Tyra Banks Visits 'the Tonight Show' 3/29

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Postby admin » Wed Mar 30, 2005 6:41 am

>> Jay: All righty, welcome back. My first guest is a supermodel. She hosts the very popular tv show, "america's next top model," which airs wednesday nights on upn. Please welcome tyra banks!

[ Cheers and applause ] Well, you look great.

>> I know. I mean, no, I don't know. That's not what I meant. I thought you were about to say I'm late.

>> Jay: No, I said, "you look great."

>> Thank you.

>> Jay: But, you see, that's freudian, because you knew you were late.

>> It is so freudian.

>> Jay: I was doing the monologue. I said, "is tyra here?"

>> Where the heck? You're amazing, first of all, because you come into everybody's dressing room, you say hello.

>> Jay: Don't flatter me now.

[ Laughter ]

>> No, but it's good.

>> Jay: So, where were you --

>> I had a wardrobe malfunction.

[ Laughter ]

>> Jay: Really?

>> Yes.

>> Jay: And that would have been a hell of a malfunction, too.

[ Light laughter ] Tell me what happened. Tell me where you were. I'm curious. I just want to hear if you have a good excuse.

>> I'm an on-time girl. I have this amazing stylist, her name is Q. She fedexes this gorgeous black nicole miller dress for me. It's really, really nice. I'm trying not to wear as much cleavage these days, so it's totally like covered, but sexy still at the same time, y'all.

[ Laughter ] So, you know, she fedexed it, the seamstresses fixed it. We put it on today, and the zipper gets stuck, like, midwaist. And I'm, like, "oh, my gosh. We're trying to pull it up, pull it down, pull it up." Finally, after 15 minutes, I'm like, "cut it off. Just cut it off me." So we cut it off me.

>> Jay: So they had to cut it off you.

>> Yeah, we had to cut it off me.

>> Jay: What a brave young woman you are.

[ Laughter ]

>> So we had to go through my -- my assistant, lisa, we went through my closet, and we pieced this together.

>> Jay: Well, that looks very good.

>> It's kind of ice skater.

>> Jay: Very nice piece. It worked out really good.

[ Cheers and applause ] I'm curious about your no cleavage rule. Why are you trying to get away from the cleavage thing?

>> Actually, I've been being the sex-type model-pot kind of girl for so long. I've been modeling since I was 15. Now I'm doing a talk show, and moving into other areas. I'm hosting these girls and being a den mother on my model show. You know, it's time to retire all this, I think.

>> Jay: Cleavage works everywhere.

[ Laughter ] There's no line of work where cleavage is not an advantage.

>> You think so?

>> Jay: Well, sure.

>> You think -- I don't know.

>> Jay: The only place it doesn't work is plumber cleavage. That's the only cleavage that doesn't work.

[ Laughter ]

>> And with these low-rise jeans, I have the plumber cleavage in the back.

>> Jay: Now, do you give advice? You talk about being a den mother to these young models. So what kind of advice do you give them? I'm curious.

>> One thing that I think is really important is, these irs feel like -- when they mess up, they blame everybody. "Well, the photographer didn't get my angle. You guys didn't choose the right picture."

>> Jay: Or "my hip is stuck."

>> Exactly.

[ Laughter ] Oh, look at you. My girl's going to throw this in my face now, that you're being hard on me. But anyway. You know what I mean? I hate when people blame, you know, someone else for why they're not doing well at something.

>> Jay: Well, actually, that's a very good rule. To me, anything that goes wrong is my fault. If you go in with that attitude --

>> Exactly. The zipper's stuck, and it's my fault, and I'm sorry that I'm late.

>> Jay: I'm just teasing. Is there a second rule? Give me another rule.

>> Yeah, another one would be modeling school. You know, there's like a lot of scams. A lot of people think that, "oh, I can pay $5,000 and I can be a supermode these people discovered me on the street, and all I have to do is pay and I'm gonna be a a star." But you really need to stay away from tht.F1 f1ppara permanecer lejos de eso. If somebody wants you to be a d, eyilpafoyo they will put you in a model's they will fly you to new york cit. They might even fly your mama, where co that doesn't work.

>> That can happen sometimes, but no, that's not necessri the right thing to do.

>> Jay: And keep your clothes on? Would that probably be a good rule?

>> Most definitely. There's going to be a casting couch in everything entertainment. And I'm very lucky I didn't ever do anything like that.

>> Jay: Were you ever confronted with that?

>> You know what? This is energy that you have to give with somebody. And I never had that. I had that "don't mess with me"-type of energy with photographers.

>> Jay: Okay.

>> So they never really did that to me.

>> Jay: You never got too much of it.

>> No, I never had it.

>> Jay: Oh, okay. What are some things, like, you won'to as a model? Uention ttyoono no nudity.

>> I don't dity.

>> Jay: Don't pose with cigarettes. That's a good one.

>> Yeah, because my grandma died of lung cancer, so I don't do cigarettes at all.

>> Jay: That's a good one. Good for you.

>> But I have some fears, jay. I'm terrified of birds, cats, and is

[ Laughter ] Yeah.

>> Jay: It's almost like the food chain.

[ Laughter ] Fish, bird, cat. I mean, what's terrifying about a fish?

>> The fish -- I don't know. I used to have these nightmares that I'd be in a swimming pool, and these fish would be surrounding me, and then dolphins and whales -- which I know are mammals -- but dolphins and whales would be hitting me with their noses on my legs, I swear. I had this dream about four times a year.

[ Laughter ] I swear I do. I don't know what it is. So on my modeling chart at my modeling agency -- I'm not with the agency any more, but when I used to be, it would say, "she will not work with birds, cats, fish. She won't wear fur, she won't do nudity."

>> Jay: Alright, so the bird -- the dolphins, the nose thing. Okay. That's the fish one.

>> Yes.

>> Jay: So what's the bird one? What's -- they get in your hair?

[ Light laughter ]

>> You know when they, like, they put up their wing and they're like --

[ Makes bird noise ]

[ Laughter ]

>> Jay: You don't like birds with attitude.

[ Laughter ]

>> Something about it.

>> Jay: Yeah, yeah. Like it's a wing up. But a nice, like, a turkey.

>> Oh, my god. You don't understand. It's disgusting. It really is disgusting.

>> Jay: Really. Is it this thing under the neck?

>> Yeah.

>> Jay: Okay.

>> Everything about it.

>> Jay: Okay, okay. That takes care of the bird thing. How about the kitty thing? Now, most women love cats. My wife, there's nothing a cat can't do that's not hilarious.

>> I am extremely allergic to cats, first of all.

>> Jay: So am I.

>> You are? Do you fear them?

>> Jay: No, but I have a wife I fear more.

[ Laughter ]

[ Applause ] I just sneeze all the time. Actually, it goes away if you just -- I just go home and sneeze all the time. That's fine. I've been sneezing for 24 years, so it's fine. That doesn't bother me. But your fear is that you're allergic.

>> They're like slinky, and they're like mysterious. Actually, jay, I have this one cat -- my friend has this cat that loves me so much, and I cannot stand the cat because I'm terrified. And one day the cat -- you know

[ Makes meowing noise ]

>> Jay: Do that again. I'm sorry.

[ Laughter ] What do they do? I'm sorry, I missed that.

[ Makes meowing noise ]

>> You know, that rubbing and that purring inside the chest. I'm like, "where's that noise coming from?" The cat's all rubbing on me. After a while, I'm just like, "get aayme c o1 the t nsway. Like, "oh, no, you didn'T." She cesacan I'm like, "that is too much smartness going on."

[ Laughter ] That is too much intelligence in this animal to walk away, and then turn around and say, "oh, no, you didn'T."

>> Jay: And then come back and e p[ Laughter ] More with tyra right after be right back.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Next "inside edition" -- the scandal rocked the business world. The C.E.O. And the mistress who became his wife.

>> I don't care. I fell in love.

>> Together in their first tv interview.

>> I never said that. I never said it.

>> Then, behind the scenes as they shoot the new amber frey movie. He plays scott peterson. She plays amber frey. On the set with the key players. Watch the next "inside edition."

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Jay: Welcome back. Talking with tyra banks. Now, you have a theory of modeling, right?

>> Yes.

>> Jay: This is interesting to me. Tell us the theory.

>> Well, if you guys look at models, you see that a lot of them look like they're in pain, like, "why does she look mad? Why does she look like she's in pain?" So I devised this kind of thing where I would do a pose, but really I'm thinking about an ailment. And I brought some pictures today to kind of show you.

>> Jay: Let's see the first one. What ailment is that?

>> That's a stomachache and a a headache.

[ Laughter ] It's like a --

>> Jay: Yeah, I get that a lot from women.

>> Can you do it?

>> Jay: I suppose I could, but it's not quite the same.

[ Laughter ] What's the next one?

>> The next one is a heartache.

>> Jay: Oh, a heartache.

>> Yeah. It's just pain.

>> Jay: Good that you're getting away from that cleavage thing.

[ Laughter ] Let me ask you about dating now. How's your love life? You're always so secretive. Anybody new? Anybody exciting?

>> Yeah, well, I don't really talk about my present life, but I can tell you about the past.

>> Jay: Oh, about the past?

>> Yeah.

>> Jay: All right. I guess I'll have to settle for that, pretty much. Do you like male model types? Do you like football guys? Do you like hunky? What do you like?

>> My friend, she tried to hook me up with an actor. And I really wasn't kind of into that. This was a couple of years ago. We went on this date -- I was scared, because it was a blind date. I'm like, "you have to come with me. I'm not about to walk into this restaurant with a red rose, saying, "it's me." He'd probably would know it's me, anyway, but whatever.

[ Light laughter ] So I walk into the restaurant with her, sit there. This man is, like, I'm thinking, staring at me. I'm, like, "ooh, I must have did my makeup really good today. Then I notice his eyeline is kinda off a little. And there's a mirror in the booth. He was, like, checking himself out. He was like -- what the heck? Then he proceeds to start talking about all these actresses that he slept with, and how good they were.

>> Jay: No, come on. Really?

>> I swear. Like this is supposed to impress me. S dha I got a little sleepy and over him, and it was a booth. So I just kind of leaned, and the next I know, I fell asleep, and my friend woke me up. She's like, "you're embarrassing me! Other womee ha

>> Famous ones.

Jay: Anyboyww?F1

[ Laughter ] Well, he must be good. Wow!

>> Yeah. I was so mad. I was like, "you did that to me."

>> Jay: What man thinks that way?

>> And he didn't see anything wrong with it?

>> Jay: I guess so. Does that ever work?

>> Blind dates?

>> Jay: No, but I mean someone trying to impress a womanbycf3 talking about --

>> Oh, not at all.Ybsome people, if they feel "ooh, he had her, and I'm next." Inse ouycf o1

[ Laughter ]

>> There's a metd that,

>> Jay: Now, you're planning your own talk show.

>> Yes.

>> Jay: Tell me about this. I want to hear about it.

>> I'm so excited about my show. My show iselyarti women f my generation, women arto yarld about targets? We were talking about targets just this afternoon.

>> And I'm doing it with real women and real issues. Every now and then I'll have celebrities, but in general, the bulk of it is going to be just wha ae ng-estar lo lo que estan pasando through today.

>> Jay: And what are they going through today?

>> They're going through so much drama, jay.

>> Jay: I always like when people say "things today." Like, I always like whenth oh, like my parents were throwing silver dollars out the window.

>> But things change. We're a little bit more independent than we were in the past. There's certain things that my generation are totally different. Things my mama does, it's like speaking japanese to my mama sometimes.

>> Jay: Well, go ahead. Like what? You're talking to your mom. What would it be? What's so different that mom --

>> "Well, I don't understand, child."

>> Jay: What is it she doesn't get?

[ Laughter ]

>> Well, my mom doesn't understand that I'm a a workaholic and that I constantly have to work and there's just no time for myself. I'm totally, like --

>> Jay: Is that good?

>> I think it's a good thing. But sometimes I do need a a little bit ocaio it's, like, kind of speaking japanese with her. She doesn't really understand that. Desire to marry. But, you know, but that's a a little bit different, you know.

>> Jado y fndha true -- but see, women seem to want to get married just as much as they always did.

>> I think it's a lot different.

>> Jay: I think it's a lot more independent.

>> You know how they say, "30 is the new 20 and 40 is the new 30" and all that.

>> Jay: Nobody buys that.

>> It's true. I'm 30, but I'm 20. You know what I'm saying?

[ Laughter ]

>> Jay: All right, all right. Now, what's happening on "america's top model"?

>> "America's top model"?

>> Jay: Yeah, tell me a little about this.

>> Well, you know, it's a very, very highly competitive thing.

>> Jay: Right.

>> You know, and the girls, they experience a lot of stress.Ik r r have a little bit of sleep and a lot of work and a lot of competition and a lot of insecurity and a lot of critique. Actually, I brought a clip because, one of our girls, a a couple of weeks ago, or last week, actually, she fainted.

>> Jay: I saw this. At first, I thought it was fake.

>> No. She went all the way. She actual had the preexisting condition, but we didn't know that.

>> Jay: Well, here. Let's take a look. Here we go.

>> Here's your best shot.

>> Cute, cute, cute. A great, great shot. The dogs look great. You look great.

>> Looks a little slutty, though.

>> Like, real 40's pinup. I'm digging it.

>> I think you have everything together for a model.

>> You need to work on your presence. I didn't feel that you embraced --

>> Oh, my god! Can somebody call the paramedics?

>> Call the police.

[ Applause ]

>> Jay, that was really hard for me. Actually, we shut down for four hours after that happened. The camera doesn't see it, but I was bawling, crying.

>> Jay: But she's okay?

>> Oh, she's fine. She woke up, like, "I'm ready to come back and take another picture."

>> Jay: She fell on her head -- well, she's a model.

[ Audience ohs ]

>> What? What did you say?

[ Rim shot ]

>> Jay: I'm giving you a hard time.

>> Oh, come on.

>> Jay: It's wednesdays, wednesdays on upn. And watch for her talk show.

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