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Postby admin » Mon May 19, 2003 10:57 pm

Let's bring out the next guest. Now, she is helping america's becoming the top model. Trl say hi to tyra banks!

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> A lot of women like jim carrey and tyra banks! Come on over. You look great. That was a lovely entrance there.

>> They were so great and happy people.

>> Wow. Guys were going crazy. You look fantastic. You look like a million buckS.

>> Thank you so much. Do you ever have a day where you don't feel so hot?

>> Every morning before i get my hair and makeup done. You guys this is a process.

>> I like the shirt a lot.

>> Thank you.

>> Good to have you here. How are you?

>> I love your nose ring.

>> Do you want to touch it?

>> Is it going to hurt?

>> No. At any point you want to do that feel free. You're so synonymous with the word supermodel. You have been on the covers of every magazine. I found out your nickname is barbecue. Is that true?

>> It's barbecue because i love barbecued ribs. I have them on my breath right now. I went to houston's up the streets. Houston's in any city many this country, orlando, they have the best pork ribs. I do eat the swing!

[ Cheers and applause ] I love pork.

>> That is great. Yes, i eat the swine. I get down with it.

>> Let's talk of the new role now. You're an executive producer. A couple of the papers the executive producer and the creator of a show called "america's top model." Are we at crisis, do we need more models in america?

>> I think we do, because if you look at the covers of mag magazines, no offense, it's all act trelss and singers an models are the ones that should be on the covers of the magazines.

>> That sounds like something you should like pick it, get signed. That's a problem.

>> But there's a shortage there's a shortage of top models. And I also feel like, you know t world needs to understand what it really takes to be a top model.

>> What does it really, really take? How many girls did you start out with?

>> Thousands of girls from all across america. Thousands upon thousands.

>> Is this like a reality show? Do we live with the girls and see a process?

>> I love the real world and I'm not saying that just because I'm on trl right now. Who else loves it?

[ Cheers and applause ] Somebody else.

>> That dude will agree with anything you dbla he's like me too. I eat pork, me too.

>> But I love the real world so I wanted to see the girls 24/7. You see a lot of modeling documentaries and you see heidi, she's gorgeous. Heidi has a life. I have a life.

>> Do you critique the guys and is it weird to do the critiquing because it was you when you started out?

>> You know what? After the first couple of weeks of ehim nations I would go home and I would say, who am i to judge somebody? I'm a girl from inglewood, california. You know what? I've been doing this for ten years I'm at the top of the games. I know what it takes.

>> Does somebody win the whole thing?

>> Someone wins a revlon contract.

>> That's very cool. You're going to help us today. I think we have a couple of aspiring models. Let's take a break. We have tyra banks right here. She likes barbecue. So do I. We have the top five videos to get to. Of course we'll bring out some trl models and see what tyra has to say about them after this.

[ Cheers and applause ]


>>> All right. There you go, looking at J.Lo, in the top ten. Jim carrey had a funny line about her "in living colour" days. Welcome back. Tyra banks is on a new show tomorrow that she's behind the cameras on. Executive producer, america's next top models. More on that. We have a few aspiring models in the audience today. We thought it would be a good idea to bring them out, not critique them, but maybe have some advice for them. They want to make it in the business. Does that sound all right.

>> Bring them out.

>> Yeah. First out is rhea. Let's bring out rhea. Let's check out what's going on here.

>> Oh, rhea!

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Yeah. I should mention the girls picked their own clothes to get a sense of style. What do you think of rhea?

>> Wow, rhea!

[ Cheers and applause ] Rhea is working it. She's working it.

>> She looks good from here.

>> Yeah.

>> You like the jeans?

>> I think rhea is really sexy. You know, like some skinny girls don't have a sex appeal, but she's very thin but she's still like -- you know?

>> How important is the whole thin thing now? Because most girls are like i can never make it. I'm not that thin.

>> I'm probably about 30 pounds heavier than rhea and I'm still working. So, you know, the things are changing and things -- I have a full-figured girl on the show actually. I think you're amazing. You have an ethnic thing that is happening right now. You can be mexican, east indian, native american, you need to work that.

>> Very good.

>> Thank you, rhea. Next up, we have valentina. Let's bring her out, everybody. Come on out.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Wow.

>> She picked up this outfit, something a little more glamorous for us. I have no idea. Looks -- I'm sitting here looking at her.

>> You look really amazing. You know what remind me of? There's the girls from the eastern bloc of europe. You look like them. You're -- you've got the dark, dark hair and light skin. Don't get tan. You need to work that. Exactly who you are.

>> Thank you.

>> All right. Sounds good. Thank you, valentina. And finally we've got lea. Let's bring lea out. Lea's got a little a rock glam going.

[ Cheers and applause ] That could be the shortest skirt I've ever seen.

>> Lea has got -- lea's got something that i always wish i had and that's like beautiful calves and muscles in her legs. I would pay for muscles in my legs like that. You know what's really working for you? Your hair and keep it natural like that. Your work, you know what I'm saying? Don't try to straighten it and that makes you look common. Your hair is natural. It's beautiful. If anything, pick it out even bigger.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Thank you, ladies. What would -- what would be quickly like the next step for let's say these three girls, young girls, kind of want to get into the business? What do they do? Shady photographers are still out there?

>> Yes. There are people saying, girl give me $2,000 and I'll make you a star. Do not ever give anybody any money. Ever! Okay. You go to a modeling agency you do testing. But when you walk into the agency, have your mama, sister, a cousin, snap a full body shot of you. Do not invest in a professional photo shoot. A professional modeling agency can tell from a snapshot and a throw-away.

>> You want them in clothes.

>>T be yourself. You know what I recommend? You know what? This is the perfect thing to walk into an agency. A jean, tank top and some boots. And no makeup.

>> I feel like I'm ready to go to the modeling agency. I think that's great. Thank you. How about a round for the ladies. Don't forget to check out "america's next top model." It premiers tomorrow at 9:00 on upn

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