Tyra Banks Visits 'the Tonight Show' 12/2

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All right. My first guest takes her final walk down the runway in victoria's secret's fashion show. Her final walk. What, is she 80 now?

[ Laughter ] Next week, on december 6, tuesday, on another network. She'll also host the finale of "america's next top model" next wednesday. She's got her talk show every day. Please welcome the lovely tyra banks.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Jay: You're beautiful.

>> Thank you.

>> Jay: Why are you retiring? What happened? You're aging? What's going on? What's happening?

>> Yeah, when I first started modeling, my mom said to leave before the industry kicks you out.

>> Jay: They're not going to kick you out.

>> Well, one day they would.

>> Jay: Really?

>> And I'm like, no, you won'T.

>> Jay: So that's it.

>> I feel like it's time. I feel it's important to walk away when you're still hot and you can still do it. But at the same time, I, like, noticed at the fashion show that I have three new cellulite dimples.

[ Light laughter ] Three new ones.

>> Jay: How do you notice that? I don't think I've ever seen my own ass. How do you know?

[ Laughter ] I mean, do you sit with a hand mirror? What do you do?

>> You just kinda look. As woman, you stand up and you're like -- oops, my mic is coming off. You stand up and you're just like, "okay, one, two, three, four. Five, six -- seven?". Yeah, I have more dimples on my " booty. And I'm like, you know what? It's time. Because the dimples are in the back and they're going to wrap to the front. And that's not good.

>> Jay: Now, is booty dimpling a problem for lot of -- is this a new area?

>> I've had booty dimples since I was 13.

>> Jay: I wouldn't even go there. That's a horrible thing t have.

>> I have them.

>> Jay: And yet you still managed to make it.& That is unbelievable.

>> Let me tell you how I discovered I had cellulite..

>> Jay: Okay.

>> I was standing inhe lunch line at school. We all wore girl's uniforms. You know, little skirts. And I saw this dimple on my I'm like, "you know what? Wow, that looks like llulite." She's like, "looks like it."

[ Laughter ] And I was like, okay. So she told me that I have & cellulite.

>> Jay: See, guys don't en know if they have toilet paper on their shoes.

[ Laughter ]

>> Right. Right.

>> Jay: So that's amazing. Now, you did a show on plastic surgery. Now, this made me laugh. We did some jokes about it.

>> On breasts. Because you had to prove to people that you didn't have implants.

>> Yeah. It was important to me. Breast implants?

>> Yeah. Breast implants.

[ Light laughter ] Give a round of applause for people that thought I had breast implants. And be honest.

[ Applause ] You're all lying. I know everyby wants to clap in here.

[ Laughter ] And I just was tired of the rumor. I felt so trapped -- and and selling bras. I'm like, "hell, I didn't put nothing inside."

>> Jay: Right. Do you feel vindicated now?

>> I feel very vindicated.

>> Jay: You know what it was?

[ Applause ] It was the guy you had do the breasts.

>> It was a plastic surgeon.

>> Jay: I know it was. I have the tape from the show. Show the tape from the show. Take a look. Now, look, see what I'm saying?& Look at this.

[ Laughter ]

[ Cheers and applause ] He may have told you -- no, he is not a plastic surgeon. He's a former president of the united states.

[ Laughter ]

>> Oh, come on. That would have been interesting if he did that.

>> Jay: Now, tell me about the fat suit here. This is you. This is a 350-pound suit.

>> Yes.

>> Jay: I'm curious. You went out on the street with a hidden camera.

>> Yeah, I went out on the street with a hidden camera and I decided to disguise myself as a 350-pound woman. I was having breakfast with my friends, very close friends. All different races. And we all started talking, and they all started bagging on obese people. Like, "oh my god. When they eat,on't you just want to vomit looking at them? Why do they even eat all?" And I'm like, you know what?

>> Jay: Let me guess. That would be a white girl.

[ Laughter ] Is that the white girl you just did? Only white girls would talk like that.

>> I talk like that sometimes.

>> Jay: Was her name buffy? Was buffy the girl who did that?

[ Laughter ] All right. Go ahead.

>> So I was like, "you know what? It is ridiculous that you guys, all are different races -- if somebody said a race thing like that, ya'll would all be fighting right now." Butecause it was a fat thing, it was okay. And I'm like, "I'm doing a show on it. I'm gonna go undercover and really see how it feels." And I wasn't trying to, like, " say -- you know, to save obese people, - because I can take the suit so it wasn't like that. How ugly and negative people can be and to kind of change that.

>> Jay: Did men and women react the same? Or did men --

>> I went on three blind dates. And one of the guys -- I was in character. And I'm like, "you know what? How is blind dating for you? Because, as you can imagine, for me it's difficult." He's like, "oh, I don't have to imane. I have eyes."

[ Audience oohs ] He said it. So it was really ugly. Then the women were, like, staring at me and pointing and laughing in my face. It was very emotional for me. When I came back my show, it was emotional. It was difficult.

>> Jay: Oh, all right.

>> Jay: I'll tell you what. We'll take a break. We'll talk more right after this. We'll be right back. More with tyra banks after this.

[ Applause ]

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Jay: Welcome back. Talking with the lovely tyra banks. I got to ask you. On your show you had fellow supermodel naomi campbell on. Now, you guys were like --

[ Screeching cat ] That was like a battle for a a while. Right? You didn't like each other.

>> I wouldn't really call it a a battle or not liking each other, because I was a young girl, you know, 17 years old, straight to paris, and she was a supermodel.

>> Jay: And how much older was she?

>> Like, four years. Four or five years, I think.

>> Jay: So you were 17 and she was, like, 22.

>> Yeah. I don't want to, like, bad-mouth her, but it wasn't -- when you're 17 and you're not a a supermodel and somebody else is, it's not a cat fight. It's a -- ahh!

>> Jay: Now, what happened? Did she try to sabotage you?

>> Jay! Well, it wasn't pleasant. It was so hard that I did want to quit modeling. I called my mom one day at a a pay phone in paris, and I literally fell to the floor and said, "I can't take it." It was just years and years of -- just bad stuff. But she came on my show.

>> Jay: Okay. So you're 17, you go and you meet her. And you right away detect --

>> She was my idol at first.

>> Jay: So you get some coldness. Like, what's an example?

>> Like johnny carson. If you come into the industry and you love johnny carson --

>> Jay: Johnny was very nice to me.

>> But I'm saying it wouldn't be a cat -- or a dogfight. It white be --

>> Jay: It would be a a slaughter. Johnny would kill me.

>> That's my point.

>> Jay: No, but what I mean is -- but, see, but -- when I came, johnny couldn't have been more gracious. Very nice. Always greeted.

>> But that's because you guys are white men and there's tons of room.

[ Laughter ] So many white shows. White people clap. Come on.

[ Applause ]

>> Jay: So what you're saying is -- okay, so she felt threatened. As the only sort of african-american superstar, she saw this as a threat to her.

>> Ten top models -- only one black. I come along. They're saying, "naomi, tyra's gonna take your place, so you better get the hell out." And she's like, "what? I make $10,000 an hour. I don't think so." So it was a combinati of that reaction and then maybe her overreacting. You know, I understand it a lot better now. I do forgive her. I don't excuse it. I think it was a bit much.

>> Jay: So what broke the ice? What was the thing that -- like when you made thehone call to come on the show --

>> I don't know why she came. I have no idea. But I -- thank you, naomi, for coming. Bause I used to really be really terrified of her, like, backstage at fashion shows. Even recently, a fashion show two years ago, I see her backstage, and I turn into the 17-year-old girl again. Shaking and --

>> Jay: Well, that does happen. I still meet guys that were seniors in high school when I was, like, a freshman, and it's still scary. I don't know why.

[ Laughter ]

>> For real, though. Right?

>> Jay: Oh, yeah. They're, like, 60 a they're fat. Why am I scared of this guy?

>> It takes you back to that weak point in your life.

>> Jay: It does take you back. For the first time.

>> Yeah. It was hard. She said she apologizes for everything that she's done and everything tt I felt. So the beef is done. Ya'll can't say the black girls is fighting no more.

[ Light laughter ] It's over.

Jay: It would be a cool fight to watch, though.

[ Laughter ]

>> Wouldn't it be go?

>> Jay: I had a dream about it. But that's another thing.

[ Laughter ] So what have you learned? You've been doing your show three months. 'Cause we've talked a couple of times, and it's been very funny.

>> Thank you for -- he called me, you guys. And he said, you know, "your ratings are doing good," and "congrulations on the talk show."

>> Jay: Well, I like to see people do good.

>> That's really sweet, though.

>> Jay: Swhat have you learned? Says jay leno's on the phone. You're like, huh? Wow,

>> Jay: And if you're an attractive woman, it creepy.

[ Laughter ] I'm just curious. I'veeen doing this 14 years. I'm just curious what you've learned in three months.

>> Let me tell you. Well, it's hard for me because, like, oprah and donohue, they were local shows first before they got really big. So they were able to kind of deal with it on a local level and then become national over the course of years. Everybody is looking at you in america. And when the crowd is, like, yelling -- you guys yell right W.

[ Cheers ]

>> I would scream like this because then I couldn't hear myself over the yell.

>> Jay: Oh, you were screaming all the time.

>> Yes. So I'd go --

[ Yelling ] Up next we're going to have dennis rodman on and he's going to tell you how silly he is!

[ Laughter ]

>> Jay: I could see hot that would -- yeah, that would work.

>> That is so annoying.

>> Jay: You know, it was annoying even for jus 30 seconds.

[ Laughter ] Now I have to talk in a deeper register, like this.

>> Great. I enjoyeeing your show. And congratulations on all your success, tyra.

>> I'm still screaming a little bit.

>> Jay: No, you can keep screaming. Always scream a little bit.

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