Postby admin » Fri Apr 12, 2002 4:32 am

Our next guest is a dominant basketball player having the best season ever with the playoffs approaching. From the sacramento kings, chris webber. Craig: How you doing?

>> Good. Craig: We've got a lot to talk about. Do you want to see sam jackson kick ben's ass? I'm just kidding. Thanks for doing the show. You had a bum ankle before.

>> I saw it, too, when i missed the show. Craig: Let's get this out of the way.

>> Kick his ass. What are you doing? Craig: I'm going to move you up. This is a little joke, below laettner. I'm going to put you here, third. What do you think of that? Now, i love you, i love ben. I love a lot of people. I'm saying, i think duncan -- garnett's my favorite player because I'm from minnesota, he plays for minnesota. Duncan i think is the best player in the game.

>> That's your opinion. I'm friends with tim, so that's your opinion. I'll respect that. Craig: You and garnett -- garnett usually outplays you, but you have a better team.

>> This is devastating how little he knows about basketball. Craig: Chris, i love basketball. Tell them what happened when you were a rookie with the gdeden state warriors.

>> When i was a rookie, first time i heard my name on spore spore was with you. You were going, oh, webber every time. I used to get pumped for that. A lot of people thought 'o' was my first name. Craig: I did that because growing up, i change favorite players a lot. Growing up, dr. J. Was my favorite player, but he had the biggest hands and he dunked rdrd, and you have big hands and dunked hard. I was really heavily into the league. But garnett has to be my favorite player.

>> But garnett's not from esota.He's from south carolina. Craig: Good call. Ok, you're my favorite player.

>> You're a laker fan living out here in l.A.? Craig: You just asked a great question. Craig: I'm not from l.A., Man.

>> But staying in l.A.? Craig: Hell no. I want you -- shaq, offensive foul, every time he touches the ball. I'll say it. Now here's the thing. You guys in dallas have the chance to beat them in the playoffs. You have to knock him down. You have to hit him hard. You have to sandwich him, right? Pollard, you. Vlade's a with us. -- Wuss. You know who the best player on that team is except for you?

>> Peja? Craig: Peja stojakovic.

>> Peja's a great player. Craig: What does tyra think of peja?

>> She thinks he's a great shooter, too. Craig: Beautiful girl. Very talented woman. This is your girlfriend, right? Do you want to keep that picture? You don'teeeed that. This is the thing, here's what i don't understand, listen, you travel on the plane, right, the sacramento kings plane, and i see her at away games. Does she travel on th plane with you guys?

>> No. Craig: That's g going to throw peja's shot off.

>> She just happened to be in that town and comes to visit me. Craig: Is that how that works?

>> She just happens to be there. Craig: She's a beautiful woman. Are we done with that?

>> Yeah. Craig: I will say there were a lot of people in the off-season surprised that you re-signed with the sacramento kings because you like -- i guess you like the big cities. You're from detroit. You maybe wanted to go to the knicks and stay with sprewell. Why did you stay in sacramento?

>> It's a selfish decision. We have the best fans, i think. Also pedgea, he's 23 years old, turkoglu, he's 22, bobbie jackson. I'm one of the oldest guys. Craig: How old are you?

>> I'm 28. I'm 29. I just turned 29. The older i get the more the young guys can keep doing what they're doing. We're having a good year, so i caimimagine how much better we'll get. Craig: How's your jumper?

>> It's getting better. Craig: They say you're the best passing forward.

>> Really? Craig: You are better than garnett and duncan.

>> That's why you got me number one. Craig: Yeah, you're number one. I'm glad -- you guys have homecourt advantage for the playoffs. You'll need that against the lakers. Are you going to have any new strategy?

>> I think the thing with the lakers is you have to go out and let it all hang out. If we sit at home and worry and second-guess ourselves then we'll fall into their game. We have to go out there and let it all hang out and see what happens. Craig: Kobe, you guys can sometimes control him. Shaq is the guy that no one can control. I don't know what the technical term is, but he has like a big ass.

>> That's the technical term, big assitist or something like that. Craig: How do you defend that? Vlade will flop and they don't call offensive foul, what do you do?

>> Anyone out there that plays basketball, it's like a person, he's 300 something pounds, just imagine a person 200 pounds, and you're standing like this, and they get to run as fast as they want in to you. You can't run back. He's a hard guy to -- he has so much force. His foot work is so good. He's not a clumsy guy. Craig: How much do you weigh?

>> About 245, and he weighs about 350. Craig: At least. Well, good luck in the playoffs. You have a lot of sacramento kings fans out here. I think people like to root. Shaq's a great guy, but we like to root for underdogs and it would be fun for sacramento -- i don't think nbc would like sacramento.

>> I don't think so either. I have a gift for you if I can give it to you. Craig: What a nice guy. I hope it's -- how much is it?

>> I got teased n the all-star game for wearing these shoes, so i wanted to bring them to you. Since you hooked me up with the o-webber i brought you these. Craig: Those will fit me.

>> I got a pair for you in your shoes. Craig: These are size 13 or 12. What are these, like 16?

>> These are 16. Those are just to kind of keep. Craig: I'll put my plants in here. Those are great. Thanks, man. Big hand for chris webber.

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Postby sportsfoolus » Mon Apr 29, 2002 2:05 am

I find it funny how he continues to denie her being his girlfriend. He still didn't admit it. Maybe because he has alot of other girlfriends, Ashanti is dating him too
and some girl is pregnant by him. Tyra is so desperate to get married, she needs to leave him alone.

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Postby renee » Thu May 15, 2003 11:58 am

:lol: busy guy.....

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