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The following interview is from
It was 1994 when Onyx slapped up the music scene with their release of Bacdafucup. The gritty hardcore outfit even managed to spawn a mainstream club hit you may remember getting banged-up to—'Slam!' Actor and emcee, Sticky Fingaz is now set to drop his much-anticipated album, Black Trash: The Autobiography of Kirk Jones (Universal, April 3, 2001). SOHH caught up with the rapper for a quickie about the new album, his creative process, and playing G*d. Here, Sticky, in his own words:
'What If I Was White' is the first single with Eminem. It came about when I got together with Dre, after there was a street war about who [and what record label] I should sign to. The single is funny and lighthearted and just deals with how everything would be affected, all around by being white. It’s also the lead song off the soundtrack to the upcoming Chris Rock film.
Black Trash is the first audio movie of its kind and I wrote the whole script, recorded the whole thing in New York. I was the casting director and I play 'Kirk Jones.' Since I do movies, I just tied the two—movies and music—together. Like the movies, the first song I did is not the first song on the album. I just made a blueprint. I love directing. In the Onyx days, we directed almost all our videos. I’m a natural at it.
There are different scenes: Kirk Jones getting out of jail, seeing his homeboy, going to the club, getting shot up and shooting back at some big drug guys. Then, things fall apart for him. He’s responsible for his best friend getting killed and talks to his little brother about it. Then there’s the courtroom scene with Canibus, Redman, and Rah Digga all playing different parts. Ofcourse, I play G*d.
Working on the album was effortless. I go into the studio and the beat is playing and I just come out with it—all the concepts and whatever mood I find myself in that day.

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