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phtooshop pics

Posted: Sun Dec 10, 2000 4:14 pm
by ajc3
I just joined here, i found this place because i was told what i do on my page was being done here as well. photoshop work of pics and such..
it is here.
enjoy.. tony

Posted: Mon Dec 11, 2000 2:11 am
by Bellerz
:) Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! :)

Posted: Wed Dec 13, 2000 8:25 pm
by ajc3
thank you, thank you, thank you

Posted: Sun Dec 17, 2000 1:29 am
by Bellerz
Hee're welcome...I know...I should have given you a 'warmer'welcome...but it was like almost one in the morning when I wrote, you'll have to excuse me.


Here's how the 'real' welcome goes:

Hey there and welcome to Abstracts. net's message boards. Hopefully you'll be able to get aquainted with all of us that frequent the boards...myself being on a lot :)...

Feel free and visit any board you wish, but please remember to keep all 'not nice' thoughts and comments in the back of your head. Also, we like to keep it low on the swearing and dirty words around here, cause we have some youngins' on this board and we don't want to corrupt their little minds...not YET at least.

You'll find that most of us here are pretty tight and close around eachother. Mr. Abs would be the big man in charge...if you have any questions, comments, or complaints...he's the one to go to (and he's real nice about solving problems).

So, that's about all that there is to know about the boards. Hopefully, you'll feel at home here. And, in no won't be able to resist us!!

Take care and God Bless ya!! :)

Posted: Sun Dec 17, 2000 1:44 am
by Anthony A
yeah were like a big family. . . we fight and we make up most of the time ! this board has their tight family and their not so close family ! there's alot of people we dont interact alot with mainly the people from Britney,christina, justin, & J.C. interatc more then anyone. Like I come from the Jennifer Love Hewitt message board, that is my original birth place, the first place I have ever posted in ! and then I went on to post on other places making me the most loved one ( sometimes ) :( you can hate me or like me I dont care ! I'll have opinions that you will hate and opinions where you will agree, if you have a problem with what i say, give your opinion, I like to fight too ! Its ok to say some dirty thoughts when you want to, I do it sometimes, only when it involved either Jennifer Love Hewitt or Jessica Alba :( well later !

Posted: Sun Dec 17, 2000 10:55 pm
by Shannon
Welcome. I hope that you enjoy!!!