Tyra Banks On 'late Night' 3/1

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Postby admin » Wed Mar 02, 2005 7:41 am

>> Conan: All right, everybody. We are back. And we got a show tonight. It's a real corker. Oh, yeah. Creeped everyone out.

[ Light laughter ] My first guest is one of the most beautiful women in the world. She's also the host of the hit reality show "america's next top model." Please welcome the lovely tyra banks.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Hi!

>> Conan: Yeah.

>> My shirt is all rising up.

>> Conan: Your shirt is what?

>> My shirt is riding up.

>> Conan: Ooh. Boo, hoo.

[ Laughter ] Your shirt's falling off, what are we going to do?

>> That's okay.

>> Conan: How are you? You look --

>> It's rising up, my shirt.

>> Conan: Yeah.

[ Laughter ] I can't think of a thing to ask you now.

[ Laughter ] You look fantastic, by the way.

>> Thank you.

>> Conan: Yeah, you look amazing. You're so sexy.

>> I am?

>> Conan: "I am?" Yeah.

>> I mean, I've had three hours of hair and makeup and stuff.

>> Conan: Me, too, but look.

[ Laughter ] I was sandblasted, they put me in a wind tunnel, they dip me in chocolate. Nothing.

[ Laughter ]

>> I think you're still sexy.

>> Conan: Now, I have so much to ask you about. You keep -- how can I concentrate on my questions if you keep rubbing your belly?

>> Okay, how's this? This is good.

>> Conan: Yeah. Now, so much to ask you. First of all, models. Models fascinate me. They do.

[ Light laughter ] I think they fascinate a lot of us guys. And one of the things that I've never understood is their attitude. You know, you'd think you didn't know anything that when a beautiful girl puts on a beautiful dress and parades down a runway, that they should be smiling or looking happy. But no, they're not. They look pissed off all the time.

[ Light laughter ]

>> The look is, "pissed off, I can't stand you, I'm about to kick your --"

>> Conan: But why? What is that all about?

>> Because, when you're too friendly, it's too approachable. Like, think about it. Like, if you go to a club and you see the girls that walk in, and they're like - - and then there's a group of girls, that are like, "oh, she thinks she's all that." What the group of girls is really saying is, "oh, no, she is all that."

>> Conan: Because she's got the attitude.

>> She's got the attitude. And the attitude kinda attracts the guys, 'cause the guys go, "ooh, I can never have that."

>> Conan: Right, and guys want what they can't have.

>> Exactly.

>> Conan: Ah! Beautiful, I love it. It doesn't work for guys, though. I've tried walking into a bar and I'm like --

[ Laughter ] And I'm immediately beaten to within an inch of my life.

[ Laughter ] And I try and do snaps, and it doesn't work. So it's important for models to look angry almost.

>> And to look pissed off. They have to look like pah! Punk!

>> Conan: What does "pah" mean? I don't even know what that is.

>> Sound effect.

>> Conan: Ah, okay. All right, all right. When I see you in magazines, you and the other supermodels, you're always making these -- you know, when you're not doing the runway stuff, you are sometimes making these really sexy faces. And sometimes I think, "what is tyra thinking when she's making that sexy face?" Are you thinking about sexy stuff?

>> I so am not, like ever. Like the victoria's secret catalog and I'm like --

>> Conan: Right, right, right. Yeah, keep doing that, that's cool.

[ Laughter ]

>> I'm thinking about fried chicken. I'm thinking about --

>> Conan: What?

>> Ice cream. I'm hungry. My stomach is growling. "Is this the last roll?"

>> Conan: You're thinking of food?

>> It's always food. Because I'm so greedy. If you notice, I'm, like, 30 pounds heavier than the girls in the victoria's secret catalog.

>> Conan: Well, I didn't know that. I mean, you look great. You have the curves, which is nice.

>> Yeah, I got booty.

>> Conan: You got booty, yeah. I do not have booty.

[ Laughter ] It's a straight line from my shoulder blades to my heels. There's nothing getting in the way. But enough about me. So that's going to change the way I look at those catalogs right now in my garage.

[ Laughter ] Late at night. "Who's there?"

[ Laughter ] You're thinking about food. Well, I guess that's good.

>> I'm thinking about chicken wings, I'm thinking about a rib.

>> Conan: Right. So that's the way to your heart, actually. You're giving the guy --

>> Feed me.

>> Conan: Feed you.

>> Feed me.

>> Conan: That's a good thing to know the next time I go cruising the town.

>> Barbeque sauce.

>> I'm going to have a waffle in my back pocket.

[ Laughter ] "Hi, girls. Hold on a second."

[ Laughter ] "Where you going? Oh, they ran away." You have this show, "america's next top model," which I think a lot of people watch and it's very exciting. What about a male model version of this show? What kind of guy do you think would get to the top of the male model version?

>> Well, actually, I thought about doing a male version, but there's not a lot of male supermodels. So I was like, "if there's not a lot of male supermodes, who's gonna wanna watch male models on tv?"

>> Conan: Right, 'cause there are no male -- that's the other thing is, that --

>> Why bother?

>> Conan: You hear about the women, but there's no guy who is pulling in big bucks.

>> I mean, there's tyson beckford and marcus schenkenberg, but after them, there's really nobody.

>> Conan: Right, right, right.

>> So I decided on the girls.

>> Conan: What is the type of guy would you look for in a male model, do you think?

>> I mean, there are male models that are "supermale models" in the industry.

>> Conan: Right.

>> And actually look like you, conan.

[ Cheers and applause ] They do, they do. You have the high cheek bones.

>> Conan: I do -- look at these cheek bones. Look at that. Look at that.

>> You don't even have to do that.

[ Laughter ] You are like edward scissorhands when you do that, actually.

[ Laughter ]

>> Conan: That's good. Yeah.

>> Doesn't he look like him when you do that?

>> Conan: Yeah, yeah. No, no, I am not a male model.

>> The pale skin, freckles, red hair.

>> Conan: Gee, all the things that people look for in beauty. What do you mean, "pale skin"?

>> The '80s it was all about beefcake, muscles, fake tans, you know, dark hair, like the full, pouty lips, like -- and now it's like --

>> Conan: Now it's thin lips, really sickly looking.

[ Laughter ]

>> You could work a runway right now.

>> Conan: Well, you know what I do have? I have the longest legs you ever saw -- for a guy. I'm all leg. Well, people are always shocked when I walk around in public. People come up to me and say, "i can't believe you're this tall." It's because I have the legs of a nine-foot-high person.

[ Laughter ] And I have the torso of an 8-year-old boy.

[ Laughter ] I'm like a little guy on top of a long coffee table. "Hi, everybody, how are you?" My belt comes to here. It's right here, my belt. We just put my shirt over it.

[ Laughter ] This is very disturbing. So that's very nice of you to say, though. I wish I had become a male model.

>> But it is true. It is all about the bones. And it's all about, I mean, red hair. We're both working it right now.

>> Conan: Yeah, we're working it. We're styling.

>> Mine is just a little not as natural as yours.

>> Conan: Yeah, well. Red hair, I hated having red hair as a kid.

>> But now it's special.

>> Conan: You know, it got better. As I got into my late 50s, I started to appreciate it.

[ Laughter ] But as a kid I had orange hair and freckles and I couldn't stand it. I always wanted to have cool black hair and sideburns.

>> But you know that redheads have more hair per square inch of the head than blonds and brunettes. Did you know that?

>> Conan: Now, I didn't know that. That's a nice think to know.

>> You'll probably always have your hair.

>> Conan: Well, that's very cool. This isn't going anywhere. Knock wood.

[ Light laughter ] I've had this for a long time. You know what I mean? This is just --

>> I like the curve thing going on today.

>> Conan: Today? That's here every night.

[ Laughter ]

>> No, it's bigger.

>> Conan: The curve is bigger?

>> This curve part is bigger today.

>> Conan: That's because it has to do with the planets, the movement of the planets.

[ Laughter ] Venus is in retrograde. Nasa talks to me before they send anything into space. They go and they check out the wave, and they're like, "we're a go."

[ Light laughter ] How does tyra enjoy herself? And I'll talk about you in the third person because it's cooler. What do you for fun? Like, what's just a typical thing you do for fun?

>> I love going to the movies. Like, I go to every single movie that comes out. Constantly. And then I eat.

>> Conan: You eat at the movies?

>> You have to. You smell that popcorn and then the nachos. The pacific theater has the best nachos. They have these little round chips, and the sauce, and they you extra sauce for 50 cents more.

[ Light laughter ]

>> Conan: Pacific theaters?

>> Pacific theaters.

>> Conan: Sounds like a wonderful chain.

[ Laughter ] I just got us all free tickets and free nacho cheese.

>> You better hook me up. Free nachos or something.

>> Conan: You like to go there, and so you get the food at the movie theater. Do you ever sneak food in?

>> No, I get the nachos at the movie theaters, but I get the ice cream on the outside of the theater. Because the theaters only have those, bon bons, or like those bars, but I like my ice cream with a scoop. I'm addicted to ice cream.

>> Conan: So you buy a big tub of ice cream and bring it into the theater?

>> About four of five scoops, you bring it into the theater, but see, they try to trip and they try to say you can't bring it in. So you put your coat over it. But then they give you the eye. And they're like, "oh, I know you got that ice cream under your coat." And I'm looking at them like, "yeah, and what?"

[ Laughter ]

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Conan: That's when you give them the model look. "I know you got ice cream." "Uh!"

>> I mean, I've brought, like --

>> Conan: I'm doing everything. That's going to be my new thing. But doesn't the ice cream melt? I'm just imagining.

>> You have to hurry up and get it really -- you know.

>> Conan: Get it fast, get into the theater.

>> You know that bag that keeps it cold?

>> Conan: Yeah? You're a junkie.

[ Laughter ]

>> I just bring everything into the theater. Sometimes it's nice, you know, you bring your dinner. I can bring a big a -- oops. I could bring a big turkey.

>> Conan: You can say ass on tv, can't you? You can say ass. Ass, ass, ass.

[ Laughter ]

>> Turkey and dressing. And --

>> Conan: "Big turkey dinner." Why don't you have thanksgiving there next time?

[ Laughter ] The whole family sitting around? All right, well, we're going to have to go because we've talked way too long. But I always enjoy it when you're on the program. You have a certain chemistry, some say an attraction.

[ Laughter ] Don't laugh at that.

[ Laughter ] I'm the next male model. You have a talk show. I have to mention this before we go. A talk show coming up.

>> I have a talk show coming up. My own talk show, conan! We're going to be cousins, redheaded cousins!

[ Laughter ]

[ Applause ]

>> Conan: Well, that's all right. I like that.

>> Except I'm gonna be in the daytime.

>> Conan: If you can just mention that we're related, that would be so cool for me. You'll be in the daytime?

>> Yes, daytime. It's a show that, like, speaks to women of my generation. Because they're going through things, you know, boyfriends and kids and marriage and just all these things for the first time.

>> Conan: Is this a show I could ever come on, like, "he's a sex addict."

[ Laughter ]

>> You totally could.

>> Conan: "He pleases women too well."

[ Laughter ] Conan o'brien, right?

[ Cheers and applause ] And I could be there like, "why don't they leave me alone? I'm a person." Oh, man. "America's next top model" cycle four premiers tomorrow night at 8:00 on upn, and look for cycle one on dvd.

>> Dvd, the very first one. Oh, sorry.

>> Conan: Settle down there. I told them about it. "Big three, go out and buy it now!"

>> I'm proud of it, that's our first one. That's the first one ever.

>> Conan: Okay, I did plug it. This is good.

>> You're telling me to shut up!

>> Conan: No, no!

>> My redheaded cousin is telling me to shut up.

>> Conan: Nice.

[ Conan purrs ] This ithe first one, you got to check it out. Dvd available march 29th. Thank you so much for being here.

>> Thank you so much.

[ Applause ]

>> Conan: All right, tyra banks.

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