Tyra Banks On Conan O'brien Tuesday 11/19

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Conan: Tomorrow night, she can be seen on the victoria's secret fashion show at 9:00 P.M. On cbs. Please welcome Tyra Banks.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Conan: You look beautiful as always.

[ Cheers and applause ] I have to say, I love the midriff baring. I just love the midriff baring.

Tyra: Is it baring, though?

Conan: Yes -- well, no, it was when you were standing.

Tyra: Yeah, but when I sit down, it'll --

Conan: It's like -- and it closes up.

Tyra: It gets so -- if I keep it --

Conan: You don't have a lot of the --

Tyra: I do when I sit down.

[ Laughter ]

Conan: Okay, I have more of the -- than you do. Trust me.

Tyra: When you stand up, you have it, huh?

[ Light laughter ]

Conan: This interview is over.

[ Laughter ] They'll be no interview now, it's over. Now, guys must get -- not me, I'm a cool and collected customer, but there must be a lot of guys that are very nervous meeting you. Can you tell when a guy's really nervous and intimidated meeting you?

Tyra: Yeah, when guys are nervous, like, you know, or they're pretending like they're so cool and then, like, I shake their hand.

Conan: Right, yeah, okay.

Tyra: Oh, yours is okay. But it's like all clammy and like sticky. That is the weirdest feeling. It feels like they just stuck their hand in like baking grease or something.

[ Light laughter ]

Conan: So you don't -- that's not a turn-on is what you're saying? When you meet a guy, and his hand has that clammy --

Tyra: That clamminess. It just makes me feel like I'm touching their --

Conan: Yeah, yeah, uh.

[ Laughter ] This is a horrible conversation.

[ Laughter ] Must rescue it somehow. Oh, kiss me.

[ Laughter ]

[ Applause and cheers ] Do you get nervous? Stop that. Do you get -- but you don't get sweaty hands when you get nervous?

Tyra: No, my hands are so rough. In fact, look how dry they are. Look at all the white, like, dryness, like cracked looking crazy. You know, my hands are so rough, like, my mom --

Conan: Yeah.

Tyra: She, like, handed this down to me. She has it. My grandmom had it.

Conan: You guys have tough hands?

Tyra: Tough like -- when I get some children, I'm gonna beat some butt if they're bad. But anyway --

[ Laughter ]

Conan: You're going to beat your children?

[ Laughter ] Wait a minute. First, you're talking about weird fluids on a guy's hand. Then you're talking about you're going to beat children you don't even have yet.

Tyra: No, I just mean -- you know, whatever.

Conan: Right, I understand. That's so ironic that you have -- so you have tough hands?

Tyra: Yeah, I have tough hands. In fact, my first boyfriend when I was in ninth grade, his name was brian longforth, he's a cop now. Hi, brian. Haven't seen him in like forever --

Conan: That just made his day. He's a cop.

Tyra: He used to call me freddy krueger. Because freddy had those like hands that have the like -- what do you call it, the scissors on the end or whatever?

Conan: Yeah.

Tyra: And he would take my hand and be like, "baby, oh, oh, wait. Ah, oh, oh."

Conan: Wow, what a hilarious guy.

[ Laughter ] I wonder why that didn't work out?

[ Laughter ] He's probably bragging to people, "I could have been with Tyra banks, but I kept giving her a hard time and blew it."

[ Laughter ] Oh. Let me ask you a question. It's something I've always been curious about. You're a model, supermodel. You've done the runway many, many times. When models walk down the runway, 99% of the time, they have a hostile, angry look on their face. And I'm wondering, "what's that all about"? Is that something that they just do naturally, or are you told to have a hostile, angry look?

Tyra: I think they just copy the models that -- you know, the new one looks at the top girls and they're hostile and angry. She's like, "okay, I'm going to do it, too."

Conan: Right. But that's such a weird thing, because they're so beautiful, and they're walking down the runway and they're being paid lots of money and they look angry.

Tyra: They look fierce.

Conan: Right. It's the idea that they're -- that's a turn-on?

Tyra: Like, "I'm it." You know, like -- but see, I don't do my fierceness. My fierceness is like, "hey, how you doing?" Like, I look at people.

Conan: Wait, you're picking people out in the crowd?

Tyra: I do.

Conan: I think you're going too far the other way.

[ Laughter ] You're like, "hi, how are you? Oh, hi, mom."

[ Laughter ]

Tyra: I do that, though.

Conan: That's too much.

Tyra: But I do it in my own fierce way. Say I'm facing this way, and then I kind of go like that -- and then go -- you know, I do that.

Conan: You know, what's sad? I walked that way during high school.

[ Laughter ] And I was beaten so badly so many times.

[ Laughter ] To this day, we don't know why I was doing that.

[ Laughter ]

Tyra: But I'm happy. I smile, I wave.

Conan: That's good, that's better.

Tyra: I say hi to my mom. I point at people. I have fun.

Conan: Right, right, that's the way to be, I think. Now, your birthday's coming up soon. Any plans?

Tyra: Actually -- usually, my mom makes gumbo and all my family and friends come over, and she makes this gumbo. Everybody know what gumbo is?

[ Scattered applause ]

Conan: Gumbo has got like --

Tyra: It has like sausage and crab and shrimp, and it's like this big stew.

Conan: Right.

Tyra: But this year, I'm going to be in ireland.

Conan: Oh.

Tyra: Yeah, I'm doing a fashion show in ireland.

Conan: Have you been to ireland before?

Tyra: Actually, I landed in ireland on an -- I was on the concorde going from paris to new york. And there was some kind of technical difficulties, and we had to land.

Conan: Technical difficulties, that's what -- on television, they have technical difficulties.

[ Laughter ]

Tyra: Don't make me feel like a supermodel.

Conan: No, on an airplane, it's a big f'ing problem when something goes wrong.

[ Laughter ] She's like, "we're having technical --" "no!"

[ Laughter ] So you land in --

Tyra: We land in ireland, but it was like this little tiny airport. They thought that was funny. It's like, the laughing just kept going.

Conan: Don't comment. I think you killed it.

[ Laughter ] So you land in ireland, right?

Tyra: So we land in ireland. It was a tiny little airport, but guess who was on my flight?

Conan: Who?

Tyra: Diana ross.

Conan: Oh.

Tyra: Yeah. So I had like 12 hours with her, like, in the little vip lounge, and she gave me all kinds of advice.

Conan: Did she sing old supreme songs for you?

Tyra: No, she didn'T.

[ Light laughter ] But she did tell me, "don't let a man, like, run your career."

Conan: That's the name of like every supreme's song. "Don't let a man mess with you." "Don't take that from him."

[ Laughter ] Did you get out and walk around ireland? 'Cause I got to tell you, a lot of the people there look like me. When I went to ireland, everybody was like --

[ Conan imitating irish accent ] "Fill up your tank?" And it was mean.

[ Laughter ] I was like so shocked. Then someone else -- you know what I mean? You go, "I'll have some ice cream."

[ Conan imitating irish accent ] "Do you want chocolate or vanilla?" And it's like everybody. Even like the dogs have my head. They're like, "look, look."

[ Laughter ] Are you prepared for that?

Tyra: I've never been, but I'm really excited to go. You know who would love to go with me? My friend is begging me to go. Her name is janice. Hi, janice thomas in L.A. I'm giving everybody little shoutouts today. But my friend, janice, she's a black girl, but she wants red-headed babies. She's always like --

Conan: How can we help her?

[ Laughter ]

[ Cheers and applause ] I'm sorry. Can't, I'm married. Can't do it.

Tyra: And her baby was born with red hair. She's like, "I got it." But now her little to-die baby is like brown-reddish -- brownish-blondish.

Conan: Right, right. It's not all it's cracked up to be, let me tell you.

Tyra: It's not.

Conan: Yeah, no.

Tyra: The freckles.

Conan: The freckles -- no, the freckles -- definitely when I was a kid, didn't like the freckles.

Tyra: But now it's sexy.

Conan: Kids were like, "hey, hey, let's connect the dots. Hey."

[ Laughter ] And those were people in my family.

[ Laughter ]

Tyra: You know, I have freckles.

Conan: You have freckles?

Tyra: I have freckles. It's under the makeup, but I have freckles.

Conan: Oh, cool, they're very sexy, so I say.

[ Laughter ] The victoria's secret fashion show airs tomorrow night at 9:00 on cbs. Great to see you again.

Tyra: You guys better watch it.

Conan: Yes, they will. Tyra banks, everybody.

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