Tyra Banks Visits 'the Tonight Show' 9/12

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Postby admin » Tue Sep 13, 2005 3:10 am

>> Jay: All righty, welcome back!

[ Cheering and applause ] My first guest new day time talk show premiered earlier today. She's also hosting the very popular tv show, "america's next top model," which has its two-hour premier september 21st. Please welcome the lovely, tyra banks.

[ Applause ]

>> Jay: Wow, look at you! Wow, all dressed up, very nice.

>> I dressed up for, jay.

>> Jay: I appreciate that. You look great.

>> Thank you.

>> Jay: You look great. You look great. You know, I've been doing a a little research. I've been reading some tabloids. And they all seem to stress the fact that you're thrifty. Is that a fairway to call it.

>> My mama calls it cheap. She says it is down right cheap. I -- I think I'm just fearful that I'm gonna be on, like, an "e: True hollywood story," where, like, she just has no more money. So, like, I really, really save and I get really pissed off when people in my house waste. For instance, if you come to my house, jay. The water bottle. Everybody wastes. If you take two since and leave that on my coach on my table, your name will be written on it the next time you come back.

>> Jay: So you just put it back.

>> I put it back.

[ Cheers ]

>> Jay: Well, that's okay.

>> I feel like that waste is ridiculous. And I'm not joking, I am for real.

>> Jay: Yeah?

>> Yeah. Or like, guys know -- women, when you do your makeup and get like a mascara smudge or something. I take the tissue and I clean the smudge up and then I fold the tissue and put it back because I'm going to get a a smudge aouple of days later.

>> Jay: Okay, now, see, that's that's crazy lady.

>> That's what my mom says.

>> Jay: That's like crazy cat lady. See, when you are young and beautiful, you are eccentric. "Oh, she saves tissues." And thenou're like, "oh, hee, hee, hee!" I can see the water thing. Because water. But a folding a tissue.

>> The environment.

>> Jay: Now, do you put it back in the thing so it looks as if

>> No, let me show you. Okay, smudge. Eye liner. You guys see that smudge? That's a little smudge, okay? That's not like boogers or anything. All right?

>> Jay: Thanks for clearing that up.

>> You just put it there. And then three days later.

>> Jay: Leave it there. So next time you are on, four months, I will just, like, leave it there. So, like, -- like, do you go to expensive restaurants and things like that?

>> No, I don't really like expensive restaurants. I mean, I do go every now and then. That's the only thing I spend money on is restaurants.

>> Jay: Okay. But I do like my denny's and I like my I-hop.

>> Jay: Denny's and I-hop?

>> I know you all like it.

[ Cheers ]

>> Jay: So, do you go -- do you go every year for your birthday?

>> Yeah, let me tell you. I went to denny's on my birthday this past year, december 4th. I went on my birthday. And I was like, okay, I finished my meal. "Here is my I.D. It's my birthday. Where's my free meal? I shouldn't have to pay for this." And they were like, "we don't do that anymore." And I was like, "where is the manage"

>> Jay: Really? You brought the manager out? I walike, this is ridiculous. They have been advertising this since I was a little girl and my dad used to take my on my birthday and get a free thing and a little ice cream.

>> Jay: Let's picture this. A supermodel arguing with the guy in the paper hat over free -- over free --

>> Yeah, they didn't give it to me.

>> Jay: Okay, let me ask you cf1 o this. So, when you go out with a guy and he'cheap, do you resent it?

>> You know what? that didn't have anything.

>> Jay: Right. Cf1 o

>> Because all my friends, you know, were like, my friends from high school -- and I wanted to be like them. I was becoming this supermodel cf1 o want to be like the supermodels that are with these rich old men, you know, like 80 years old from france, I don't want to be like that. I wanted to be normal. So, I would date, like, the fedex man, the ups man.

>> Jay: The fedex guy? Thio cf1 o fedex guy in the world. Here is the packag whoa! How did this happen?

>> I really would date guys like mo eso.

>> Jay: Did you go out in the fedex truck, so you could double park and everything?

>> Actually, this one guy that was a whole other story. He was a P.A., That used to push the music, like, play the music to the victoria's secret commercials. And that was his job and I went out with him on one date. But anyway, that is another story. But, you know, with these guys, they wouldn't even pay for ice can afford an ice cream cone."

>> Jay: Why wouldn't they pay?

>> Because they thought I had all of the money. And I1 get me some chicken mcnuggets. You can afford that. You can afford a nice restaurant on a fedexups truck.

>> I am sure plenty of guys who are willing to buy you some mcnuggets.

>> This was back in the day. This is back in the day.

>> Jay: So how about now?

>> Now I like a guy w has a a good job and can take me out.

>> Jay: Do you remeer your first bo1 o

>> My first boyfriend. I have two, a firstoyfriend and a first kiss. My first kiss, his name was christian broadlow, and he was so fine. My mama used to say he looks like johnny mathis. You know johnny mathis?

>> Jay: Right.

>> We went to see "biloxi blues." Which was a movie long time ago. I was 15 years old, with matthew broderick. And he kissed me at the end, at the movie theater, and he put his tongue in my mouth. And I was like, it felt like a a weird snake slug thing. And I was like, "I don't like kissing like that," as if I, like, did it all the time. And he was like, "okay." And then I got nervous after the movie that I walked, literally, like, 50 paces ahead of him. I could not look at him. And then he left me for another girl, like a week later.

>> Jay: I can't imagine why.

>> Zabrina was her name.

>> Jay: Zabrina. Ooh, that b****!

>> Oh!

[ Laughter ]

>> Jay: Look, look, we'll take a break. More with tyra right after this.

[ Cheers and applause ]

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>> How jude law's son found them together. Next "inside edition." 1 a a a a ??????? X h h Ñ

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Jay: Welcome back. Learning more and more about tyra banks. Okay, we know you're thrifty.

>> Cheap.

>> Jay: Cheap, oh, okay. And you have some odd fears, too.

>> Yeah, I'm afraid of birds, cats and fish.

>> Jay: Birds cats and fish?

>> Yeah, but my biggest fear is actually whales and dolphins. I actually have a reoccurring dream where dolphins and whales are bouncing and bumping into my legs in a swimming pool.

>> Jay: In a swimming pool?

>> Inow it sounds weird, but it's true. Yeah, and I've been having this dream since I was, like, 12 years old. And the whale thing is really bad. Like, if I was snorkeling and saw a shark, I'd be nervous, but if I saw a whale, I would probably hyperventilate and swallow the water.

>> Jay: Well, especially in the pool.

[ Laughter ] I mean, I think anybody, you're in your pool and then -

[ Jay bleats ] Orca shows up. I mean, that would -- sure, anybody would be frightened by that.

>> And it's funny, because I just saw "finding nemo," I hadn't seen it, and I tivoed it on cable, or whatever. And I'm watching it, and everything's sweet. And the little fish with the little stripes, you know, and ellen degeneres, that fish, everything's great. And then this big ass whale showed up on the screen.

>> Jay: A "big ass whale"? I don't know my mammals, but I'm not familiar with the big ass whale.

[ Laughter ]I know the sperm whale, the killer whale, the big ass whale.

>> It was a big ass whale.

>> Jay: Yeah, that's a big ass whale. Okay, and what happened?

>> My heart started, like,

>> But I was by mysf in my room. And I was like, "this is a true fear for a cartoon to be doing this to me," and then it swallowed nemo, and it gone to an aquarium.

>> No.

>> Jay: Would that be, like, the ultimate frightening experience?

>> To be next to a whale, I don't know. I feel like they would swallow me, and I would survive. Cf1 o but like jonah, or something.

>> Jay: Okay, okay, the whale you are small, the whale is big. How's the bird thing?

>> I don't know what that is. But, like, if I'm in -- you know those outdoor restaurants? You guys know, when there' like, all those birds everywhere? I'm, ke, constantly doing, like, this, and stomping my feet like this so they don't come near. They, like, clean themselves, and they're like -- and I think, like, they're the dirtiest things in the world!

>> Jay: Okay. Well, how about cats?

>> Cats are -- they a spooky.

>> Jay: Really?

>> Yeah, there was this one cat. I was at my friend's house. Also allergic. So I don't like them to be around me.

>> Jay: Okay, terrified and allergic.

>> So the cat came up to me, -- like rubbing on my leg.

>> Jay: I'm sorry, do that again. That was great.

>> So, he's doing that, right? So I kind of kicked the cat away.

>> Jay: Ooh!

>> No, not harmed the animal. No, just kind of like a --

>> Jay: A gentle apacible?

>> Yeah.So the cat walks away, and he turns around, and he's like, "oh, no, you didn't, b****."

[ Laughter ] And he comes back, and swiped me, and then walked away. I was like, "that's too smart."

>> Jay: You see --[ Laughter ] Well, I mean, I would be frightened, too, if a cat turned and called me a "b****." That would be terrible.

[ Laughter ] Just the ct that the cat is speaking. Just to hear the cat speak in such a nasty tone of voice. No, I think these are all well-grounded fears. You got the big ass whale, and the cat, "b****."

[ Laughter ] This imaginary world that you live in. This cheap ass world with animals that talk. Now, "america's next top model," it's a huge hit.

>> Yes, we're going into our fifth season of "top model."

>> Jay: Is it really?

>> Fifth season.

>> Jay: Wow. That's pretty amazing, okay.

>> Well, l okay --

[ Cheers and applause ] We have a lot of models and stuff on this show. What is the biggest misconception about modeling? Cf1 o girls must write to you and say, "oh, I want to be a a model."

>> Constantly. The biggest misconception is they think that if they pay $5,000, you know, photographer at some place, that they can become a model. And you do not have to spend anything more than a polaroid shot of yourself and bring it to an agency. And families go into debt, thinking they have to spend cf1 o this money and go into these competitions. Youon't have to do that. Save your money. If you got the looks, somebody will recognize that, d pay you.

>> Jay: Okay. Well, all right, there youo.

[ Applause ] Now you're doing the talk show now, welcome, fellow talk show host.

>> My first show was today, jay.

>> Jay: Oh, that's very exciting. Was it fun? Did you like it? F1 o I mean, I was crying, I was laughing. My mama was my first guest.

>> Jay: All right.

>> It was great. And I had this thing on the dmv licenses. Their driver's licenses. So I taught women how get a a divalicious, gorgeous photo.

>> Jay: "Divalicious."

>> Jay: "Gorgeous photo." Okay. Now, have some photos here.

>> Yeah, I know.

>> Jay: Some people gave us their licenses. Put that first one up. Now, there is -- okay. That's penny marshall, apparently.

[ Laughte] Who is that? That lady from canada? Joannie.>> Joannie.

>> Jay: How you would you improve her photo?

Well, you know what? She looks like she's scared. Looks like somebody said "joannie!" She said, "huh?"

[ Laughter ] So I'd tell joannie to peer, like -- look at the camera. Just -- okay, like this. It's like an animalistic kind of thing. That -- but, you know, it's like you have to feel the wind in your hair even though it's not here. So insteaof "huh," it's -- get it?

>> Jay: Dmv guy's going, "next! Thank you, lady."

[ Laughter ] All right, let's see another photo. We have another one here.

>> Oh, lord.

>> Jay: Okay, this guy. Who is that guy? That's --

>> You know what? He looks --

>> Jay: First all, this man's going to prison. It says, "weight 155." Okay, right there.

[ Laughter ] Right there, you're lying, pal! That's fraud right there. Whatever that was.

>> Yeah. He looks --

>> Jay: What would you do to improve his?

>> He looks upset.

>> Jay: Yeah.

>> And he looks like he ate something and his stomach is hurting. Like, doesn't it look like that? Like -- so I would tell him tturn -- this is what I had on my show, I'd tell them to turn to the camera and go, "hey! Hey!"

[ Laughter ]

>> Jay: No, that sounds like, "gay! Gay!"

[ Laughter ]

[ Rim shot ] All right, one last photo. I can see that guy going, "hi!"

[ Laughter ] Okay, what do we got? Okay, what do we got here? Somebody from "the lord of the rings," apparently.

>> Yeah.

>> Jay: I would tell this kid, "get a hat," okay?

>> Yeah. With him, you know, he shouldn't have done that, because he's gonna get older every single year, and regret that.

>> Jay: Yeah.

>> So, you know what I would suggest? He needs a black sharpie marker to fill that in.

[ Laughter ]

>> Jay: Just kind of start from the top and make it an afro.

>> Just fill it in.

>> Jay: All right. Hey, will you sign our bike for us? Help us raise some money?

>> Of course! Of course I will. Tyra banks, ladies and gentlemen.

[ Cheers and applause ]

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