Tyra Banks On Last Call With Carson Daly

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Postby admin » Thu May 22, 2003 3:58 am

She gave up the lucrative world of supermodeling to become creator and executive producer of the upcoming reality series, "america's next top model." Don't worry, she's still very attractive. Give a warm vegas welcome to tyra banks, everybody!

[ Cheers and applause ]

It's your birthday

we're gonna party like it's your birthday

>> Carsoice to see you.

>> You, too.

>> Carson: Have a seat. What's happening, ty? Did you recognize that song as you were coming in?

>> No, play it again. Play a little bit more.

>> Carson: Play it just a little bit?

It's your birthday

I'm in the club and it's your birthday


>> Carson: Nice. Do you recognize that?

>> That was vegas, like, you know, mr. Cheeks.

>> Carson: That was a little

cent, wasn't it?

>> Little 50 cent.

>> I love 50 cent.

>> Carson: Tyr do you li>>Ove 50 cent.

>> Carson: Yeah?

>> So thank you souch.

>> Carson: Thought that would be nice.

>> Yes.

>> Carson: Do you like coming to vegas? Are you a big gambler?

>> Oh, my god. I am so happy to be in vegas. I love vegas, but I don't gamble. I don't rstand it.

>> Carson: I don't understand people that come to vegas and don't gamble. What else is there to do?

>> There's shows. There's restaurants. There's the restaurant in t paris hotel. Like, the eiffel tower hotel. There's the picasso in the bellagio, and then there's the renoir restaurant. Oh, my god, and there's blue man, and there's david copperfield.

>> Carson: First of all, we have blue man group on. Have you seen them? Do you enjoy?

>> I've se them in vegas, and I saw them in europe.

>> Carson: Yeah?

>> Yes.

>> Carson: Oh, fantastic.

>> They're amazing.

>> Carson: What did you do with david copperfield? You were on one of his shows?

>> Yes, I -- okay, david copperfield puts both these balls out to make sure he's not planned. Like, his witnesses that come on the stage, and I knocked somebody over to catch a ball.

>> Carson: To become, like, an assistant to help him out?

>> Yes. I was a witness of, like, 20 people disappearing. I walked around this thing. I didn't see anything.

>> Carson: I think he's a phony.

>> I mean, aren't they all?

>> Carson: No, I really don'T. David blaine amazes me.

>> He's a phony, too.

>> Carson: I don't think so. Maybe he is.

>> You think it's real? My best friend, at the time, she was crying, because she thought it was real. Because she's like, "you were walking around, and I didn't see -- he disappeared." She thought it was real.

>> Carson: Did you see that tornado of fire that copperfield did?

>> No, I didn't see that.

>> Carson: Did you guys see that? That wasn't impressive to me, at all.

>> Didn't he make the statue of liberty disappear?

>> Carson: I think that's a load of crap. I live in new york. It was still there.

>> But come on, the david blaine thing, when the masked magician --

>> Carson: David blaine goes into a bar and puts a card in your beer, and you're usually pretty liquored up, and you're just easily amused.

>> But he did that ice thing, and they said if you're surrounded in ice, you're not cold.

>> Carson: Oh, really?

>> Like, igloo, hello.

>> Carson: If anybody stands for two days, like some of the gamblers here, that's impressive enough for me.

[ Laughter ]

>> Oh, gosh.

>> Carson: I want to talk about this new show, and I just want to say I'm really glad. I was starting to get worried that we were, you know, suffering from a severe shortage of models in america.

>> Hello? I'm making sure that that doesn't happen.

>> Carson: So now you have created america's next top model. Is that the problem? Are we running low on models?

>> You know, I think we're running low. I think all these actresses are taking our covers away and our cosmetic contracts and all that.

>> Carson: Really? Is that true? Is that part of it?

>> It is really, really true because what happens is, when you're an actress, you get this beautiful face, and you get a personality behind it. The supermodel is kind of dying.

>> Carson: But you're an actress. You would have been guilty of that, too.

>> No, but I was a model first. It's all about what you do first, which is kind of sad.

>> Carson: Tell us about the show. Did you come to vegas to look for a model? Where did you go?

>> We went everywhere in america looking for models, and we came to vegas, and we had a line wrapped around the street and down the corner. We did not find not one girl.

>> Carson: Look at this audience. There's so many hot girls here.

>> There's showgirls -- how come you didn't try out for my show?

>> I didn't know about it.

>> Carson: Yeah, it's your fault. You didn't find one model in vegas?

>> We didn't find not one.

>> Carson: Were you looking for ten?

>> I think we had showgirls and a couple of prostitutes. I'm not saying that showgirls are prostitutes at all! At all!

>> Carson: That sounds like a great spin-off series. "America's next top hootchie hooker." That's a show I'd watch.

>> They said there were a lot of ho's in the line.

>> Carson: Oh, really?

>> Yeah.

>> Carson: So where did you find these models? You found ten.

>> We found ten. We have some from albuquerque, new mexico, from memphis, tennessee, from ohio.

>> Carson: Now what happens to these models? Where do they go? Do they live in a house?

>> Well, actually 25 -- I chose 25 of them to come to L.A.

>> Carson: You personally chose them?

>> Yes, and then from those 25, I chose 10, and thos10 we flew to new york, and they move into a house together. And the thing is, you know, a lot of these reality shows to me, it's just for the sake of just being famous you know, for a week. But this is creating a real star. To me, I equate it with, like, "american idol," with kelly clarkson. She's not like a fly-by-night thing.

>> Carson: Yeah, but she sings.

>> Yeah, and these girls model. What you trying to say?

>> Carson: No, I'm just saying I'm so glad you're doing the show.

[ Laughter ]

>> What are you trying to say?

>> Carson: Here's my thing with "american idol" is I have so many friends that are in bands, and they're on the road for ten years before they get a chance to make the break. Do you think that models -- you could definitely answer this. Is it like they're cheating through this show?

>> I don't think it's cheating. At first I thought, "yeah, it is cheating. They don't get to sweat and cry and all the stuff that I did." But with the eight weeks that we put them through, it is so serious, and it is so intense. And the two years that it took me to become a "supermodel," I really do think that in those eight weeks, they go through it. They really go through it, and I didn't do anything to, like, make it good for tv. I just made it real.

>> Carson: Do you wanna hang out?

>> Yeah, I'll hang out.

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Postby Isied » Sun May 25, 2003 6:41 pm

thanx B)

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