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Hesher 'self titled debut'

Posted: Sat Jan 13, 2001 1:49 pm
by Reservoir Dogg
Has anybody heard that cat Hesher yet? His sound is a fresh change from most of the other rock/rap groups on the scene today.
His debut album is entitled 'Self-Titled Debut' and was produced by Stimulated Dummies (Dante Ross and John Gamble). It is scheduled for release sometime in February 2001.
Track Listing:
1.) Presto-Chango
2.) Whose Generation
3.) Crazy American Cheese Sandwiches
4.) Out My Window
5.) Anytime Of The Day
6.) High Plains Grifter
7.) Something's Always...
8.) Lighter Thief
9.) Things!
10.) Loves The Attention
11.) Word You Said
12.) Thanks To You

Peep the following songs:
'Out My Window':
'Whose Generation' (featuring Biz Markie & Everlast):

You can check out Hesher's official web-site at: hesherworld.com

If you're interested in joining the Hesher Street Team, contact Kris at: